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ALTERNATIVES Make your own gif with stickers all by yourself with SGIF from Picture and Video! Using SGIF you can easily create funny GIF image from videos and multi images and share created GIF to everyone by FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, WHATSAPP, TELEGRAM and many other apps. Create animated GIF and funny GIF + Select multiple photos from gallery to create GIF image. + You can easily manage created GIF file and view them when you want. + You can cut and choose the time range within the video file. + You can choose the frame size or the dimensions of the output GIF file. + Select a video from gallery and trim selected video before creating GIF. + Save created GIF in device storage + Multiple frames will be generated from video, to make an excellent GIF. + One click to share created GIF Images. + Control GIF frames speed before saving. + Simple interface, easy to use + And much more Using Gif maker you can create video to gif, images to gif , selfie to gif , create funny gif , gif for whatsapp, gif for facebook gif for twitter. Now, Come to SGIF to make beautiful GIF and extremely pro visual effects to share with friends. Happy enjoy it! [READ MORE]

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Tags: Category: Photography Size: 41MB Developer: PomCoongLaDev [email protected] undefined File: com.sgif.makegif

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Planit! for Photographers Pro  

Planit! for Photographers Pro  Alternatives Similar Apps Planit! for Photographers Pro ** Please email [email protected] for bug reports or feature requests. Comments don't work out very well in this case ** Notice: If you have a black screen saying the Google Play Service is updating but it actually does nothing. Here is the workaround: Go to Android Settings - Apps - Google Play Service - Storage - Clear Cache, then restart your phone and go to the Google Play Store to upgrade the Google Play Service. The latest video tutorials and user guides are available at #videos ...
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Category: Photography Size: 96MB Developer: PlanIt Photo Inc. File: com.yingwen.photographertoolspro

HDR Camera+  

HDR Camera+ Alternatives Similar Apps HDR Camera+ HDR Camera+ grew up into A Better Camera - all-purpose, full featured camera for Android! 11 shooting modes, full camera control. HDR mode is free for HDR Camera+ users! Get A Better Camera NOW! Full featured and fast HDR camera for Android. Take pictures with vivid colors and rich detail: - Simple: take an HDR image in one tap - Full resolution - Real HDR: exposure bracketing and tone mapping - Zoom - HDR images fused and tone mapped on device within seconds - Hand shake compensat...
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Category: Photography Size: 3MB Developer: Almalence File: com.almalence.hdr_plus

Viewer Camera  

Viewer Camera Alternatives Similar Apps Viewer Camera Features include: - Beauty camera to take a nice selfie - Photo editor - Collage your photos with 9 pics together - Use the filter to makeup your photo, there are many filters for your select - PIP function for your photo - Funny stickers - Text is also available...
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Category: Photography Size: 14MB Developer: beauty.viewer File: com.qwer.viewercamera

Smile Camera  

Smile Camera Alternatives Similar Apps Smile Camera Smile Camera will give you a smooth using experience while taking selfie and making photo editor. This is : - Photo editor - Selfie makeup - Photo filter - PIP collage - Collage maker - Funny stickers - Text free - Share to friends through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram....
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Category: Photography Size: 14MB Developer: MaLow File: com.zxcv.smilecamera

Manual Camera Pro : DSLR Camera HD Professional  

Manual Camera Pro : DSLR Camera HD Professional  Alternatives Similar Apps Manual Camera Pro : DSLR Camera HD Professional This DSLR Camera hd professional app will turn your phone into professional camera like, with fully manual camera control on ISO, shutter speed, exposure, manual focus and another features like a professional camera, which can bring your mobile photography to the next level. Take the best capture of your photo and even record your video in 4K UHD resolution. DSLR Camera HD professional Top Features : Manual ISO Manual focus Control shutter speed Control exposure Control...
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Category: Photography Size: 3MB Developer: PixeLatte File:

KUNI Cam  

KUNI Cam Alternatives Similar Apps KUNI Cam Create beautiful photos with a vintage touch. Features - Create photos in an instant with Kuji, Kudak, Dalgona, Gudak or vintage feeling - Color filter - 3D effect (Chromatic aberration) + Glitch - Grain filters - Import photos - Date stamp with adjustable color and alignment - Crop photos for Instagram and Instagram Story - Adjustments - Nondestructive editing. Go back and change anything you want - Create own recipes with presets Just drop us a line at [email protected] if you...
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Category: Photography Size: 29MB Developer: GinnyPix File: com.ginnypix.kuni

Super Selfie Camera  

Super Selfie Camera Alternatives Similar Apps Super Selfie Camera The Greatest selfie camera in the world. Super selfie Camera make your photos perfect. Features: 1. Smart auto beauty. 2. Teeth whitening,give your brightest smile. 3. Awesome and many filters to choose. 4. You can get rid of acne 5. Retouch your makeup. 6. Share your selfie to your SNS....
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Category: Photography Size: 34MB Developer: Michael Hollis File:


SmartPix Alternatives Similar Apps SmartPix SmartPix is an intelligent, custom photo management app. SmartPix uses AI and user tags to manage and classify photos across your enterprise. SmartPixs dashboard gives you access to your enterprises entire photo collection for easy searching and storage....
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Category: Photography Size: 46MB Developer: WSB & Associates File: com.wsb.smartpix

Rotate Camera  

Rotate Camera Alternatives Similar Apps Rotate Camera 1. Take a selfie 2. Make a wallpaper 3. PIP collage maker 4. Funny sticker 5. Text free 6. Photo filter and editor...
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Category: Photography Size: 15MB Developer: Yan Hui File: com.lawlibaso.rotatecamera

Name Art Photo Editor  

Name Art Photo Editor Alternatives Similar Apps Name Art Photo Editor Add Text on Photos & you can make nature photos with lots of default background and add a multiple fonts. Share your thoughts to your favorite social media. Create love quotes, romantic love quotes and send to your beloved every day, let's try text on photo now. Photo Text Edit work as awesome name editor, name creator, name card generator, name art maker, love greeting card creator....
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Category: Photography Size: 34MB Developer: One App Ltd. File: com.binkai.heartnameart

Paper Artist  

Paper Artist Alternatives Similar Apps Paper Artist Turn your photos into personalized works of art! Fun and simple to use, anyone can be an artist!. Features: Choose from over 40 original artistic styles to transform your photo. Modify your existing photos, or use the built-in camera. Paint with the brush to add a splash of color and other magical effects. Write with the pen to add a personal message or a fun design. Add a frame or border for that finishing touch. You won't believe how your precious memory will be transform...
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Category: Photography Size: 10MB Developer: JFDP Labs File: com.dama.paperartistgp

Cortex Camera  

Cortex Camera Alternatives Similar Apps Cortex Camera Cortex Camera combines dozens of individual frames to create a single high resolution, noise free image. The result is a long-exposure photograph, but it doesn't require the inconvenience of setting up a tripod. Take clear low-light photos and capture unique effects like soft water, all with just the press of a button. PLEASE NOTE for best results the camera must be held steady and your subject must be still for the duration of the exposure, which takes 2-10 seconds depending on which device ...
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Category: Photography Size: 4MB Developer: Whimsical Productions File: com.cortexcamera.cortexcamera_production

PhotoMontager Full  

PhotoMontager Full  Alternatives Similar Apps PhotoMontager Full Tons of amazing frames for your photos! Unique, outstanding frames you'll love. You'll have endless fun with just one click! Features: * Use your gallery, camera & social photos. * Lots of categories & themes. * New frames added daily from our user community * Favorites bookmark * Lots of cool unlocked frames This FULL version includes: * 3500+ frames unlocked * Tons of fonts and effects * No ads Note: this application requires a good Internet connection to work properly....
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Category: Photography Size: 0MB Developer: Moonlighting Apps, LLC

4K Wallpapers - Full 4K + HD (Pro)  

4K Wallpapers - Full 4K + HD (Pro) Alternatives Similar Apps 4K Wallpapers - Full 4K + HD (Pro) Are you a fan of 4K wallpapers? Looking for extremely high-quality wallpapers with crisp and clear artistic walls for display? Experience top art wallpapers that are wallpapers with popping colours. These objects have a very crisp and clear image that make the objects a pleasure to watch. FEATURES -NO ADS -PREMIUM WALLS WHEN COMPARED TO FREE APP -4K AND 8K WALLPAPERS -AVERAGE SIZE OF WALLPAPERS - 7MB / 700DPI -HDR Wallpapers (Coming Soon) -Supports any device, including devices wi...
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Category: Photography Size: 5MB Developer: Motion Wallpapers File: com.motion.hd4KWallpapers

Face App Swap  

Face  App Swap Alternatives Similar Apps Face App Swap Transform your face using Artificial Intelligence in just one hit ! Swaping faces is easier than ever with Face Swap. Just get two faces in the viewfinder and see the app do a live face swap on camera. - Improve your selfie with cool swap style filters...
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Category: Photography Size: 93MB Developer: AI App File:

PK Camera  

PK Camera Alternatives Similar Apps PK Camera Check out what it has: - Photo filter - Selfie makeup - Zoom in and out - Auto focus - Photo editor - Collage maker - Funny sticker - Text on phone - No watermark on photo - One click to share with friends through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter...
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Category: Photography Size: 14MB Developer: omituohu.dave File: com.omituohu.dave.pkcamera

Party Photo Booth  

Party Photo Booth Alternatives Similar Apps Party Photo Booth Need a photo booth at your event? There is an app for that! Party PhotoBooth is designed for birthday parties, weddings and any events where your guests are encouraged to act goofy on camera. As the party host, you will be able to transform your phone or tablet into a photo booth by following this Instructable: The unique Kiosk mode feature keeps the app running in foreground, so the device will remain as a photo booth for the duration of your event. You can fix your tablet on a tripod, o...
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Category: Photography Size: 5MB Developer: Ground Up Works File: com.groundupworks.partyphotobooth

Camera Remote Watch  

Camera Remote Watch  Alternatives Similar Apps Camera Remote Watch Remote control the phone camera shutter from your Smartwatch and take a picture without touching your phone. Open the phone app "Camera Remote Watch" and adjust the camera view. On your watch: open the app "Camera Remote Watch" and tap the Camera button to trigger the camera shutter on your phone. The photo will be stored in your phone photo gallery and you can access it with the Android "Gallery" app. A copy of the photo will be shown on your watch, so that you can check if it look...
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Category: Photography Size: 3MB Developer: AppMosaic File: com.appmosaic.camerawatch

Photo Exif Editor Pro - Metadata Editor  

Photo Exif Editor Pro - Metadata Editor Alternatives Similar Apps Photo Exif Editor Pro - Metadata Editor Photo Exif Editor allows you to view and modify the Exif data of your pictures. With the clear user interface, Photo Exif Editor is an easy to use tool that helps you to correct the missing information of your favorite photos. This is Pro version with: No ad. The ability to show the full raw data of the picture. NOTICE Android 4.4 (Kitkat) does not allow non-system application to write file to the external sdcard. Please read more at: To open Camera, long tap on the Gallery but...
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Category: Photography Size: 6MB Developer: Banana Studio File:

Palm Camera  

Palm Camera Alternatives Similar Apps Palm Camera Palm Camera is a beauty camera, a photo collage, a PIP collage, a photo editor, selfie makeup, HDR filter, PIP camera effects, PIP photo editor, PIP photo editor....
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Category: Photography Size: 13MB Developer: ZhiRen File: com.superior.palmcamera


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