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ALTERNATIVES Enter the magical world of WizQuest! Mix powerful schools of magic to create devastating spells and defeat the evil Dark Wizard! Choose from a wide range of powerful abilities, battle challenging bosses, brew unique potions and collect epic loot to gear up and delve further in your adventure.

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Tags: Category: Action Released: Mar 29, 2021 Size: 171MMB Developer: Dobsoft Studios

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Fisti-Fluffs Alternatives Similar Games Fisti-Fluffs The cats are bored with no humans around. So its time to pounce, whack, and tussle to be the best cat while destroying property damage. Fisti-Fluffs is a physics based party game featuring cats where you fight and wobble against other cats while flinging household items around. Be sure to dress up your cat with many adorable and rocking outfits. -Fast-paced physics-based cat tussling fun while the owners are away. -Up to four players can duke it out in smooth and hilarious brawls. -...
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Category: Action Size: 177MMB Developer: Rogue Games, Inc.

CyberHero: Cyberpunk PvP TPS  

CyberHero: Cyberpunk PvP TPS Alternatives Similar Games CyberHero: Cyberpunk PvP TPS Are you dreaming to go deep down into the world of the future? Then this game is for you! CyberHero is a sci-fi game for cyberpunk fans! New high-tech third-person shooter with RPG elements in one! Futuristic PvP battles in the neon cyberpunk world! Create your own character, collect loot, and upgrade your weapons to become the strongest on the battlefield, leading your own squad! Make your Cyber Hero! - Choose your soldier's look! - Get new skins for your character! - Learn new skil...
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Category: Action Size: 71MMB Developer: Azur Interactive Games Limited

Ninja Cat Assassin  

Ninja Cat Assassin Alternatives Similar Games Ninja Cat Assassin Do you like shooter games or stealth games? Lets play a hunter assassin game in Ninja Cat style & become the assassin master! Play as a ninja cat assassin and hunt down all your targets. Stay hidden, be faster and more clever than your targets and hunt them down one by one. Be careful, your woof enemies have automatic machine guns and they are looking for you! Escape them without being spotted and find the right moment to attack them. Be brave, dont be just hunted by hunters. Only...
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Category: Action Size: 47MMB Developer: CYBERNAUTICA

Friday Night Funkin Steps  

Friday Night Funkin Steps Alternatives Similar Games Friday Night Funkin Steps Have you ever wante to make to your favourit friday night funkin music game easy as much a possible, here is a single simple and effective app comes just for friday night funkin game fans, Welcome to our first steps application created for Friday Night Funkin mobile. This app will teach you basics of game, controls, best tactics and of course everything about your favorite songs in Friday Night Funkin, Its not easy to beat the Friday Night Funkin even on lowest difficulity, and thats why we...
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Category: Action Size: 7.6MMB Developer: Knowteq India

Friday Night Funkin Mobile Advices  

Friday Night Funkin Mobile Advices Alternatives Similar Games Friday Night Funkin Mobile Advices This application is created specially for Friday Night funkin game by professional players and fans to help newbie players in Friday Night Funkin mobile. Friday NIght Funkin is music game where you need to clicking same buttons like game showing, the longer you play that game is more difficult, our Advices for Friday Night Funkin contains best advices which show you how to beat game even on highest difficult. If you looked for awesome applciation which show you best tactics in Friday Night Fun...
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Category: Action Size: 6.8MMB Developer: SM Company Limited

Blob High Runner 3D  

Blob High Runner 3D Alternatives Similar Games Blob High Runner 3D Once you are done with the deadly anti-jelly obstacles, you will be launched to the end. If you are big enough, you can reach to the end zone with even greater rewards. If you cant escape from the deadly obstacles, You will play a role as an impostor. Your mission is simple: Kill all the living crewmates in the spaceship, and escape through the vent to become the best imposter. Let no one surviveEveryone loves to look perfect and these heels will let you shine like a star! There are many differ...
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Category: Action Size: 35MMB Developer: Sisli Inc.

Auto Theft Simulator Grand City  

Auto Theft Simulator Grand City Alternatives Similar Games Auto Theft Simulator Grand City This a unique game brings you to the streets full citizens and cops. Become a car thief on the streets of in Grand City! Unlock all the weapons and find secrets hidden on the map. *****Game Features:***** It's Free! This excitingand dynamic action game is sure to bring you hours of fun. New amazing open world. Exciting car thief simulator. Third person gameplay. Rich 3D graphics. New map of the Vice Town. A lot of interesting criminal missions. Different weapons and auto ...
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Category: Action Size: 68MMB Developer: Oppana Games

Go Rogue Company Battle  

Go Rogue Company Battle Alternatives Similar Games Go Rogue Company Battle An integrated Guide For Rogue Company Battle game that mixes all battale techniques. Rogue Company Battle is an action RGB adventure game, the sport is played in an open world and offers a group of playable characters, called Rogues Battle. the sport offers fiery gameplay modes supported new objectives and different maps. The matches start with the 2 teams parachuting from the plane to compete against one another in numerous fiery targets. we've prepared for you everything you wish w...
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Category: Action Size: 23MMB Developer: Nian Studio

Stumble Guys : Knockout Royale  

Stumble Guys : Knockout Royale Alternatives Similar Games Stumble Guys : Knockout Royale Stumble Guys : Knockout Royale battle royale is here with no real play compromise on the entertainment, arcade battle fall run, and thrill. Let us take you on an undoubtedly run away fall run and start playing amazing knock over arcade battle royale running games adventure where you will step into the world of real play laughter. Run around and start playing as you will be competing with the knock over real play arcade battle royale players from all over the world in one of the most amazing ru...
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Category: Action Size: 41MMB Developer: Chak 102/15L

Predator Hunting Grounds Mobile Tips  

Predator Hunting Grounds Mobile Tips Alternatives Similar Games Predator Hunting Grounds Mobile Tips Welcome to our Tips application for Predator Hunting Grounds. If you loooked for some thing that will give you advantage against other players in Predator Hunting Grounds mobile, u're in right place. Predator cam kill you by one single shot, without good knowledge about Predator Hunting Grounds playthrough is almost impossible, cause its fully online game , but dont worry our Tips app for Predator Hunting Grounds will teach you everything what you need to beat them as well in Predator Hunting...
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Category: Action Size: 8.4MMB Developer: 4Honey

Retroit: Multiplayer City  

Retroit: Multiplayer City Alternatives Similar Games Retroit: Multiplayer City JOIN THE OFFICIAL RETROIT DISCORD: RETROIT is an open world sandbox city, currently in development by Black Block. As part of an early access rollout, the game is currently only available in limited regions and subject to change as we enhance and update the experience. With RETROIT, Black Block plan on building a massive open world, set in an always online sandbox city, where every vehicle is driven by a real player. Players can work together in a number of different jobs, whether partic...
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Category: Action Size: 76MMB Developer: Black Block Ltd

Veggie Run  

Veggie Run Alternatives Similar Games Veggie Run Could you help our friendly carrot? Watch out for those sharp obstacles! Each one of them will make him smaller. The bigger he is, the easier it will be to pass and survive them. Try to get him as big as you can, and help him fulfill his life purpose - becoming a healthy juice! In the end of the course youll reach the blender, hopefully big enough to make a lot of juice. Anyway, you can just run the course, have fun collecting small carrots and watch him grow to be big and strong....
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Category: Action Size: 30MMB Developer: Ninja Fandango

Friday Night Funkin Free Clues  

Friday Night Funkin Free Clues Alternatives Similar Games Friday Night Funkin Free Clues Are you heard about newest music game called Friday Night Funkin? Everyone now playing in it, streamer, players, professional players, everyone, and thats why you should also try. But before you should get this clues application for Friday Night Funkin to know basics of game, and difficult knowledge. Friday Night Funkin is music game similar to Gitar Hero, where you need to push buttons in correctly time, sounds simple but its not, those button are very fast and knowledge about basics is impo...
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Category: Action Size: 6.7MMB Developer: SM Company Limited

Blocky Titan Spino: City Rampage  

Blocky Titan Spino: City Rampage Alternatives Similar Games Blocky Titan Spino: City Rampage The Spino has mutated! A weird titanus genetic had changed the Spinosaurus genes into a massive size. With the size of a mountain, this titan-like proportion is enough to destroy humanity. Immune to tank bullet shots, blocky human punches, anti-jurassic missile, this massive creature is basically a godly monster, king of all of the monsters. Not even Dominator Rex or Spino can stop him from his assault. How To Play: - Use joystick to move around as the Titan Spino - Press bite button to...
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Category: Action Size: 31MMB Developer: Dexus Dinosaur

Off Road Monster Truck Racing: Free Car Games  

Off Road Monster Truck Racing: Free Car Games Alternatives Similar Games Off Road Monster Truck Racing: Free Car Games Welcome to off road monster truck racing games presented by Mustard Games Studios and dominate your rivals in new car games 2020. Enjoy new idea of top speed monster truck racing simulator game recommended for you to experience extreme monster truck driving games. Select your favorite 4x4 offroad monster vehicle and jump into new car games 2020 to test your truck driving skills on muddy racing tracks. In this real monster truck race game, you can drive 4x4 cars to smash your opponents in head to...
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Category: Action Size: 62MMB Developer: Mustard Games Studios

Jetpack Racing  

Jetpack Racing Alternatives Similar Games Jetpack Racing Fly a cool jetpack in jetpack racing. Outrun or explode your opponents, fly around obstacles, earn coins and gems. Your flight is unlimited! Advice Finish first to faster buy the coolest jetpack or upgrade boosts to the maximum! Buy the coolest hero to get more bonus coins on the bonus level! Happy flight and landing, jetpack racer! Jetpack racing is: - More than 30 skins - More than 20 jetpacks - More than 15 teasers at the finish - Pumping speed, acceleration and bonuses - Many...
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Category: Action Size: 67MMB Developer: Actopolus

SUPER STORM: Parkour Action Game  

SUPER STORM: Parkour Action Game Alternatives Similar Games SUPER STORM: Parkour Action Game Start your exciting adventure in the new 2021: SUPER STORM! The game combines parkour, fast pacing, epic soundtrack and dangerous traps in the destroyed worlds from the apocalypse! You will experience the full danger of a global catastrophe in the first person. In search of a new world between portals, you have to go through a difficult path consisting of deadly traps, ferocious dinosaurs and boiling lava. Test your skills in time dilation zones, acceleration boosters and trampoline ju...
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Category: Action Size: 65MMB Developer: isakov studio

World War Battleship-Naval Assault Warship Shooter  

World War Battleship-Naval Assault Warship Shooter Alternatives Similar Games World War Battleship-Naval Assault Warship Shooter Act Now in the Ocean! World War Battleship 2020 New Release! Full-Control Submarine, Aircraft Controllable Carrier System! Sunk the enemy ship, fight back to the enemies, Get Epic Victory Glory. TRUE 3D AUTHENTIC VISUALS GRAPHICS Highly Detailed Latest 3D Warship Graphics in the Market. Full Control Submarine & Aircraft System, No RTS Aircraft Control Mode. Exchange All the Ship Gun as You Wish. Exciting War Feels & Best Sea Gunfire Effect. Join the War! World War Battle...
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Category: Action Size: 34MMB Developer: Battleship Game Publisher

Impostor Solo Kill - Among Us Mini Game  

Impostor Solo Kill - Among Us Mini Game Alternatives Similar Games Impostor Solo Kill - Among Us Mini Game Among Us is a multiplayer social deduction game developed by the American company InnerSloth. It was released on June 15, 2018. The "Among Us" game has a space theme. In it, players are randomly divided into two teams: crew members and traitors. This game has an "Among Us" that contains various questions for understanding the game, for memorizing mechanics and timings. Minigames from the original game will also be a good time to spend. Imposter solo kill is a fun and engaging puzzle gam...
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Category: Action Size: 42MMB Developer: Janssen Inc

Bikini Bottom Drive - Sponge On The Boat  

Bikini Bottom Drive - Sponge On The Boat Alternatives Similar Games Bikini Bottom Drive - Sponge On The Boat Who is racing under the sea? It seems like Mrs. Puff's Boating School driving exam has turned into crazy driving again! Bob can't go straight! In this fun game you have to help him drive as far as possible along the Bikini Bottom. Do you think driving a boat is so easy? Try to drive as far as possible and share your achievements with your friends. On the way, you need to catch as many jellyfish as possible. But attention! Stay away from pitfalls and sea mines! How to play: Th...
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Category: Action Size: 25MMB Developer: Cyber Games Company


Reviews and Comments:


weird title, the door doesnt launch up at lvls 4 despite killing all aggressors and receiving the gold coins. usually stuck there
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Straight but super fun arcade style play that increases in difficulty nicely. Brewing potions and combining the right magical weapon updates are crucial to title advancement which makes this title all the more addictive. Great work 🤟
Agree Disagree

Fun title, superb graphics. Not normally a fan of on screen joysticks but the idea you implemented it works nice! Also a pleasant surprise when the boss fights changed the title!
Agree Disagree

Nice speedy paced title that can be quite challenging and rewarding as you progress. The graphics are crisp with vibrant colours that go nice with the action title play. By having equipment to accumulate that create your sorcerer stronger you can't stop comming back for more! Nice title for all ages!
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Only worth it if you're willing to spend. Lack of equipment is the largest trouble, and you only obtain one nonpaid (banner) chest a day. Additional currency is required for practically everything else, and you just don't obtain enough of it without spending dollars
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