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ALTERNATIVES Super Deluxe gives us four stories. A couple (Fahadh Faasil-Samantha) who try to dispose a dead body; a little boy gets a surprise when his estranged father (Vijay Sethupathi) returns back home after a long time but in a different gender; a son discovers the other side of his mother (Ramya Krishnan); a religious man (Mysskin) who starts having doubts over his God. How all these get connected is the movie which tests their belief in God and humanity respectively.

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Tags: Duration: 168 Category: Drama Released: null Language: Tamil (5.1)

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Prisoners Alternatives Similar Movies Prisoners How far would you go to protect your family? Oscar nominee Hugh Jackman stars as a man facing every parent's worst nightmare. His six-year-old daughter is missing, together with her young friend -- and as minutes turn to hours, panic sets in. The only lead is a dilapidated RV that had earlier been parked on their street. Heading the investigation, the detective in charge (Jake Gyllenhaal) arrests its driver (Paul Dano), but a lack of evidence forces his release. As the police pursue multiple le...
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Duration: 153 Category: Drama Language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible.

The Da Vinci Code  

The Da Vinci Code Alternatives Similar Movies The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown's international bestseller comes alive in the film The Da Vinci Code, directed by Ron Howard with a screenplay by Akiva Goldsman. Join symbologist Robert Langdon (Academy Award winner Tom Hanks, 1993 Best Actor, Philadelphia, and 1994 Best Actor, Forrest Gump) and cryptologist Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou) in their heart-racing quest to solve a bizarre murder mystery that will take them from France to England - and behind the veil of a mysterious ancient society, where they discover a ...
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Duration: 148 Category: Drama Language: Available

High Noon  

High Noon Alternatives Similar Movies High Noon Gary Cooper won the Oscar for the Best Actor in this classic tale of a lawman who stands alone to defend a town of cowardly citizens against a gang of revenge-seeking criminals. In the greatest showdown in the history of cinema, Cooper stands to lose not only the town but his new wife, Grace Kelly. The film also stars one of Hollywood's most beloved and prolific actors, Lloyd Bridges, and marks the first starring role for a beautiful young actress and internationally adored screen legend Grace K...
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Duration: 84 Category: Drama Language: English (Stereo)

Children of Men  

Children of Men Alternatives Similar Movies Children of Men No children. No future. No hope. In the year 2027, eighteen years since the last baby was born, disillusioned Theo (Clive Owen) becomes an unlikely champion of the human race when he is asked by his former lover (Julianne Moore) to escort a young pregnant woman out of the country as quickly as possible. In a thrilling race against time, Theo will risk everything to deliver the miracle the whole world has been waiting for. Co-starring Michael Caine, filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men "Lif...
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Duration: 109 Category: Drama Language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible.

Army of Shadows  

Army of Shadows Alternatives Similar Movies Army of Shadows Jean-Pierre Melville's masterpiece about intrepid underground fighters who must grapple with their own brand of honor in their battle against Hitler's regime....
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Duration: 144 Category: Drama Language: French (Stereo)

Monsters and Men  

Monsters and Men Alternatives Similar Movies Monsters and Men When a young father witnesses the police shooting of an unarmed black man, the tight-knit community of Bed-Stuy is pushed to the brink in Reinaldo Marcus Green's Sundance Award-winning portrait of race, family, and consequence....
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Duration: 96 Category: Drama Language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible.

Trial by Fire (2019)  

Trial by Fire (2019) Alternatives Similar Movies Trial by Fire (2019) TRIAL BY FIRE is the true-life Texas story of the unlikely bond between an imprisoned death row inmate (Jack OConnell) and a mother of two from Houston (Laura Dern) who, against staggering odds, fights mightily for his freedom....
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Duration: 127 Category: Drama Language: English (5.1)

Rock For Jesus  

Rock For Jesus Alternatives Similar Movies Rock For Jesus Aaron Driver was once the singer of a rising Christian Rock Band Reborn. Now, hes struggling with suicidal thoughts and dealing with the fallout of his band, his friends, his faith, and the lost love of his life, Haley. But his world changes when a mysterious producer shows up and offers Aaron a chance to go to Los Angeles and restart his life and career....
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Duration: 124 Category: Drama Language: English [CC]

The Motorcycle Diaries  

The Motorcycle Diaries Alternatives Similar Movies The Motorcycle Diaries Based on a true life story, The Motorcycle Diaries is an inspiring and thrilling adventure that traces the youthful origins of a revolutionary spirit. The film follows two daring friends, Ernesto "Che" Guevara (Gael Garcia Bernal, Y Tu Mama Tambien) and Alberto Granado (Rodrigo de la Serna), who hop on the back of a beat-up motorcycle for a breathtaking and exciting road trip across Latin America. From executive producer Robert Redford and acclaimed director Walter Salles (Central Station) comes...
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Duration: 126 Category: Drama Language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible.

Rabbit-Proof Fence  

Rabbit-Proof Fence Alternatives Similar Movies Rabbit-Proof Fence At a time when it was Australian government policy to train aboriginal children as domestic workers and integrate them into white society, young Molly Craig decides to lead her little sister and cousin in a daring escape from their internment camp. Molly and the girls must then elude the authorities on a dangerous 1,500-mile adventure along the rabbit-proof fence that bisects the continent and will lead them home. Rabbit-Proof Fence captures their universally touching plight and unparalleled cou...
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Duration: 93 Category: Drama Language: English (Stereo)


Ikiru Alternatives Similar Movies Ikiru One of the greatest achievements by Akira Kurosawa, Ikiru shows the director at his most compassionateaffirming life through an exploration of death. Takashi Shimura beautifully portrays Kanji Watanabe, an aging bureaucrat with stomach cancer who is impelled to find meaning in his final days. Presented in a radically conceived twopart structure and shot with a perceptive, humanistic clarity of vision, Ikiru is a multifaceted look at what it means to be alive....
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Duration: 143 Category: Drama Language: Japanese (Stereo)

Boogie Nights  

Boogie Nights Alternatives Similar Movies Boogie Nights Set in 1977, back when sex was safe, pleasure was a business and business was booming, idealistic porn producer Jack Horner aspires to elevate his craft to an art form. Horner discovers Eddie Adams, a hot young talent working as a busboy in a nightclub, and welcomes him into the extended family of movie-makers, misfits and hangers-on that are always around. Adams' rise from nobody to a celebrity adult entertainer is meteoric, and soon the whole world seems to know his porn alter ego, "Dirk Diggl...
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Duration: 155 Category: Drama Language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible.

A Letter to Three Wives  

A Letter to Three Wives Alternatives Similar Movies A Letter to Three Wives Joseph Mankiewicz's unique intriguing comedy stars Ann Southern, Linda Darnell and Jeanne Crain as three wives who must wait out a long day to learn which of them has lost her husband to another woman. Just as their boat sets off for the day, Deborah (Crain), Rita (Southern) and Lora Mae (Darnell) receive a letter from the alluring Addie Ross (narrator Celeste Holm) stating she has left town with one of their husbands. Each wife spends the fretful day pondering the state of her marriage and th...
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Duration: 103 Category: Drama Language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible.

Code of Trust  

Code of Trust Alternatives Similar Movies Code of Trust Blockchain is a technology that has the potential to change the world. Fusing fiction and documentary, this extraordinary story follows Nasreen, a refugee of war forced to leave her home country and thrown into a society where this new technology reigns. Starting from scratch she needs to put all her trust in the blockchain. But can she trust it? And will society trust her?...
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Duration: 62 Category: Drama Language: English [CC]

Kingdom Of Heaven - Director's Cut  

Kingdom Of Heaven - Director's Cut Alternatives Similar Movies Kingdom Of Heaven - Director's Cut Ridley Scott directs this epic tale of a young Frenchman who discovers his destiny as a knight during The Crusades, the world-shaping collision between Europe and the East....
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Duration: 193 Category: Drama Language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible.

Rock Star  

Rock Star Alternatives Similar Movies Rock Star By day Chris repairs copiers; by night he fronts a heavy-metal tribute band. His wildest dreams come true after band members of the group he's been emulating ask him to replace their lead singer. Chris rockets from rock fan to rock god....
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Duration: 106 Category: Drama Language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible.

A Raisin In The Sun (1961)  

A Raisin In The Sun (1961) Alternatives Similar Movies A Raisin In The Sun (1961) RAISIN IN THE SUN is a groundbreaking drama celebrating the human spirit, featuring an electrifying performance by Academy Award(r) winner Sidney Poitier (Best Actor, Lilies of the Field, 1963). The Younger family, frustrated with living in their crowded Chicago apartment, sees the arrival of a $10,000 insurance check as the answer to their prayers. Matriarch Lena Younger (Claudia McNeil) promptly puts a down payment on a house in an all-white suburban neighborhood. But the family is divided whe...
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Duration: 127 Category: Drama Language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible.

Raging Bull  

Raging Bull Alternatives Similar Movies Raging Bull RAGING BULL is director Martin Scorsese's lacerating film biography of middleweight boxing champion Jake LaMotta, who was known during his brief reign as "the Bronx Bull." LaMotta (played with extraordinary brilliance by Robert De Niro) had early lessons in life: to steal and to fight. His aggression in the ring was a means of combating deep-seated anxieties and emotional fears. This determination and rage turned him from a young hoodlum into a champion. But his drive for the title, his brutalit...
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Duration: 129 Category: Drama Language: English (5.1)

Tora! Tora! Tora!  

Tora! Tora! Tora! Alternatives Similar Movies Tora! Tora! Tora! Tora! Tora! Tora! is the Japanese signal to attack - and the movie meticulously recreates the attack on Pearl Harbor and the events leading up to it. Opening scenes contrast the American and Japanese positions. Japanese imperialists decide to stage the attack. Top U.S. brass ignore it's possibility. Intercepted Japanese messages warn of it - but never reach F.D.R.'s desk. Radar warnings are disregarded. Even the entrapment of a Japanese submarine in Pearl Harbor before the attack goes unreported...
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Duration: 144 Category: Drama Language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible.

The Operative  

The Operative Alternatives Similar Movies The Operative A young Western woman is recruited by the Mossad to go undercover in Tehran where she becomes entangled in a complex triangle with her handler and her subject....
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Duration: 116 Category: Drama Language: English (5.1)


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