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ALTERNATIVES The Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Application takes the guesswork out of the synthetic rope-based vehicle recovery process. Is your vehicle or someone elses vehicle stuck? This app will ask for a few data inputs such as vehicle weight, gradient, ground condition, stuck wheels, and winch capacity - and then provide you with the Total Resistance (or Load) required in order to Xtract the stuck vehicle using either self-recovery and/or assisted recovery methods. The App provides a wealth of other information i ncluding Total Resistance-based rigging recommendations. No winch? No problem! The App also recommends Traction Xtraction and Momentum Xtraction options when available, including an estimated maximum speed for successful use of a Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope in a Momentum Xtraction. Detailed diagrams of all the standard vehicle recovery configurations are provided, as well as helpful instructional videos to guide you through the fundamentals of each recovery configuration. There is also a Learning Center filled with helpful safety information and tutorials that detail proper hand signals, how to perform a stuck assessment, and much, much more. This app is compatible with all Safe-Xtract Vehicle Recovery Kits. [READ MORE]

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Tags: Category: Auto & Vehicles Released: Oct 12, 2020 Size: 94MMB Developer: Safe-Xtract

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Honda LogR  

Honda LogR Alternatives Similar Apps Honda LogR Honda LogR is a data logger app exclusively for Honda Civic Type R. The service can be accessed by connecting the smartphone to the car. Understanding how the car behaves while driving can help you to further improve your driving skills. The app can be used on Road and on Track, enabling you to become closer with your Type R at all times. Vehicle data is displayed in real time on the infotainment screen, the data is also logged to be viewed later on the Smartphone. Performance monitor Ve...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 59MMB Developer: Honda Motor Co.,Ltd.

Advanced EX for TOYOTA  

Advanced EX for TOYOTA Alternatives Similar Apps Advanced EX for TOYOTA Monitor specific TOYOTA parameters in real-time, including engine and automatic transmission advanced sensor data by adding this plugin to Torque Pro. Advanced EX is a plugin for Torque Pro, extending the PID/Sensor list with more than 10 specific parameters from TOYOTA vehicles, including: * AT Oil Temperature (*) * AT Damper Clutch Lockup (*) * AT Current Gear (*) * VVT Oil Temperature (*) * Fuel Injector Pulse Width / Duty Cycle * Knock Feedback / Adjustments * Catalyst Temperatur...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 810kMB Developer: Dare Apps

Hoverboard Controller  

Hoverboard Controller Alternatives Similar Apps Hoverboard Controller With this application you can associate up to 6 Hoverboards via Bluetooth at the same time and manage them in functions. Personalize your experience by choosing from 10 beautiful speedometers, set the characteristics of your vehicle based on the number of batteries equipped: the app will help you keep track of your speed, battery level and distance traveled! In addition, you can keep track of the trips you have made thanks to saving the statistics. Enjoy your trip with good music, in fact ...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 26MMB Developer: Blacksystem

Dumpling Drive  

Dumpling Drive Alternatives Similar Apps Dumpling Drive Thanks for choosing dumpling for private driving, the ethical way to ride with a driver you trust. dumpling for private driving connects you with your favorite driver, for your most important rides. -Scheduled rides to and from the airport, events, meetings, daily commutes and more! -No more rolling the dice with on-demand apps. Get the same personal driver for every ride, in a car you enjoy riding in. -Support a local entrepreneur! 100% of fares & tips go to the driver, unlike other...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 38MMB Developer: dumpling, Inc


MyDucati Alternatives Similar Apps MyDucati Discover MyDucati App features, wherever you are and always at your fingertips: PROFILE Create your profile and make sure your information is complete and always up-to-date. The more we know about you, the better the experience we can offer you. GARAGE In your garage you can manage the bikes you own and view the available documentation. Furthermore, you can configure the motorbike of your dreams and share it with your friends or send it to your Ducati dealer. DEALER The best way to ...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 74MMB Developer: Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.

RB Accident Attorney  

RB Accident Attorney Alternatives Similar Apps RB Accident Attorney At Reich & Binstock LLP, our highly esteemed pharmaceutical litigation and personal injury attorneys have more than 30 years of legal experience and 20 years of experience leading multidistrict and class-action litigation. From our Houston office, our respected legal team handles business and personal injury cases throughout Texas and mass tort cases nationwide. We are known for our meticulous case management and powerhouse trial skills that have led to several multimillion-dollar verdicts and s...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 9.0MMB Developer: Legal Soft Solution Inc.

Race Stats: Speedometer and G Force  

Race Stats: Speedometer and G Force Alternatives Similar Apps Race Stats: Speedometer and G Force Race Stats: Speedometer and G Force shows GPS speed, real time GForce, it measures your 0-60 mph or 0 -100 km/h and 1/4 mile or 400 m. You can simulate a drag race using this app. It's easy to use because it will start and stop the timer automatically. You can switch between imperial units and metric units. This app provides you a tool box for you speed and acceleration tracking in order to help you to become a faster driver. Test your car's limits....
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 49MMB Developer: Swampi

Highway Radar  

Highway Radar Alternatives Similar Apps Highway Radar Highway Radar is an application to help drivers be aware of road hazards, cameras, and speed traps. It collects traffic-related information from multiple sources and provides notices on potential risks on the road. Crowd-sourced alerts: Highway Radar can connect to a sever aggregating crowd-sourced alerts and show them on the map. It also issues audible voice warnings and optionally a beeper to grab the attention. Currently, the application supports alerting on speed traps and road hazards re...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 8.2MMB Developer: Highway Radar

Autotrader Lebanon  

Autotrader Lebanon Alternatives Similar Apps Autotrader Lebanon The AutoTrader Lebanon app is the only dedicated source of used and new vehicle sales on the internet for cars, vans trucks and motorcycles in the Lebanese Market. As a buyer: o Find commercial & private vehicles o Contact seller by phone or email o Search for vehicle by make, model, location, price, mileage & more o Subscribe to AutoTrader Lebanons newsletter As a seller/dealership: o You will have your own online store o Upload your inventory (cars, trucks, vans & bikes) o ...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 7.3MMB Developer: Autotrader Lebanon

WireSizer - DC Voltage Drop Calculator  

WireSizer - DC Voltage Drop Calculator Alternatives Similar Apps WireSizer - DC Voltage Drop Calculator WireSizer is the simple and intuitive way to calculate the wire gauge needed for a desired voltage drop for most common DC applications less than 50 volts. It is great for doing quick calculations when updating wiring on boats, RVs, trucks, cars, radios, or other "low voltage" DC applications for both do-it-yourselfers and professionals. To find your proper wire, simply select your DC voltage, your current, and the length of your circuit with simple flicks of your finger. No keyboard input ne...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 1.2MMB Developer: Juggernaut Technology, Inc.


Hagerty Alternatives Similar Apps Hagerty With the Hagerty app, classic car and collector car enthusiasts can access Hagerty Price Guide values quickly and from anywhere to better understand what their favorite cars, trucks, and motorcycles are worth. See current price guide values, follow live auction results in real time, and review past auction sales to better understand trends in the market. Add your favorite auction cars to your watchlist to keep track of them before and after they sell. - Review a cars current Hagerty Price Gu...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 25MMB Developer: Hagerty

Free Android Tips - Maps Auto , Messaging  

Free Android Tips - Maps Auto , Messaging Alternatives Similar Apps Free Android Tips - Maps Auto , Messaging Android auto apps simplify your driving. Drive safe paying your attention only on your road. You can use this app for any cars. Due to android easy connection, setup on your android and use anytime. All you need to do is android auto install and start to use it. Android auto is your smart driving companion that helps you stay focused, connected, and entertained with the google assistant. Android auto essential features are following: Use android auto maps to get from one place to another....
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 13MMB Developer: PaladiumPlay

Free Auto Tips - Android Maps , Messaging  

Free Auto Tips - Android Maps , Messaging Alternatives Similar Apps Free Auto Tips - Android Maps , Messaging Android auto easy connection let you drive safely. Android auto install on your android one of the versions and enjoy: android auto beta, android auto latest version, android auto old version, android auto version 5.0, android auto version 2.9, etc. Android auto device gives you a wide opportunity. So with this app you can use; android auto navigation, android auto video player, android auto equalizer, android auto checker, android auto music player, android aut...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 24MMB Developer: V77A

Big Boy Toyz  

Big Boy Toyz Alternatives Similar Apps Big Boy Toyz The new Big Boy Toyz App offers our huge stack of cars ensures that your pulse begins racing and your heart pounding. Big Boy Toyz with one of the best car extravaganza marked on offer. Allow your investigation to start! BBT App ensures quality to your satisfaction & Peace of mind and convenience. What you will love about Big Boy Toyz application * One stop solution for high end exotic cars. * The Application provides car booking facility. * Sell your car in 29 minutes. * Contactless...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 24MMB Developer: Big Boy Toyz

VIN Number Lookup 🚗 🔍 VIN Search & Decoder  

VIN Number Lookup 🚗 🔍 VIN Search & Decoder Alternatives Similar Apps VIN Number Lookup 🚗 🔍 VIN Search & Decoder Our app makes it quick and easy to find information about your new or used vehicle based on the VIN. Type in the VIN and the app decodes it and gives you access to all kinds of valuable information such as accident history, sales reports, recalls, and so much more. A VIN number search may reveal: Whether the vehicle was involved in an accident and the extent of the damage. If the car was ever listed in a salvage auction or reported as stolen. A comprehensive list of standard equip...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 16MMB Developer: VIN Lookup

DiagScan-car diagnostic elm327 obd2 codes scanner  

DiagScan-car diagnostic elm327 obd2 codes scanner Alternatives Similar Apps DiagScan-car diagnostic elm327 obd2 codes scanner DiagScan is elm327 car diagnostic obd2 scanner for turn off Check Engine light. It read and reset the diagnostic fault codes (dtc) by elm327 with big obd2 codes guide for offline deciphering. DiagScan app read car diagnostic fault obd2 codes from ECU by obd2 protocols by bluetooth and wifi elm327 with offline deciphering. It may help you in your car diagnostic. Benefits of DiagScan use: - A large number of supported obd2 communication protocols for different cars; -...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 16MMB Developer: WheelSoft

Rock Crawling - Offroad Driving Games 2020  

Rock Crawling - Offroad Driving Games 2020 Alternatives Similar Apps Rock Crawling - Offroad Driving Games 2020 Rock Crawling - Offroad Driving Games , is a game built around the pure thought of making the best tire and suspension simulation. It's a slow, immersive ride throughout rocky trails, and forest hill climbing. Such an offroad game is the best way to admire the beauty of rock crawling in your SUV. Travel over mountains and overpass to play the top offroad simulator. There are curvy turns near the overpass off road where you can overturn your SUV, so consider this a spintrials mud fest for your...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: Varies with deviceMB Developer: Limitless - Free Games

Lexus One  

Lexus One Alternatives Similar Apps Lexus One Lexus One is a vehicle subscription service which offers flexibility across the Lexus range. A complete digital experience that allows you to sign up and arrange a delivery to your doorstep. FIVE TIMES THE LEXUS A compact crossover for the city? Something larger for your holidays? A sporty coup for that special road trip? With Lexus One you can change your Lexus as many as four times a year, meaning you can drive up to five different models. A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION A simple rolling mon...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 58MMB Developer: Toyota Motor Europe (TME)

Crazy Math Teacher Angry Neighbor School  

Crazy Math Teacher Angry Neighbor School Alternatives Similar Apps Crazy Math Teacher Angry Neighbor School With Math TeacherisWickedbutshrewdlyfellow, whocherishesto playtrickwith his Scary Teacher. This time School his targetNotebooks could be aas of latemigratedNeighbor, who looks suspicious andfrightening. All kids are calling himFrighteningStickman as no one knowsapproximatelyhisgenuinetitle.Math Teacher doesn'tblendwith the people School and hates kids.In any case mr Robot,Weave Basicois preparedto requireon the challenge andtrick.Rope Hero Wheneverthere'sa suspi...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 32MMB Developer: Teckno LLC Vehicle Inspection App Vehicle Inspection App Alternatives Similar Apps Vehicle Inspection App The official Vehicle Inspector App for Approved Inspectors Allows Vehicle Inspectors to perform a comprehensive vehicle inspection for all cars, Trucks, RVs, and Motorcycles. The Vehicle Inspection App follows patent pending technology and a 150+ point comprehensive checklist customized for every vehicle type. The Vehicle Inspection App also allows for OBD Data collection and AI-lead Vehicle Peer comparison. For more information, visit our main website: ...
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Category: Auto & Vehicles Size: 11MMB Developer:


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