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ALTERNATIVES Enable the delivery associate to perform their tasks with precision, expertise, and aplomb through this versatile and intuitive application which helps delivery associate to plan their day as they streamline their schedule, optimize delivery routes, deliver on-time, optimize service time, electronically validate authenticity of deliveries, capture feedback, and decrease the overall turnaround time for all the deliveries performed. Retail, eCommerce, FMCG, courier, manufacturing, logistics & transport, pharmaceut ical, and food & beverage are a few industries that have benefited from TrackNext and its resource engagement and management capabilities. LogiNexts flagship product Mile helps enterprises schedule deliveries, plan delivery sequence, allocate trips, track resources, optimize delivery routes, and ensure quality delivery fulfillment with suitable feedback capture, electronic proof of delivery, and subsequent analytics generated post successful completion of tasks. The operations manager can utilize Mile to streamline the entire last mile logistics of the company. TrackNext, working with Mile, helps cover all tracking and optimizing scenarios to create a consolidated planning and management system for the enterprise. With TrackNext, the delivery associate can: - Systematically follow the optimized delivery schedule - Locate addresses with the exact directional and traffic-avoiding suggestions - Optimize their routes as they pursue their order deliveries - Receive instant messages from the managers in case of order updates - Interact and chat amongst other delivery associate to avail ground-level information about the destination - Reach delivery destinations on time - Validate all fulfilled deliveries by taking ePOD at location - Record valuable customer feedback - Mark the current delivery as successful and move on to the next delivery With TrackNext, the operations and logistics managers can: - Enhance tracking visibility for all moving resources - Utilize the quick reaction time enabled through the application to handle service disruptions - Record accurate service and delivery time for better planning and forecasting - Track the availability and activity of delivery associatee - Record all delivery validations and customer feedback in real-time Some striking features within TrackNext include: - Delivery Route Optimization - Customer Location Mapping - Digital Pick-up/Delivery Run Sheets - Centralized Reporting Module - ePOD/e-sign (Electronic proof of deliveries/Electronic signatures) - COD (Cash on Delivery) - Barcode Scanning - Field Force Attendance Management - Fleet Management - Fleet Tracking - Field Service Automation About LogiNext: LogiNext leads the field workforce and logistics optimization solutions market with its industry bench-marked products for last mile, field force, on-demand delivery, and linehaul express management. With more than 150 enterprise clients across North America, Middle-East, South and Southeast Asia, LogiNext has been accepted as the fastest growing SaaS enterprise in logistics and field service optimization space. ******************************************************************************************** DISCLAIMER: This mobile application is proprietary software of LogiNext Solutions Private Limited and is bound by End User License Agreement as given on . By downloading and/or installing it, the User acknowledges that they are agreeing to all the terms of this agreement and are in possession of a written consent of LogiNext Solutions Private Limited for the authorized use/download. The entire application and related software and databases, including but not limited to, information regarding LogiNexts products, data, images, software, applications, specifications, libraries, utilities, services, technology, business, are Copyright Information of LogiNext Solutions Private Limited. [READ MORE]

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StarlightPro  Alternatives Similar Apps StarlightPro Starlight is unique software designed specifically to meet the challenges of running a roll-off business. Starlight is designed to manage randomized, on-demand and just-in-time waste hauling and disposal. The system adapts, on the fly, to a constantly changing, dynamic operations process. Starlight runs across your entire business - creating live, real-time integration from your customer orders and payments to dispatch, through to drivers, all the way down to active container inventory managemen...
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Category: Business Size: 10MB Developer: Starlightpro LLC [email protected] File: com.starlightpro.contractor

Realtime Search  

Realtime Search Alternatives Similar Apps Realtime Search Your Direct Connection to Available Options Are you searching for available senior living? Realtime makes searching simple & fast with our innovative solution. View available options in Realtime that meet your patient, client, or loved ones needs based on the criteria you choose with immediate and future availability. Realtime Search App Benefits: 1. Quick, easy-to-use search, including: a. Care provided, location, pricing, room type, respite care, accept Medicaid for payme...
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Category: Business Size: 8MB Developer: Senior Living Innovations, LLC [email protected] File: com.scasearchfacility

Claimatic 2.0 Mobile App  

Claimatic 2.0 Mobile App Alternatives Similar Apps Claimatic 2.0 Mobile App Claimatic Mobile tracks adjusters, contractors or other mobile field resources in real time and location and intelligently matches the best mobile resources to claims as they arrive almost instantly. Claimatic modules and algorithms processes multiple data sources in real-time identifying the best available resource using loss location, adjuster or inspector qualifications, availability and other criteria to make the fastest, most accurate, field resources assignment. Aimed squarely at the ul...
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Category: Business Size: 10MB Developer: Claimatic [email protected] File: com.claimatic.apps

Initial Response  

Initial Response Alternatives Similar Apps Initial Response Note: this app may only be used by existing Incident Action Plan users who have licensed this function. Initial Response offers a full suite of tools to document the initial response and update your teams on and off-site to enhance the sharing of critical information. Key functions of the application: - Conduct required notifications from your plans - Create a safety analysis - Establish objectives - Create and update your situation map - Build your team and track resources - Maintai...
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Category: Business Size: 65MB Developer: The Response Group, Inc. [email protected] File: com.responsegroupinc.initialresponse.dist

Gensuite Mobile  

Gensuite Mobile Alternatives Similar Apps Gensuite Mobile Gensuite Mobile offers a best-in-class Mobile solution for 35+ industries in EHS & Sustainability, Quality, Security, Responsible Sourcing, Product Stewardship, and Asset Management. Over 90,000 users across the globe are using Gensuite Mobile App and growing (1 million+ users for Gensuite desktop). Gensuite Mobile helps you improve workforce engagement, gather real-time data, and accelerate issue resolution! Now, you can take your compliance programs & management systems everywhere! *Mobile...
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Category: Business Size: 10MB Developer: Gensuite LLC [email protected] File: com.gensuite.onthego

TAFE Teach Tomorrow Summit  

TAFE Teach Tomorrow Summit Alternatives Similar Apps TAFE Teach Tomorrow Summit Official app for the Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) conferences! View our conference agenda, competitive event schedules, speakers, topics of concurrent sessions and conference sponsors. Have the most up-to-date information on the 2019 TAFE Teach Tomorrow Summit right at your fingertips. Provide immediate feedback on our sessions so that we may improve our conference. Sync your profile with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and network with other attendees. @TAFEState Dont forget to ...
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Category: Business Size: 25MB Developer: Socio Labs Inc [email protected] File: events.socio.app449

LocalBitcoins: Easiest Way To Buy & Sell Bitcoins  

LocalBitcoins: Easiest Way To Buy & Sell Bitcoins Alternatives Similar Apps LocalBitcoins: Easiest Way To Buy & Sell Bitcoins LocalBitcoins: Fastest and easiest way to buy and sell bitcoins LocalBitcoins is a person-to-person bitcoin trading site. At LocalBitcoins, people from different countries can exchange their local currency to bitcoins. The site allows users to post advertisements where they state exchange rate and payment methods for buying or selling bitcoins. You reply to these advertisements and agree to meet the person to buy bitcoins with cash, or trade directly with online banking. Bitcoins are placed ...
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AAEM19 Alternatives Similar Apps AAEM19 Download the AAEM19 app for immediate access to the Scientific Assembly program & detailed speaker profiles, build your own personalized agenda, connect with other attendees & exhibitors, and receive important updates and notifications. The AAEM19 mobile app from the American Academy of Emergency Medicine is your go-to source for all Scientific Assembly resources. Complete challenges in "Catch the Code" for a chance to win prizes....
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Category: Business Size: 7MB Developer: AAEM [email protected] File: com.aaem.emaaem19

Utility Meter Reader  

Utility Meter Reader  Alternatives Similar Apps Utility Meter Reader OVERVIEW Read your own meter. Ensure your readings are correct. Send your meter reading directly to the utility so you dont have to stay home and wait for a meter reader. This application makes it quick and easy to take a reading of your meters. KEY FEATURES - Set up your account - Take a photo and the app will calculate the reading - Compare to your bill, or email to your utility company - GPS locate your meter - Help with bill disputes - No more waiting at home for the met...
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Category: Business Size: 50MB Developer: Utility Meter Reader LLC [email protected] File: com.nextfuture.utilitymeterreader

NAVIS Leaders Conference  

NAVIS Leaders Conference Alternatives Similar Apps NAVIS Leaders Conference The NAVIS Leaders Conference App is your one stop shop for access to all of the tools you need to make the most out of your time at NLC! Through the app, you'll be able to: - Access the conference agenda - Get directions to your next session - Build your own schedule - Interact on the social wall - Complete surveys to win prizes - Chat with fellow attendees - Get live updates on conference happenings - And much more Download the app today to get yourself ready for the 2019 NAVIS Le...
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Category: Business Size: 46MB Developer: NAVIS Hospitality CRM [email protected] File: mobile.appalied1OXgb

Meu Negócio Rommanel  

Meu Negócio Rommanel Alternatives Similar Apps Meu Negócio Rommanel As frentes de contedo agregadas por meio do APP, possibilitaro aos clientes e consultoras o acesso a todas as plataformas digitais da marca em um s ambiente, simplificando o modo de se conectar por meio dos dispositivos mveis, ao acessar o aplicativo Meu negcio Rommanel o usurio ter acesso a plataforma de EAD da marca que foi desenvolvida para a capacitao profissional das consultoras, com cursos e materiais interativos; tambm ser possvel acessar as informaes de colees antigas ...
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Category: Business Size: 14MB Developer: Rommanel Oficial [email protected] File: com.rommanel.MeuNegocioRommanel

HomeExpert Pro  

HomeExpert Pro Alternatives Similar Apps HomeExpert Pro Experienced pros know that the sooner you contact a lead, the more likely you are to book the job. With the HomeExpert Pro app, we make it easy to manage your HomeExpert lead service from wherever you are. View lead details and contact them directly by email, phone or text message Request lead quality checks and receive status updates Securely check lead balance, add funds and manage payment methods Easily pause and activate your HomeExpert lead service If youre a home improvement prof...
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Category: Business Size: 4MB Developer: HomeExpert [email protected] File: com.homeexpert

Construction Man-Hours Calculations  

Construction Man-Hours Calculations  Alternatives Similar Apps Construction Man-Hours Calculations Admittedly ,The Decision Makers in Construction Firm have to take an Immediate Decision in Estimation of Man-hours For Construction Projects , This Application Help Them in Computing and Estimating Man Hours for Construction Activities in Various Projects Like : Civil , MEP , Finishing , Steel Structure , Pipelines, Platforms , Vertical Tanks,Spherical Tanks and Hydro- testing. The Calculations Rates Depend on Average rates of Many International construction companies Working in Heavy Civil , ...
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Category: Business Size: 10MB Developer: [email protected] [email protected] File: pioneers.safwat.constructionrates

HausMart: Start Selling & Get Paid Instantly  

HausMart: Start Selling & Get Paid Instantly Alternatives Similar Apps HausMart: Start Selling & Get Paid Instantly HausMart is a mobile retail solution for buying and selling goods in trusted physical and digital spaces. START SELLING WITHIN MINUTES! Download the HausMart App, create an account, add your items and start selling immediately. Customers can easily access your store by scanning a QR CODE with their smartphone camera, by clicking on a link youve shared or by entering your unique HausMart Store ID at Customers simply select the items they want and CHECK OUT INSTANTLY. HausMart lin...
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Category: Business Size: 19MB Developer: HausMart [email protected] File: com.hausmart.hausmart

Jitjatjo Business - Temp Staff  

Jitjatjo Business - Temp Staff  Alternatives Similar Apps Jitjatjo Business - Temp Staff Right down to one hour before a scheduled shift, you can book the staff you need to run your business. Replace call-outs, no-shows, or increase your team and boost your service quality with Jitjatjos vetted talent pool. Booking talent takes just 30 seconds. Simply input the job details and watch your booking get fulfilled in real-time. Need more staff last minute? No problem. Just click Jitjatjos running-man icon and well do the rest. Our system is designed to be fast and effective with yo...
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Resume Creator - Phone PDF Creator  

Resume Creator - Phone PDF Creator  Alternatives Similar Apps Resume Creator - Phone PDF Creator Resume is first impression while job hunting. Resume PDF Maker app will help you to create, make, edit, share professional format resumes in PDF format quickly. Professional looking resume is a must have when you apply for any job, going for an interview, job hunting, job search, applying for jobs on job site etc. Free Resume Builder App Features: - Easy Resume Creator - Create and send resumes on the go - a perfect app for busy job seekers - Great looking resumes with this resume writer ...
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Category: Business Size: 3MB Developer: United Developers Infotech [email protected] File: com.united.resume.maker

ITS Broker  

ITS Broker Alternatives Similar Apps ITS Broker Internet Truckstop brings you ITS Broker which allows you to use your Android device to access the largest carrier database in the transportation industry. Brokers and Shippers post loads from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. ITS Broker allows a user to: *Search for trucks *Post your loads *Save a favorite search *See your current postings All from your Android smartphone or tablet Contact Internet Truckstop to get access to the largest carrier database in the transpor...
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Category: Business Size: 1MB Developer: [email protected] File: com.truckstop.itsbroker

True Value Reunion 2019  

True Value Reunion 2019 Alternatives Similar Apps True Value Reunion 2019 True Value Reunion is a gathering of True Value co-op members, vendors, its retailers & associates. Its a special time when we come together to share details about those big ideas and game changers that excite our imagination and shape the future of the retail industry. Each Reunion is focused on delivering exceptional value. True Value Company, headquartered in Chicago, is one of the worlds largest member-owned cooperatives. Our cooperative includes approximately 4,400 independent retail l...
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Category: Business Size: 50MB Developer: Web Spiders Group [email protected] File: ws.e2m.truevalue

Quest Events  

Quest Events  Alternatives Similar Apps Quest Events This is a mobile app to be used for all Quest Software corporate events. Quest Events mobile app lets you access and browse Quest conference and meeting information on the go. Quest Events mobile app is a digital version of the event handbook, complete with agenda, workshop details, networking opportunities, speaker bios, meeting locations, real-time updates and alerts, exhibitors and sponsorships, and more. Features - View the entire agenda of events - See what sessions are current...
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Category: Business Size: 63MB Developer: QuickMobile [email protected] File: com.quickmobile.questevents17

SB for ServiceCEO  

SB for ServiceCEO Alternatives Similar Apps SB for ServiceCEO This app is only for ServiceCEO customers. ServiceBridge field service management software is designed to assist with scheduling and job distribution, eliminate paperwork and engage customers to increase sales. With the ServiceBridge mobile app, you can instantly distribute job and customer information to field workers, automatically inform your field workers of new assignments and changes to their schedules, and receive job updates made from the field. You can also access photos and sig...
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Category: Business Size: 5MB Developer: ServiceBridge LLC [email protected] File: com.devbridge.ServiceBridgeSCEO


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