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ALTERNATIVES Use your brain in this unique new puzzle game! Just aim and jump! The only thing you should ask yourself is: can you do it in one move? One mistake and your VIP is dead! Can you save them? And stay alive? YOLO! Customize your character and save all kinds of VIPs not only from death by a killer's bullet, but from other hazards too. Dive into your new job as a bodyguard, where your main goal is self-sacrifice! Start with simple puzzles, then move on to more difficult levels. Solve them all! To pass levels, you wi ll need to use your brains and logic to save your employer from danger pull him out! Join in the fun of this incredibly exciting game! Enjoy funny and difficult situations saving the life of your VIP. Use your brain and try to solve life and death puzzles. You have only one chance! You can't stop, the bullet's already on its way! [READ MORE]

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Tags: Category: Arcade Released: Mar 21, 2021 Size: 92MMB Developer: myni

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Hatchimals Eggs Surprise  

Hatchimals Eggs Surprise  Alternatives Similar Games Hatchimals Eggs Surprise Welcome to the Mystical World of Hatchimals , the home of hatch egg surprise Are you ready to know what's inside of Cute Egg Surprise!? What's this egg hiding inside? Discover it overcoming this challenge. To achieve this goal you can play classical way, by clicking on it, or shaking your device. egg: + Three different levels of games + Super Adventure Features + Exciting and fun. + addictive and fans....
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Category: Arcade Size: 51MB Developer: SetGamesP [email protected] File: com.kukorigames.eggshatch

Super Drop Land  

Super Drop Land Alternatives Similar Games Super Drop Land Drop into a simple and fun adventure! Fall, chase and flip your way down to victory. Chase rabbits, catch puppies and run from spooky ghosts! Super Drop Land is a two directional platformer where you collect, chase and run your way down through each land. - Play through 10 different lands with different twists and themes. - Unlock and wear different hats to dramatically change the game, including the multiplayer racing crown. - Unlock and complete over 15 different hand crafted puzzles...
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Category: Arcade Size: 0MB Developer: Lamington Games Pty Ltd [email protected]

Mining GunZ: shoot, destroy blocks, smelting ore  

Mining GunZ: shoot, destroy blocks, smelting ore Alternatives Similar Games Mining GunZ: shoot, destroy blocks, smelting ore A new epic game of a mini tank with a big cannon. Explore caves, destroy blocks, and collect rare resources which you will need to craft new items. Upgrade your tank! Mine deeper and deeper! Unlimited game mode, easy drag-and-drop navigation -- all you need for a great gaming experience! Don't miss the blocks, get rewards and be the best! Climb to the top of the leaderboard! The game is 100% free to play. All upgrades are possible by digging deeper into the caves. S...
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Category: Arcade Size: 59MB Developer: Ice Storm [email protected] File: com.icestorm.miningGunz

Helix Extreme Jump 2018 - Jumping Bounce Ball Game  

Helix Extreme Jump 2018 - Jumping Bounce Ball Game Alternatives Similar Games Helix Extreme Jump 2018 - Jumping Bounce Ball Game Are you looking for helix ball game of jump 2018 edition, so here it is. In this jumping ball in order to taste the various flavors of sports, the Game consist of various ball like most attractive soccer ball or football which will bring you the goal and score experience the most with soccer ball around Tower of Helix to feel the great happiness. Are you ready to enjoy the unique bouncing ball jumpy game around the tower, then jump jump and jump in this jumping ball game will provide the most...
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Category: Arcade Size: 14MB Developer: Andro Dream [email protected] File: com.helix.extreme.jump.ball.roll.bounce

Run Guys: Multiplayer  

Run Guys: Multiplayer Alternatives Similar Games Run Guys: Multiplayer Run Guys is a massively multiplayer party game with up to 30 players online in a free-for-all struggle through round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains! Invite your friends, play together....
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Category: Arcade Size: Varies with deviceMB Developer: Bros Games

QR Coder  

QR Coder Alternatives Similar Games QR Coder It is now time to discover various sizes of QR codes in a shape of levels! This game is made out of QR code and there are no 2 similar levels around. It is an arcade game which uses random-level generator to generate each stage. Try to get as many points as possible, while discovering new stages along!...
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Category: Arcade Size: 18MMB Developer: Vincoo

Pyramid Curse Egypt Quest  

Pyramid Curse Egypt Quest Alternatives Similar Games Pyramid Curse Egypt Quest pyramid curse egypt quest You will love the fun, creativity and excitement of this great casual game. Join millions of players in an adventure journey through the pyramid desert of ancient Egypt. Can you solve the puzzles and help Pharaoh with this quest of jewel treasures? Lets go! - free match puzzel-3 gameplay - hundreds of interesting Egyptian Rune style gem Levels - mysterious egypt scene,stunning graphics with a highly polished interface. - full of fun and amazing challenges - ...
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Category: Arcade Size: 16MB Developer: BestFriendsTeam [email protected] File: xjh.gemsbejewel.legenddiamond.PyramidCurse

SpinTree - Relax and meditate with trees  

SpinTree - Relax and meditate with trees Alternatives Similar Games SpinTree - Relax and meditate with trees Tap to grow trees and see how the trees survive and respond. Playing Spintree can be the process of meditation as you interact with trees. Experience the season in time with 50 trees and flowers in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. A tree for every season, grow a branch with every tap. Train your reflex while growing your tree. - Promotes mindfulness, meditation & environment - Encourages eco-friendliness with this tree-raising game - Stay focused to plant variety of beautiful trees!...
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Category: Arcade Size: 37MB Developer: Storica, Inc [email protected] File: com.tabascogames.spintree

Gaper Day – Ski Crash Arcade  

Gaper Day – Ski Crash Arcade Alternatives Similar Games Gaper Day – Ski Crash Arcade Experience a bone-shattering ski run like no other. Learn to play in seconds! SMASH into skiers for points. Collect power-ups to vaporize everything in your path. Carve endlessly through trees, ski jumps and defenseless riders all before ski patrol gets you. - FREE to play - One-hand, one-tap steering - Casual addictive gameplay - Downhill endless runner - Arcade style scoring - Retro eight bit graphics Only the daring will cause record breaking damage. Only the naturals will per...
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Category: Arcade Size: 23MB Developer: Beat Farm [email protected] File: com.beatfarm.gaperday

Classic Missile Command  

Classic Missile Command Alternatives Similar Games Classic Missile Command Your mission is to defend the six cities from nuclear attacks. For this you have three anti-missile defenses. Classic Missile Command has the taste of the old arcades machines. How to play: - The nuclear attacks will try to destroy the cities and your defenses. You lose the game when the six cities have been destroyed. - Each of your missile defenses has 10 missiles, and even if they are destroyed, They will be repaired and loaded at the beginning of each level. - Every 8,000 points you ...
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Category: Arcade Size: 4MB Developer: Classic Mania Games [email protected] File: com.retro.retroarcades2

Tower Tilt  

Tower Tilt Alternatives Similar Games Tower Tilt Beat your friends and stay longer in the skies. Prevent the tower from falling. Simple, but not easy game based on the tilting of your device....
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Category: Arcade Size: 16MMB Developer: Rist Games

Sky's Edge  

Sky's Edge Alternatives Similar Games Sky's Edge Tilt the platforms to reach the end! Discover new platforms! Experience 25 handcrafted levels!...
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Category: Arcade Size: 20MMB Developer: JoonhoDev

Little Pegasus  

Little Pegasus Alternatives Similar Games Little Pegasus Fly Little Pegasus through a dangerous ruin, can you make it to the end?...
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Category: Arcade Size: 24MMB Developer: The Infamous Mr Meow


McPuffin Alternatives Similar Games McPuffin Mixing old school arcade action with new age infinite scroller mechanics....
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Category: Arcade Size: 18MMB Developer: Dire Wolf Games

BigCraft : Exploration & Survival  

BigCraft : Exploration & Survival Alternatives Similar Games BigCraft : Exploration & Survival This 3d Minecraft block build game, you can crafting, building, exploration, construction and more in this Minecraft Game . To creative and survival, you must be able to protect yourself in this Minecraft game , provide yourself with food and a roof over your house to survive. In the process of Minecraft passing the game you will encounter complete freedom of action, limited only by your crafting and building imagination . Based on well-known craft games, you can build and craft anything ...
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Category: Arcade Size: 30MB Developer: Voxel Sandbox : Exploration & Survival [email protected] File: com.craft.Big.building.crafting

Plane Parkour  

Plane Parkour Alternatives Similar Games Plane Parkour 4 different aircraft selection and an aircraft obstacle course prepared for you. - 3 planes and a helicopter.Movement option with phone gyroscope.Fun and engrossing parkour. - Realistic sky and custom drawn buildings - A simple to play airplane game that is addictive and fun to aim....
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Category: Arcade Size: 45MMB Developer: Aproder

Alien Runaway  

Alien Runaway Alternatives Similar Games Alien Runaway In our space exploration quest we managed to wake up the aliens... now they are grumpy and looking for revenge! Now it is up to you.... will you save the Earth?...
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Category: Arcade Size: 21MMB Developer: Tucan Games

Stack Stairs  

Stack Stairs Alternatives Similar Games Stack Stairs - Collect bricks - Build stairs - Upgrade your character...
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Category: Arcade Size: 18MMB Developer: Martin Krátký

Cart Rider  

Cart Rider Alternatives Similar Games Cart Rider Cart Rider Go and don't stop...
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Category: Arcade Size: 40MMB Developer: HE games

Space Surfers  

Space Surfers Alternatives Similar Games Space Surfers Space Surfers is never ending flying. And Fun....
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Category: Arcade Size: 48MMB Developer: Cozmik Labs


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The title isn't horrible and there's like zero banners gameplay is casual i give it 4 stars especially cause it rarely has banners
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My freind plays this and it seems very fun and funny It claim i cant install it but i love it
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