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ALTERNATIVES Welcome to Sweety House! The villa you booked was handed over yesterday and welcome to immediate occupancy. Garden,swimming pool, gym... Come on to have a look. There are still plenty of places in this new home waiting for you to explore! Game features: Rules of game: Move adjacent tiles and connect three or more identical objects together to eliminate them; Home improvement: Get stars through levels,to unlock the accessible area of the house and replace the objects that do not meet your perfect requirements; Personas: An omnipotent butler, a housemaid with extraordinary cooking, an assistant with a friendship formed in childhood, and all kinds of elites in many industries... Guess who will accompany you to the peak of life? Pets: There are cars, houses... Have anything better than this? Of course, you have your own cute pet cat! Even if it is a little tsundere, it is undoubtedly your dearest family member, and will accompany you to live through all kinds of difficulties~ [READ MORE]

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Tags: Category: Casual Size: 84MB Developer: Dream Art Studio [email protected] undefined File: com.apollo.realhouse

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Roald Dahl's House of Twits  

Roald Dahl's House of Twits Alternatives Similar Games Roald Dahl's House of Twits Get your own back on THE TWITS! In 3D for the first time ever! Poke Mrs Twit's glass eye, feed Mr Twit worms and play tricks to unlock mini games. Beware! Don't make the Twits too mad or things could get ugly well, uglier . . . Explore the Twits house, including the filthy kitchen, Mr Twits shed and even the ghastly bathroom. YUCK! PLUS there are loads of secret ways to score Trick Points but youll have to find those for yourself . . . Choose to play as Mr Twit or Mrs Twit Disc...
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Category: Casual Size: 64MB Developer: Penguin Books [email protected] File: com.prh.HouseOfTwits

Jean's Boutique2 (Premium)  

Jean's Boutique2 (Premium)  Alternatives Similar Games Jean's Boutique2 (Premium) Manage your own virtual Boutique. Fancy and neat time management game for the Android Top 5 simulation game at the App Store charts in North America Jean will need to be fast on her feet, dedicated to her customers, wise in her upgrades. For fast fashion fun, there's no place like Jean's Boutique! FEATURES OF THE GAME Serving customers fast keeps them happy -Serve customers and let them try on clothes ASAP -You will see smiling face when you please each customer ...
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Category: Casual Size: 45MB Developer: AFEEL, INC. [email protected] File: biz.afeel.jeansboutique2gl

Inner Garden: Classic Garden  

Inner Garden: Classic Garden  Alternatives Similar Games Inner Garden: Classic Garden Expansion pack for the Inner Garden free app. Requires an up-to-date installation of Inner Garden. Build yourself a garden like the old-world European aristocracy. Take a stroll on clay paths, around perfectly manicured parterres and topiaries. Hide away in hedge labyrinths or make a secret rendezvous in a secluded garden room. Have silent conversations with marble statues of fauns and goddesses, half-hidden in trees. Invite guests for dinner in your Renaissance mansion. Classic Garden ...
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Category: Casual Size: 2MB Developer: Dust*flake [email protected] File: com.dustflake.innergarden.classic

Baby Hazel Goes Sick  

Baby Hazel Goes Sick Alternatives Similar Games Baby Hazel Goes Sick Now you can play Baby Hazel Goes Sick game on your favorite android device. Darling Baby Hazel is caught with fever and cold. Oh no.. little baby has difficulty in breathing too because of cold. She needs to be taken care of for the cold and fever urgently. Here you get a chance to be with Baby Hazel during her needy hours. Pamper our princess and pay attention to her needs. Give her strength and courage to fight cold and fever. Take her to the doctor and follow his prescriptions. Oh yes, she...
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Category: Casual Size: 19MB Developer: Axis Entertainment [email protected] File: air.org.axisentertainment.BabyHazelGoesSick

Rooms Clean Up  

Rooms Clean Up  Alternatives Similar Games Rooms Clean Up With this clean up game you can have fun tidying up the rooms! Here you can pick up the toys, straighten the wall hangings, fix the windows, pick up the rubbish, as well as wash the walls, rub the floors and so much more! Take up the challenge of cleaning all rooms with this cleaning game. Features: Help tidy the floor by placing the toys in their box. Straighten the wall hangings to make them look neat and tidy. Clean the rubbish and place it in the bin to make a clean playing area. ...
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Category: Casual Size: 18MB Developer: bweb media [email protected] File: com.dressupone.babyroomcleanup

Cake Match Master -- Match 3 Puzzle Game  

Cake Match Master -- Match 3 Puzzle Game Alternatives Similar Games Cake Match Master -- Match 3 Puzzle Game Have fun with Cake Match Master ! One of the most popular and addictive match-3 game! Challenge yourself to get 3 stars in each level and become the Cake Match Master! Have fun in this sweet and cakey adventure! Match 3 or more identical cakes to make them explode into cream! Game Features: - 200+ sweet, tasty and challenging levels - Create amazing combos and magical cakes - Powerful boosters are ready for use - Delicious sounds & music - Play anywhere, anytime: Internet is not a...
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Category: Casual Size: 21MB Developer: iuiuplay [email protected] File: com.quickload.cakematchmaster

Onna-Musha Archer Defense  

Onna-Musha Archer Defense  Alternatives Similar Games Onna-Musha Archer Defense Long before the western world began to view samurai warriors as inherently male, there existed a group of female samurai, every bit as powerful and deadly as their male counterparts. They were known as the Onna-bugeisha. They were trained in the same way men were, in self-defense and offensive maneuvers which ensured protection in communities that lacked male fighters. In this game you take on the role of three famous Onna-bugeisha to defend your village against waves of attacking enemies. Pr...
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Category: Casual Size: 60MB Developer: Lewanay Ustaz Games [email protected] File: com.LewanayUstazGames.OnnaMusha

Bubble Shooter - The Magic  

Bubble Shooter - The Magic Alternatives Similar Games Bubble Shooter - The Magic Play the classic and most addictive bubble shooter game for FREE, Dont miss out this fun relaxing game! In this good old version you need to aim & shoot, to drop & burst all bubbles. Train your brain with this original puzzle as you blast balls online or offline - anytime! Bubble Shooter is the best FREE app available on Google Play. Download NOW the Best Bubble Shooter Game & Start Enjoying this game! Play the Bubble shooter- So Simple, So Fun. Match 10 balls to blast and clear ...
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Category: Casual Size: 36MB Developer: SV PRODUCTION [email protected] File: com.pankajgames.bubbleshooter

Fashion Mania ���� Dress Up ���� Makeup Game  

Fashion Mania ���� Dress Up ���� Makeup Game Alternatives Similar Games Fashion Mania ���� Dress Up ���� Makeup Game Are you addicted to Fashion Mania : Dress Up and Makeup Game? Do you want to get a Free fashion simulation game where your main mission is to make up and dress up your model? Download Fashion Mania : Dress Up and Makeup Game for Free and play the most addictive fashion simulation game ever created! If you're addicted to dressing up games and makeup games, then come to see these gorgeous models who are just waiting for amazing makeovers and new wonderful dressups! How should these models look...
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Category: Casual Size: 0MB Developer: Prafulbhai Shukla [email protected]

Hidden Fortune  

Hidden Fortune  Alternatives Similar Games Hidden Fortune Hidden Fortune is an adventurous treasure hunt through a virtual world of enchantment, with Chapter One: Outcast Cove free to play! Chapter Two: Shanty Seas is available through single purchase, and unlocks over two hours of content, including new puzzles, collectible Wands and vast areas to discover. As a sorcerer on a daring rescue mission, players must use their magiccast with the Daydream Controllerto explore the vivid world around them, and collect peculiar trinkets to aid in their quest....
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Category: Casual Size: 39MB Developer: Archiact [email protected] File: com.archiactinteractive.hiddenfortunedaydream

Fruits Bomb  

Fruits Bomb Alternatives Similar Games Fruits Bomb Make juicy lines of 3 or more adorable fruits. Bomb around hundreds of uniquely perplexing levels in this amazing puzzle adventure. Immerse yourself into this yummy Fruits Bomb where garden strawberry, green apple, fresh blueberry, juicy orange and delicious grapes are everywhere. Bomb your way out and enjoy the fun of addictive match 3! Fruits Bomb Features - Popular and addictive match-3 gameplay - Cute and juicy fruit graphics - Whip your way through Fruits House, Fruits Castle, Fr...
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Category: Casual Size: 14MB Developer: Mobileguru [email protected] File: com.mobileguru.fruitsbomb.free

Creamy Cakes - Creamy chocolate cake factory  

Creamy Cakes - Creamy chocolate cake factory Alternatives Similar Games Creamy Cakes - Creamy chocolate cake factory Ready to make creamy chocolate cake, we welcome you to our creamy chocolate cake factory here in our cake making factory game. we will be making yummy, delicious chocolate cakes with different toppings and cake frosting, In this cake factory we will also be making delicious wedding cakes and birthday cakes, we will be decorating with beautiful frosting decorations and icing, we will also be adding strawberry toppings on the icing. and chocolate cherries. We have sophisticated machine...
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Category: Casual Size: 29MB Developer: Red Cannon [email protected] File: com.redcannon.creamycakes

Chili Rabbit  

Chili Rabbit Alternatives Similar Games Chili Rabbit Chili Rabbit is addicted to carrots. He is aware of his problem, but he can't hold it! Field after field, the rabbit eats as many carrots as he can, but the farmers have some surprises waiting for him: BOMBS! He needs your help to catch all the carrots available and be alive in the end of it! How can you help Chili Rabbit: * Draw lines to guide the rabbit! * Catch the carrots and the coins! * Avoid the bombs! * Catch other items to keep it interesting! Features: * Free t...
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Category: Casual Size: 41MB Developer: ScreensPro - HD Video Live Wallpapers [email protected] File: com.webavenue.chilirabbit

Pirate Monkey Run!  

Pirate Monkey Run!  Alternatives Similar Games Pirate Monkey Run! Help Jake and Jade, everyone's favorite Pirate Monkeys, collect Bananas and Coconuts. Race along the path grabbing valuable bananas while avoiding obstacles. Jump over flower pots and skulls. Roll under flower stands and boat stands. Avoid charging pigs and bouncing beach balls. Watch out for crate stacks, rocks, and more. Find power-ups along the way. Grab a tasty pineapple for invincibility! A Banana Magnet attracts Bananas from any lane. Score multipliers increase your score quickly for a ...
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Category: Casual Size: 0MB Developer: Star Gaming Network Games [email protected]

���� Poopsie Slime unicorn���� Surprises !  

���� Poopsie Slime unicorn���� Surprises !  Alternatives Similar Games ���� Poopsie Slime unicorn���� Surprises ! Play and make magical unicorn slime with Poopsie Slime Surprise! With a little unicorn magic and sparkle, you can customize Poopsie Slime Surprise and transform it multiple times...yes! for fun store magical slime on anytime. If you Looking to substitute a lol surprise dolls opening games or lol surprise dolls Poopsie Surprise Unicorn magically creates slime! Each time you feed your surprise unicorn and sit her on her glitter potty, she creates surprise, collectible unicorn slime! Transform your...
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Category: Casual Size: 29MB Developer: mamgames [email protected] File: com.poop.slime.surprise.unicorn.best.games

Subway Ryder Run Rush  

Subway Ryder Run Rush Alternatives Similar Games Subway Ryder Run Rush Ryder is extremely insightful. He prepared every one of the puppies to their own particular activity (e.g. Marshall as a firefighter hound, Chase as a police hound and so forth.), and he developed the majority of the devices utilized by the PAW Puppy Patrol group. He even shown each little guy how to utilize their very own devices. Amid a crisis, Ryder realizes the answers for every issue and he additionally realizes which puppies are required in every mission. Amid missions, Ryder is found ...
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Category: Casual Size: 40MB Developer: HAMOUDAKIVEN [email protected] File: com.subway_paw_patrol.adil

Christmas Memory Puzzle  

Christmas Memory Puzzle Alternatives Similar Games Christmas Memory Puzzle Merry Christmas to All Let's find out how good is your memory! A game that will test your visual memory. Memory game in which you have to find matching pairs.Our Games is just for increase your memory and this is with some fun activities A complete collection of games that will help you develop your memory skills while having fun. Remember, memory training is perfect for all ages This is the classic game of cards where you have to find pairs of Christmas images. After a short ...
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Category: Casual Size: 11MB Developer: LEGENDS GAMING ZONE [email protected] File: com.legendsgamingzone.christmasmemorypuzzle

Lollipop & Bubble Gum Maker - A Candy Making Game  

Lollipop & Bubble Gum Maker - A Candy Making Game Alternatives Similar Games Lollipop & Bubble Gum Maker - A Candy Making Game A cooking game for Christmas holidays in dream home - Lollipop & Bubble Gum Maker as a candy making game. Make cooking games fun enter a new level with hungry kids ready for sweet treat! With Christmas Holidays started and Carols being sung in streets with ... Christmas Decorations, here is a Lollipop and candy maker game. For little kids to enjoy in their phones. Make Christmas holidays more special by picking up the favorite color in this fun cooking game as Lollipop & Bubble Gum Maker. ...
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Category: Casual Size: 28MB Developer: Dark Raven Interactive [email protected] File: com.DarkRavenInteractive.LollipopandBubbleGumMaker

Cat Puzzle ねこのパズルゲーム  

Cat Puzzle ねこのパズルゲーム  Alternatives Similar Games Cat Puzzle ねこのパズルゲーム Cut Puzzle [SE] [FONT] Asterism ...
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Category: Casual Size: 71MB Developer: HARAPECORPORATION Inc. [email protected] File: okinawa.harapeco.catPuzzle

Poly4u - 3D Poly Sphere Puzzle Games  

Poly4u - 3D Poly Sphere Puzzle Games  Alternatives Similar Games Poly4u - 3D Poly Sphere Puzzle Games Poly4u is a brand new jigsaw puzzle game that trains your brain! Swipe to rotate the Polygon Puzzle as a sphere until you see a complete Poly Art picture. A whole new 3D 360 degree puzzle experience! Poly4u is an anti-stress sandbox app. It helps you relieve stress and anxiety in work and life. Poly4u is favored by all ages. It doesnt need any skills! Massive interesting poly art pictures, waiting for you to discover! Poly4u, the free poly art jigsaw puzzle game for adults, not on...
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Category: Casual Size: 36MB Developer: Cool Gamapp Limited: Cool Games & Apps for Free [email protected] File: com.coolgamapp.freegame.polysphere


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