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ALTERNATIVES Tap and hold and slide left and right to control your ball form as you fall through the level. Release to become human to climb over stairs and move forward when you loose momentum.

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Tags: Category: Arcade Released: Feb 25, 2021 Size: 28MMB Developer: SpaceTimer

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Keep Jump – Flappy Block Jump Games 3D  

Keep Jump – Flappy Block Jump Games 3D  Alternatives Similar Games Keep Jump – Flappy Block Jump Games 3D How far can you go? Keep jump to the blocks and go further. Never stop to run and jump! Vivid visual effects and addictive jumping games will bring you an imaginable jump journey. Exercise the coordination of your hands, eyes and brain. Enjoy the huge jump fever! Easy to control and smooth to play. Tap and hold the screen to control and release the jumper bounce flip to the next block. Avoid falling from blocks! Try to get more scores. Enjoy the 18 exciting free puzzle games, jump further, ...
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Category: Arcade Size: 28MB Developer: DoPuz Games [email protected] File: com.dopuz.jump.stack

Turkey Smash  

Turkey Smash Alternatives Similar Games Turkey Smash Turkey Smash Tapped : The coop is going crazy! A simple and funny game. The principle of the game is the same as the famous Whac-A-Mole game. An excellent Thanksgiving game: play with your family, trying to beat each others's score! Your finger controls a hammer. You must hit as many turkeys as you can in a given time, but be careful not to hit the ones wearing a helmet! You can accumulate bonus time and hit even more turkeys! Different levels available. Be the strongest! 3 sec...
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Category: Arcade Size: 13MB Developer: Navan [email protected] File: com.navan.turkeyshmash

Space Cowboy  

Space Cowboy Alternatives Similar Games Space Cowboy Fly thru space and shoot aliens to bits in this simple game!...
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Category: Arcade Size: 978MB Developer: banaface2520 [email protected] File: com.banaface2520.spacecowboy

Helix Switch  

Helix Switch  Alternatives Similar Games Helix Switch Jump up the tower while breaking bricks of same color and avoiding the remaining...
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Category: Arcade Size: 12MB Developer: BLAM Apps 2018 [email protected] File: space.blam.bb3

Metin2 Premium  

Metin2 Premium Alternatives Similar Games Metin2 Premium Metn2 ykleyici ile telefonunuza metn2 dosyalarn indirip oynayabilirsiniz....
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Category: Arcade Size: 20MB Developer: ARSLANTAŞ A.Ş [email protected] File: com.arslantas.metin2giris


Lithomancer  Alternatives Similar Games Lithomancer Collect crystals, destroy demons, collect gold and continues. Lithomancer has 10 levels and 1 boss level. The levels are randomly generated so each time you play the game it's different. I will be making updates with more levels and bosses in the future. Thanks for tying my game....
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Category: Arcade Size: 91MB Developer: Nicholas Reno [email protected] File: com.nickreno.lithomancer

Jeff The Killer: Horrendous Smile  

Jeff The Killer: Horrendous Smile Alternatives Similar Games Jeff The Killer: Horrendous Smile You Sleep, You Dream, You have a NIGHTMARE! Wake UP! Strange noise in your house. Investigate! Jeff The Killer came to your dream. Things are not the same as you know. Your house is haunted. There are some strange creatures here. You need to investigate and defend yourself. Horror Adventure with lot of action and puzzles. Features: - Three Weapons: Knife, Baseball Bat and Gun. - New Jeff The Killer Story. - The best jump scares - Suspenseful and Frightening! - Smooth Controls. ...
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Category: Arcade Size: 65MB Developer: JD Thunder [email protected] File: com.JDThunder.JeffTheKillerHorrendousSmile

Soccer Baller  

Soccer Baller  Alternatives Similar Games Soccer Baller The Best Combination of a Soccer Experience/Casual Gaming.Dribble Like A skill full dribbler,Shoot and Score To Finish Your Amazing Run.Soccer Baller Makes you feel as if you are controlling the ball and that is the soccer/football Experience,The most Addictive Soccer Game.Dribble Through Obstacles , like a Pro Does, than let's not forget To Shoot To score to Make the fans happy , also Collect Money while Scoring.The Game Increases Speed after every Level Become The Baller of Soccer Baller. ...
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Category: Arcade Size: 34MB Developer: Sappgames [email protected] File: com.sappgames.SoccerBaller

Retro N64 Pro - N64 Emulator  

Retro N64 Pro - N64 Emulator Alternatives Similar Games Retro N64 Pro - N64 Emulator 1.9$ IS FOR DONATIONS ONLY - Please consider donating - Donations support MANY open-source projects and developers * A N64 game file (ROM file) is necessary to play a game. * Copy your own N64 game files to SD card or Internal Memory. (e.g. /sdcard/N64/) * Please search games again after copy new N64 game files. Features: * Support N64 game file (.n64, z64, v64, .zip, .7zip) * Support android 4.0+ (suitable for android 8.0+). * Save state and load state. * Auto save. * Dual Mode ...
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Category: Arcade Size: 11MB Developer: Retro Game Emulators [email protected] File:

Jockey Viva Go  

Jockey Viva Go  Alternatives Similar Games Jockey Viva Go "Jockey Viva Go" is a Virtual Horse Racing Mobile Game which is multiplayers interactive online game. Being a horse owner is not a dream and it is FREE!! Player can have satisfaction and enjoyment of managing a stable of virtual racehorses. In the game, the horses can be obtained from the market, Lucky Draw or breeding. The aim is training horses to perfect condition in order to take part in the race and win. There are more than 100 races everyday. Besides of this, some special and impor...
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Category: Arcade Size: 97MB Developer: GameCyber Technology Ltd. [email protected] File: com.gamecyber.g1.en

Cake Tower Stack  

Cake Tower Stack Alternatives Similar Games Cake Tower Stack Just touch the screen to build cake towers and try not to fall! The higher tthe tower the more points you get. Play in endless modes or compete levels....
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Category: Arcade Size: 29MB Developer: WOW Gaming [email protected] File: com.sweet.cake.tower.gamesforkids.cake.maker

Bounce Up  

Bounce Up  Alternatives Similar Games Bounce Up Bounce your way up with a ball going through geometric shapes. Use the ledges to support your jumps and avoid the obstacles, as well as the advancing water from below! If you survive long enough you'll get to the next level!...
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Category: Arcade Size: 15MB Developer: AppBounce Limited [email protected] File: xyz.appbounce.up

Running Shapes  

Running Shapes Alternatives Similar Games Running Shapes Fit your running shapes to avoid the upcoming obstacles and go as far as possible! Each shape has its own world and special power to always go further and unlock skins. Its up to you to discover them all!...
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Category: Arcade Size: 41MB Developer: [email protected] File: com.benjaminWidawski.runningShapes

Multi Bump  

Multi Bump Alternatives Similar Games Multi Bump Bring at least 1 ball to the end of the level. Avoid from colors different than you, collect bonuses, solve puzzles and have fun!...
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Category: Arcade Size: 18MB Developer: Fatbee Games [email protected] File: games.fatbee.multibump

Rotate & Escape  

Rotate & Escape Alternatives Similar Games Rotate & Escape Tap the screen to rotate the center arrow and keep it from touching the rotating arcs that keep advancing towards it. Becareful because their speed & direction can change at any time! Are your reflexes fast enough to keep up?...
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Category: Arcade Size: 12MB Developer: SlingShot Apps [email protected] File: xyz.slingshotapps.rotateescape

arcade-kirby adventure  

arcade-kirby adventure Alternatives Similar Games arcade-kirby adventure arcade-kirby adventure is fun game to play jump run race .. start the adventure right now....
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Category: Arcade Size: 25MB Developer: amsteli [email protected] File: com.n64.arcade.kirby

Bricks Fodder  

Bricks Fodder Alternatives Similar Games Bricks Fodder That's amazing to solve the bricks puzzle....
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Category: Arcade Size: 33MB Developer: Lucrecia Studio [email protected] File: shooter.ball.cannon.fodder

Space Guns - Simulator Game  

Space Guns - Simulator Game Alternatives Similar Games Space Guns - Simulator Game Take shots and take off as high as possible. Collect coins, pump weapons, hit targets. All this in a game with realistic physics! Incredible cosmic atmosphere, a large number of levels and daily missions. -20 cool weapons -Realistic physics -An addictive gameplay - Fantastic graphics Weekly tournaments, leaderboards, achievements and more!...
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Category: Arcade Size: 18MB Developer: Friendd studio [email protected] File: com.friendd.spaceguns

Crazy Architect  

Crazy Architect  Alternatives Similar Games Crazy Architect Tap on time to grow the tower, break the record and get to another level....
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Category: Arcade Size: 26MB Developer: WarSaw Games Sp. z o.o. [email protected] File: pl.warsawgames.crazyarchitect

Swing Legend  

Swing Legend Alternatives Similar Games Swing Legend Tap and make incredible jumps. Can you execute all these acrobatic tricks, swing, catch in a row with hook like a boss, like a hero or even is like a spider? You will be through many traps and many good things, you need to be careful. Features :- Simple 1 Touch Controls Easy to play and hard to master Because you can swing like a spider Amazing graphics....
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Category: Arcade Size: 20MB Developer: Van Dong Pham [email protected] File:


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