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ALTERNATIVES A raging game where the player throws dice to increase his power or to destroy enemy players

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Tags: Category: Action Released: Mar 31, 2021 Size: 21MMB Developer: AlphaDen

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Grand City Crime China Town Auto Mafia Gangster  

Grand City Crime China Town Auto Mafia Gangster Alternatives Similar Games Grand City Crime China Town Auto Mafia Gangster Are you aware of the open world of the grand city robbery in the liberty city where you are allowed to do the mafia crime thug theft around the China Town. You are welcome to the world of mad city crime auto simulator. Make the street crime grand gangster gang chaos in the liberty city. Feel free to make the stealthy action in the China town crime war. Get involve in some real crime scenes. Get your favorite car going on the road on the gun point. Take full advantage of your mafia gang as you...
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Category: Action Size: 79MB Developer: Grand Game Valley [email protected] File: com.ggv.grand.city.gangester.automafia

Bubble Shooter Legends  

Bubble Shooter Legends Alternatives Similar Games Bubble Shooter Legends Get ready for a new bubble shooting adventure! Play the amazing Bubble Shooter Legends game and test your strategy and logic skills as you shoot and pop all the colorful balls and smash your way to the top. The era of bubble legends has come! Explore the mythical bubble world and solve thousands of epic game levels- Its super fun! Join the fun today and start popping bubbles! Clash, break and explode all the bubbles by matching 3 colors and develop your skills by playing everywhere, and as ...
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Category: Action Size: 0MB Developer: Ilyon [email protected]

ZWar1: The Great War of the Dead  

ZWar1: The Great War of the Dead Alternatives Similar Games ZWar1: The Great War of the Dead Z War 1 is set in an alternate, diesel-punk history of World War 1, where the Great War never ended. The horrors of trench warfare have taken a supernatural turn. Its 1918, near the end of WW1, at the start of the outbreak of the Spanish flu pandemic. However, the flu victims start to return, as ravenous undead. A new war erupts the living vs the dead, in the shattered wastelands and trenches, where strange gases not only kill, but reanimate the dead; otherworldly creatures stalk ...
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Category: Action Size: 26MB Developer: Ether Games. [email protected] File: com.ethergames.zwar

New York City Gang Crime Thug  

New York City Gang Crime Thug Alternatives Similar Games New York City Gang Crime Thug Welcome to the New York City! Be a daring mafia gangster in the famous city of sin! Play the game of the most action filled street crime gang city simulator game and enjoy the beauty and the city that never sleeps. Explore the strategies of the street gangster mafia wars. Get yourself indulge in the beauty of the beautiful New York City. Make everything and anything possible. Make New York the sin city of the world. Have a strategic mind and be the mafia crime gangster! Move and wander ar...
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Category: Action Size: 89MB Developer: Grand Game Valley [email protected] File: com.ggv.newyork.city.gang.crime

Fury Rider  

Fury Rider Alternatives Similar Games Fury Rider Fury Rider is the #1 3D vehicular combat racing game where you ride your motorcycle and participate in violent, illegal street races. Use melee weapons to slash and crush your opponents or use heavy firearms to knock out the opponents and destroy their vehicles! Game Features: - Dozens of firearms: machine guns, lasers, missiles, rocket launchers, chainsaws, flamethrowers, pipe bombs and hand grenades - Go bumper-to-bumper with the hottest, contemporary motorcycles in exhilarating action -...
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Category: Action Size: 23MB Developer: TerranDroid [email protected] File: com.RoadRash.FuryRider

Terra Tag Tournament Fight 2019  

Terra Tag Tournament Fight 2019  Alternatives Similar Games Terra Tag Tournament Fight 2019 A new Legends TAG Team Kung Superhero Fu Fighting Game PvP Tournament 2018 has entered the ring! Take control and test your mettle against players from around the world kungfu fight. Legends importal gods TAG Team Kung Fu Fighting Game PvP Tournament 2018 perfects the winning gameplay formula by offering the most exciting fighting game on mobile. Long time . The monster league is an amazingly realistic game with the battle environment. Around the battle, you have the chance to show yourself ...
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Category: Action Size: 40MB Developer: ZeeMax [email protected] File: com.legends.terratag.kungfufight.tournament

Kaiju Rush  

Kaiju Rush  Alternatives Similar Games Kaiju Rush Ready, aim, and SMASH cities in Kaiju Rush! Select your favorite Kaiju monster and simply tap to bash buildings to bits and pieces. Don't forget to upgrade monsters and improve your distance. Get further to discover more buildings and to unlock more Kaiju monsters. Features: * Simple one-tap controls * A variety of Kaiju creatures * Upgrade to improve your distance * Super fun gameplay...
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Category: Action Size: 40MB Developer: Lucky Kat Studios [email protected] File: com.luckykat.kaijurush

FPS Team War  

FPS Team War Alternatives Similar Games FPS Team War FPS TEAM WAR is an all new first person shooter where you play as an agent. Your only aim is to complete the tasks in the mission given to you. Then feel free to step into the thrilling solo play campaign as you shoot your way through one dire situation after another to save the world as you launch an attack. Two teams fight against each other, with individual players working their own way through the weapons in FPS TEAM WAR. Gear Up! Choose from Solo Mode or GroupMode where you can upgrade 5 of...
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Category: Action Size: 93MB Developer: Timuz Games [email protected] File: com.timuzgames.fpsteamwar

Terrorist Counter Shoot  

Terrorist Counter Shoot Alternatives Similar Games Terrorist Counter Shoot Terrorist Counter Shoot is one of the best FPS shooting games. Where you counter the terrorist in best shooting game of 2019. Being a secret commando assassinate all targets from the top of a helicopter and much more. Play ultimate world war as amazing war commando shooting hero hunting terrorists and keep shooting as free global war duty. Solider you have been well trained by the military army navy for this grand mission. A secret agent from commando military force has notified and alerte...
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Category: Action Size: 0MB Developer: STJ Games [email protected]

Takken Virtual Street Fighter  

Takken Virtual Street Fighter Alternatives Similar Games Takken Virtual Street Fighter Just like street fighting mode in takken 3.Choose your character and make him champion of the street. the game play is based of arcade style street fighting mode in games like tekken 2, mortal kombat one, tekken chicken, tekken mobile, takken 3 , shadow fight . use your ninjump dash and crush your enemies soul. forget 1v1 combat its 1 v all . make sure your ultra mayhem is registered during combat on your mortal enemies and you join the legacy of legendary immortals fighting champions . ...
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Category: Action Size: 42MB Developer: TA games [email protected] File: com.TAGames.TakenVirtualFighter

Wild Animals Online(WAO)  

Wild Animals Online(WAO)  Alternatives Similar Games Wild Animals Online(WAO) Welcome to the best animal game, Wild Animals Online (WAO) Wild Animals Online is a survival for the fittest game. It is a world of animals whereby the strongest of all animals survives based on the law of the jungle. This amazing game permits you to play as 20 different animal types ranging from carnivores to herbivores and to omnivores and to also hunt in several different maps and environment. Each of the 20 different animals has its exceptional way of hunting. So you can either choo...
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Category: Action Size: 28MB Developer: 1Games [email protected] File: com.hanaGames.WildAnimalsOnline

Beat Man  

Beat Man Alternatives Similar Games Beat Man Evil robots rule the galaxy now! The Robot Emperor wants all cyborgs destroyed. You and your sister Delta are cyborgs looking to survive! Become the hero In this cyberpunk galaxy ruled by robots. Your name is Orion and along with your sister Delta, you both escaped the cyborg prison in Jupiter. Now you live in Earth in the city of New Yurk but the Emperor has found you. You will have to fight the robots to escape the city! Game characteristics: Play with 1 finger Easy contro...
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Category: Action Size: 61MB Developer: Jackalope Game [email protected] File: com.jackalopegames.beatmanv1

Hungry Shark City Attack : Shark Games  

Hungry Shark City Attack : Shark Games Alternatives Similar Games Hungry Shark City Attack : Shark Games Hungary Sharks Attacked Your City Hunt As Many Sharks As You Can To Survive Its Your Chance To Save Your Self And Your Friends From These Deadly Hungry Sharks In This Amazing Best Shark Hunting Game Have you ever dream of going in water and hunting sharks? Then make this dream a reality by playing this shark hunting game. Welcome to professional Hungry Shark Hunting game. It is a simple, challenging and very interesting game. In this game, you have two different types of game modes. I)...
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Category: Action Size: 34MB Developer: Pearl Inc [email protected] File: com.pearlinc.sharkcityAttack3d

Code of War: Shooter Online  

Code of War: Shooter Online  Alternatives Similar Games Code of War: Shooter Online Command online shooter - pure action only! Code of War is the online shooter game with the best 3D graphics, realistic physics and the huge selection of actual guns. Try your skills and mastery in the dynamic online action versus other players from the whole world! Explosions of grenades, shooting of guns, exciting modern combats - all this is waiting for you on the battlefields in the coolest multiplayer online shooter. Dynamic missions will test your combat FPS skills around the world...
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Category: Action Size: 29MB Developer: Extreme Developers [email protected] File: com.extremedevelopers.codeofwar

Assault Frontline Commando - Special Force Mission  

Assault Frontline Commando - Special Force Mission  Alternatives Similar Games Assault Frontline Commando - Special Force Mission Assault Frontline Commando - Special Forces war Mission is a new shooter game. This first-person shooter features tactical game play, high-quality graphics, and fast-paced action. There are many guns you can choose from, and more to come. Play on strategic-based tactical maps and bring your team to victory. Trained as a Special Forces soldier you will navigate secret missions across the globe, eliminating hostile forces that stand in the way of a peaceful world. Start the top-secret separate age...
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Category: Action Size: 71MB Developer: kamzkanata [email protected] File: com.alphaactiongames.US.Army.Frontline.Special.Forces.squad.critical.snipercounte.rcsassault.linewar

Armada: Modern Tanks  

Armada: Modern Tanks  Alternatives Similar Games Armada: Modern Tanks Hop into a tank and immerse yourself in a world of furious tank wars! Invite your friends and play together ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE! DEFEND THE HONOR OF YOUR COUNTRY Fight for your country in our new tank shooter! Face opponents from the USA, China, Russia, Japan, Germany and many other nations. The wars of tanks begin now! EXCITING GAME MODES Choose your battle mode: group battle or individual fight! Crazy mayhem in the free mode or coordinated attacks in group battles? Commun...
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Category: Action Size: 47MB Developer: Extreme Developers [email protected] File: com.extremedevelopers.armada

Soldier Assault Shooter  

Soldier Assault Shooter Alternatives Similar Games Soldier Assault Shooter The game can be considered as 2.5D with impressive and beautiful 2D environment. Soldier Assault Shooter is an action game that simulates air combats during the Second World War. Dive into the history and witness the rise of dramatic events between the years 1939 and 1945. Fight in the role of the legendary heroic pilot on the side of Allies against hostile Axis. In a solo campaign you will be fighting across whole Europe in countries such as Soviet Union, Germany or Great Britain. Each mis...
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Category: Action Size: 23MB Developer: kamzkanata [email protected] File: com.nex.soldierassaultshooter

GetAmped Mobile  

GetAmped Mobile Alternatives Similar Games GetAmped Mobile 200,000 preregistrations reached! Get awesome rewards between 12/20 and 12/27! GetAmped Mobile has hit over 200,000 preregistrations! In addition to the 5,000 RM and 10,000 GM, even greater rewards have been added to the list of rewards. Several "Styles", including the magic wielding "Telepather", the mighty "Sumo Wrestler", and the versatile "Space Agent" have all been added. And, the mighty holy sword, "Excalibur", has been added as well. All of these awesome gifts can be received ...
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Category: Action Size: 16MB Developer: CyberStep, Inc. [email protected] ?lang=en File: com.cyberstep.getampedx

Mad Town Demolition  

Mad Town Demolition Alternatives Similar Games Mad Town Demolition The criminal story "Mad Town Demolition" tells about the cooperation of the CIA with a mercenary who knows that everything is sold in the world and everything is bought. The situation at the border reached a peak. The guys from the southern part of the city are not afraid of anything and continue to send prohibited things to the US. The task is to do everything possible to start a war between gangs, but fate decreed that the war with the government and some people began. Features: - moder...
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Category: Action Size: 25MB Developer: CreativeLab Games [email protected] File: com.ZL.MadTownDemolition

Paintball Battle Royale: Gun Shooting Battle Arena  

Paintball Battle Royale: Gun Shooting Battle Arena Alternatives Similar Games Paintball Battle Royale: Gun Shooting Battle Arena Get ready for the paint ball casual shooter games in shooting arena? Then enter in the battlefield and defeat the rivals and criminals. Take out your paintball gun and use different paint balls to attack the army enemies. You have machine guns, rifles and paintball in this casual shooter games shooting arena. Experience the best fight battle paintball shooting arena action competition survivors game with a realistic combat battle field and arena battle. Unlock new fighting arena in real pain...
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Category: Action Size: 33MB Developer: Phosphenes Games [email protected] File: com.pg.paintball.battle.royale


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