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Comidark Films 2: The Pawn Alternatives Similar Movies

Comidark Films 2: The Pawn

Birol has given up his true passion, dancing, after getting injured in an accident. Birol leaves his job as a quilt make...


Comidark Films 2: Insane Alternatives Similar Movies

Comidark Films 2: Insane

Güven, a taxi driver is desperately in love with Meral, but he’s too shy to open up to her. One day he picks up a custom...


The Weekend Alternatives Similar Movies

The Weekend

In this laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, Zadie (Sasheer Zamata, "SNL") goes on an insane weekend getaway with her ex, Bra...


The Mongolian Connection Alternatives Similar Movies

The Mongolian Connection

Working undercover on a human trafficking bust, maverick FBI agent Wade Dalton (Kaiwi Lyman), captures Serick Ibrayev (S...


The Prison Within Alternatives Similar Movies

The Prison Within

The Prison Within exposes the devastating impact untreated trauma has on individuals and communities through the powerfu...


5 Years Apart Alternatives Similar Movies

5 Years Apart

Two estranged brothers born on the same day, five years apart, run into each other at their family vacation home with wi...


The Burnt Orange Heresy Alternatives Similar Movies

The Burnt Orange Heresy

Charming and ambitious art critic, James Figueras (Claes Bang), has fallen from grace. He spends his days in Milan lectu...


DieRy Alternatives Similar Movies


Instagram model Marie Clark (Claudia Maree Mailer) is using her influencer status to pay for her masters degree in compa...


Yasuni Man Alternatives Similar Movies

Yasuni Man

A desperate struggle between conservationists and oil interests plays out in Yasuni Man, as the indigenous peoples livin...


The Blech Effect Alternatives Similar Movies

The Blech Effect

He would be a multi-billionaire today if only he were in a coma for the last 15 years. In his early 20's, David was a pi...


One Night in Bangkok Alternatives Similar Movies

One Night in Bangkok

A hitman named Kai flies into Bangkok, gets a gun, and orders a cab. He offers a professional female driver big money to...


VE Day - Forever in their Debt Alternatives Similar Movies

VE Day - Forever in their Debt

New Commissioned Documentary celebrating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Includes exclusive 20 min program on the celebr...




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