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ALTERNATIVES This is a game that you fly up with your rockets. Start with model rocket and uprade it to a space shuttle. Maybe you can even go to moon. You can upgrade your rocket. Finish your tasks to earn money. You can buy brand new rockets.

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Tags: Category: Arcade Released: Oct 21, 2020 Size: 139MMB Developer: Murphy Game Studios

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Africa Legend  

Africa Legend Alternatives Similar Games Africa Legend There are many mysterious images that will make you captivate you with its magical atmosphere. Strolling through the dreamy land feels like walking into a mysterious dream. This is a carefully handcrafted match three games and high quality background music for the experienced matcher! Exploring the adventures in the africa with addictive and exciting. We create this African theme for you, and you can enjoy our magnificent Africa by installing and playing our games. This is a carefully handcr...
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Category: Arcade Size: 23MB Developer: OKGO [email protected] File: com.powergirdcar.diamondroad.AfricaJewelCrush

Ryan Toys Run  

Ryan Toys Run  Alternatives Similar Games Ryan Toys Run Ryan's is being held in the jungle by the living toys. You must escape from the jungle by running in the subway trees. The adventure game is simple, you'll only need to slide and surf the screen in order to escape those toys review game. You can play tag with vehicle enemies to make them chase you. Watch out for the tag with team that coming for Ryan. Avoid any toysreview games trap leave by the rian toys. Play Ryan's toys run games for FREE!...
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Category: Arcade Size: 33MB Developer: Kuburan Studio [email protected] File: com.lembah.ryan

Shimmer Climber Shine 2  

Shimmer Climber Shine 2 Alternatives Similar Games Shimmer Climber Shine 2 you are shimmer & shine fans. we are "SMARTSOFTWARE IT" for shimmer climber and shine's kids games and play mini games with all of your favorite Shimmer and climber Shine Games. The shine and shimmer Magical Genie Games is jetting off and youre invited! Travel the world with your favorite cars, and meet new shine climber along the way. FEATURES of Shimmer Climber Shine - Play games, earn coins and unlock Shimmer and shine's kids ! - Collect shimmer and play with all your favorite shimme...
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Category: Arcade Size: 13MB Developer: SMARTSOFTWARE IT [email protected] File: net.funny.shimmerclimber

Tomb of the craft Mask  

Tomb of the craft Mask Alternatives Similar Games Tomb of the craft Mask Tomb of the craft mask is new famous game heroes , Enjoy to play in it . Touch the buttons to move along the caro and get more coins If the correct chosen is not selected, the game will be over - Features Tomb of the craft mask : - Heroes craft war - Tomb of the adventure game - Crossing - Hidden warp - Break brick . - Escaping of the gap - Stick craft , Stickman - Battle , Survival - Moving background effects and sound music ....
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Category: Arcade Size: 29MB Developer: UPHA GAMES [email protected] File: tomb.craft.heroes

Monster Forest  

Monster Forest  Alternatives Similar Games Monster Forest Peace was destroyed by the monsters from the forest who took the princess. Warriors, let's go. Go deep into the forest, kill the devil and save our princess. Simple play, just click on the screen and throw the knife can attack the target. A variety of monsters and props, a variety of target combinations. Strive to defeat all monsters and break all treasure boxes to get three star reviews. Sometimes we have to be cautious to win. The key is to seize the most accurate time....
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Category: Arcade Size: 38MB Developer: Ack-Ack Space [email protected] File: com.hunter.forest

Wings of War  

Wings of War Alternatives Similar Games Wings of War Modern Warplanes Online. Feel the might of Warplanes in this free-to-play, worldwide online game! A stunning airborne action game featuring state-of-the-art 3D technology, intuitive controls, and an unforgettable experience! Battle players from all over the world and join forces to build up your clan and defeat enemy clans. Features: - Players from all over the world playing in real time - Modern 3D graphics! - GPS tracking system - Heat traps - Guided missiles - Various upgrade mo...
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Category: Arcade Size: 62MB Developer: Extreme Developers [email protected] File: com.extremedevelopers.wingsofwar

Knuckles Runner 2  

Knuckles Runner 2 Alternatives Similar Games Knuckles Runner 2 Run with the classic super soni advance: speed master and jump over obstacles and enemies run away from them as much as you can of advance sonic super rush! Hedgehog super classic sonik the advance is a platform running game where you need to run your way over stunning environments and amazing graphics, collect as many rings as you can to earn sonic points. Game Features: **** Challenging Levels of the hedgehog runner classic run **** Lightweight best game **** Stunning Graphics Quality ...
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Category: Arcade Size: 10MB Developer: julian malave [email protected] File: com.knucklesrun.second

Scream Go Stickman  

Scream Go Stickman  Alternatives Similar Games Scream Go Stickman Shout at your phone to move! Don't Stop! Talk softly at the stickman to make it walk. Yell or scream at the stickman to make it jump! In this game, you need to use your voice to control the movement of the note. Try to run and jump as longest as possible before you die. Use your voice to move and jump between platforms. Soft voice to jump, scream to jump. Watch out! Don't disturb your neighbour!...
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Category: Arcade Size: 7MB Developer: ZhangMobile [email protected] File: com.zhangmobile.screamgostickman


ranDungeon Alternatives Similar Games ranDungeon ranDungeon is a free pixel-style action roguelike game with randomized items, levels, and enemies! Earn experience by slaying monsters, but beware! They keep getting stronger each dungeon! Game highlights: -there is no ads in the game, and also no micropayments. Just pure fun for everyone! -randomized dungeons/caves: explore randomly generated levels, You'll never know what will come next! Every dungeon has different layout! -Play with melee weapons, or ranged ones! Shoot, slash and ...
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Category: Arcade Size: 22MB Developer: Dawid Poleszczuk [email protected] File: com.raszopg.randungeon

Galactic Clapback  

Galactic Clapback Alternatives Similar Games Galactic Clapback Galactic Clapback is a challenging arcade game. Parry enemy bullets to unleash a devastating counterattack! Collect a variety of unique and colorful ships! Show your skills, level up, beat your high score and collect your rewards. Download FREE and show the universe what you've got! FEATURES: Counter attack countless enemies with a unique parry system Collect unique ships with awesome thruster effects Complete challenging missions Level up and unlock new ships Test your ref...
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Category: Arcade Size: 51MB Developer: Misfitmakers! [email protected] File: com.Misfitmakers.ClapBack

Water Bottle Flip  

Water Bottle Flip Alternatives Similar Games Water Bottle Flip It's water bottle flipping time...again:) The sequel to our hit game "Water Bottle Flip Challenge" with over 100 million downloads! Think you can take on the Bottle Flip? Download now to find out! Tap to flip through the room onto ordinary household objects to get to the finish, just don't fall off! Conquer 15 impossible levels on your way to becoming a bottle flipping master....
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Category: Arcade Size: 28MB Developer: BaiLB [email protected] File: com.BottleFlip.WaterBottleFlip

Magic vs Monster  

Magic vs Monster Alternatives Similar Games Magic vs Monster Magic VS Monster is a cute pinball arcade game. In the game, you crush various monsters as a magician! Use your wand, release mystic powers, and combine with various pinball skills to regain land, protect homeland, and prevent invasion from the Ghost Knights! How to play? -Click and slide magic pinball to aim at monsters -Launch the magic pinball after selecting the best angle -Use your exclusive skill to destroy monsters by a critical strike -Complete stage wi...
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Category: Arcade Size: 50MB Developer: RedFish Games [email protected] File:

4Goats Forever  

4Goats Forever Alternatives Similar Games 4Goats Forever The original Jump 4 game is back! With bigger Goats, more bonuses, jet-packs and extra lives, it has never been easier to get into 4Goats. Features 3 ways to play: BLITZ : Avoid obstacles and collect fruit to unlock bigger bonuses, earn points and unlock cute customization's to change your Runners and the Environment HEADBUTT: Challenge your friends on a single device in a head 2 head bee bashing battle CLASSIC: The original Jump 4 game in all its frustrating glory Leaderboards: Co...
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Category: Arcade Size: 36MB Developer: 4Goat Games [email protected] File: com.FourGoatGames.FourGoatsForever

Tricky Taps  

Tricky Taps Alternatives Similar Games Tricky Taps Think youre a puzzle master? Prove it. Roll the ball down the twisty road and see how you do in this tricky Tricky Taps puzzle game. Tap the levers to roll the ball, bounce and jump the ball along the twisty road, without letting it drop or hit the spikes. Tons of super-cool and tricky twisty road obstacles to jump and bounce out of and avoid. Collect stars and gems as you jump your way through the Tricky Taps twisty road. Choose from awesome Tricky Taps skins - an emoji jump ball, bea...
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Category: Arcade Size: 43MB Developer: Crazy Labs by TabTale [email protected] File:

Princess Run Temple Dragon Escape 2  

Princess Run Temple Dragon Escape 2 Alternatives Similar Games Princess Run Temple Dragon Escape 2 Princess Run Temple Dragon Escape 2 Sequel to a super hit game, Princess Run Temple Dragon Escape 2 is an endless run game with some exceptional features. This endless princess run game provides a unique opportunity for you to show your skills by helping the princess to escape the temple. Princess run will be under your control, when you play this game. So, this is your chance to be her rescuer and help her safely reach her home. The main enemy in this game is the dragon. Escape him by runn...
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Category: Arcade Size: 64MB Developer: Professional Gaming Art [email protected] File: com.professionalgamingart.princesrundragonescapetwo

Wavy Flight  

Wavy Flight Alternatives Similar Games Wavy Flight Tap and hold for the little spaceship to fly up, release to go down and glide through the obstacles. Fly through the rings to score. Collect coins to unlock new spaceships. With a simple, interesting gameplay and a calm, zen-like background music, this is the perfect game to relax. Addictive one-touch gameplay 30 built-in unlock-able characters with cute blocky style Daily Rewards Leaderboards Score Share Beautiful Graphics Calm Music Highly addictive game!...
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Category: Arcade Size: 19MB Developer: Cash Mania Apps [email protected] File: com.cashmaniaapps.wavyflight

Monster High™ Game Girls  

Monster High™  Game Girls  Alternatives Similar Games Monster High™ Game Girls Monster Dracu laura loves to apply the special eyes of newt mixture on her skin whenever she's not in school! When you design her Crazy Monster Hair Salon, you should include a makeover that would give Draculaura those beautiful flashing eyelashes. Beauty Monstr Games dress up Make high with Draculaura Clawdeen Wolf Cleo de Nile Frankie Beauty game with Monster High dress up Draculaura dress up Clawdeen dress up Cleo de Nile dress up Frankie dress up ???? Girls Games Frankie Stein ever ...
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Category: Arcade Size: 3MB Developer: neglofariti [email protected] File: air.MonsterGirls.JaneDressUpSalon.CattyNoirHairSalon.HighHairSalon

Scream Go Eighth Note 2  

Scream Go Eighth Note 2 Alternatives Similar Games Scream Go Eighth Note 2 A new popular game Scream Go Eight Note Keep Making Sounds has come to Google Play store ! The funny voice control game that most popular. What are you waiting for? Come and experience this funny game Eighth Note is free now ! The way to play Eighth Note is very easy, You need to control the scream Eighth Note to avoid obstacles, to get more points, roaring open to it, because the Eighth Note decided to jump amplitude of scream, shouted so small called essential All you need to do is helpin...
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Category: Arcade Size: 6MB Developer: Tiawy studio [email protected] File: com.scream_go.eighth_note2017

Air Combat: Shoot'em up  

Air Combat: Shoot'em up Alternatives Similar Games Air Combat: Shoot'em up To anyone is a fan of space shooting games and like to simulate sky fire shooting, Air Combat: Shoot'em up is meant for you!! Air Combat: Shoot'em up will puts you at the forefront of a battle with outerspace intruders. You will take charge of the battleship and protect galaxy from alien swarms. In this "Air Force Combat" game, you will be faced an increasingly large number of enemies and deal with many epic bosses in alien shooter war. As the game progresses, you will earn golds/gems to upgra...
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Category: Arcade Size: 61MB Developer: Redrose Mclaren [email protected] File: com.aircombat.xforce

Merge Rings Neon  

Merge Rings Neon Alternatives Similar Games Merge Rings Neon Dragging 3 sizes with the same color in the board and make them blast! you can not swap any ring and you have to drag the ring over others Blast them by line and make sure they're in same color!The rings are in 3 different sizes. you should merge them in one ring by dragging over each other. You will end this gameplay while there is no place for putting any ring or no more available match. The rings appear can undo or restart game during gameplay. Features: - No need to be...
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Category: Arcade Size: 32MB Developer: Yunbu Game Studio [email protected] File:


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Your standard click and keep title. As for the in-title currency. Fairly simple to gain a great amount quickly. My only complaint right now is that when buying a newest rocket and updating it. You can't see the prices of anything. Perhaps add that in and the title will be a tiny easier to figure equipment out. Overall great title!
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