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ALTERNATIVES We know theres a lot on your mind these days, but you dont want to put off filing your taxes. And after a year of changes, why take chances? With Jackson Hewitts Tax Pro From Home, you can rely on our skilled Tax Pros to take care of your return for you, all from the comfort and convenience of your own home. You dont have to book an appointment or drive somewhere. With our Tax Pro From Home service, youll get the guaranteed biggest refund or youll get your tax-prep fees back, plus an extra $1001. And with our L ifetime Accuracy Guarantee, if the IRS ever says we made a mistake with your tax return, well cover the interest and penalties2. Hows that for confidence? Also guaranteed: the price youll pay for Tax Pro From Home. Once you create an account and answer a few questions, youll get a transparent upfront price quote based on your tax situation. And when we say upfront, we mean it: Assuming the information you provided us is accurate, your price will be locked in once you receive your quote. This past year has been filled with enough unpleasant surprises, we dont want to add one more. After youve accepted the price quote, youll get matched to a dedicated Tax Pro whos the best fit for you based on your info. Theyll take the time to understand your unique tax situation and get you every credit and deduction you deserve. And yes, this Tax Pros will be a real live person a skilled tax professional who works for Jackson Hewitt, a company with over 35 years of experience preparing taxes nationwide. But instead of visiting them in one of our offices, youll interact with your Tax Pro online, by phone and via secure chat messages though your secure account. Plus, our Client Care Team will be there to help you from day one. Your Tax Pro will prepare your return after youve uploaded your tax documents. Once its ready, you can review and sign it again without leaving home. Its really that easy. And if you want instant notifications of the status of your return, you can download our free Jackson Hewitt Tax From Home app from your mobile devices app store. So what are you waiting for? The sooner you start Tax Pro From Home, the sooner well finish your return, and the sooner you can stop thinking about taxes and focus on everything else in your life. Disclaimers: 1. Maximum Refund Guarantee: FEDERAL RETURNS ONLY. If you are entitled to a larger refund, well refund the tax preparation fees paid to us for that filed return (other product and service fees excluded) and give you an additional $100. Same tax facts must apply. You must file an amended return with another paid tax preparation company and/or online provider by April 15, 2021 and submit your claim no later than October 15, 2021 with proof that the IRS accepted the positions taken on the amended return. Terms and conditions apply. Visit jacksonhewitt.com for details. Most offices are independently owned and operated. 2. Lifetime Accuracy Guarantee: If there is an error preparing your return, your local office will reimburse you for penalties and interest. You must notify us within 30 days of receiving initial notice from a taxing authority and provide necessary documents and/or assistance. Terms and conditions apply. Visit jacksonhewitt.com for details. Most offices are independently owned and operated. [READ MORE]

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Stock Nanny Ultra  

Stock Nanny Ultra  Alternatives Similar Apps Stock Nanny Ultra Stock Nanny is a simple and easy to use stock alert app that allows you to set specific price points for stocks, and receive alert notifications on your phone in real time! There is no monthly fees, no accounts to create, the application was designed to be as simple as possible to meet the needs of creating simple stock alerts. Stock Nanny is also battery-friendly, and includes configurable options such as price check intervals and extended hours notifications. **Please Note**: Stock N...
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Category: Finance Size: 14MB Developer: Great Scott Software [email protected] File: com.phil.stocknannyultra

Payday loan app  

Payday loan app Alternatives Similar Apps Payday loan app Looking for where to get loan without checks? Need a quick payday loan, and there is no way to go to the bank? Use our new Installment loan application right now! And with ease borrow money to solve an urgent life situation. In this mobile application, you can get an instant loan to a bank card or a profitable installment loan within 15-20 minutes. Get money via mobile phone - it's fast and convenient! Lend money through our application and feel for yourself all the benefits. So, what is y...
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Category: Finance Size: 7MB Developer: Credits and loans broker [email protected] File: ru.deepseatrade.payday.android


MyWorth Alternatives Similar Apps MyWorth MyWorth is currently in BETA Testing Mode Tired of using five different financial apps when one is all you need? Do you need help managing your personal finances? Would you like expert advice to reach your goals while sticking to a budget? Want to connect with others for tips about managing your money? Then MyWorth is for you! MyWorth is the first all-in-one personal finance app that shows you how your daily spending choices impact your net worth, coaches you for better results and enco...
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Category: Finance Size: 27MB Developer: WealthCetera [email protected] File: com.wealthcetera.myworth

Robins Financial Card Guard  

Robins Financial Card Guard Alternatives Similar Apps Robins Financial Card Guard With Robins Financial Card Guard, you can easily and securely turn your Robins Financial Credit Union debit and credit cards on and off anytime, anywhere all from your phone! This application is free to download and makes it easy for you to manage your cards on the go! ...
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Category: Finance Size: 11MB Developer: Robins Financial Credit Union [email protected] File: com.robinsfcucardguard.vmcp

FileThis – Bills & Receipts  

FileThis – Bills & Receipts  Alternatives Similar Apps FileThis – Bills & Receipts FileThis (v1) is an award-winning organizer and bill manager that helps you stay on top of your personal accounts including statements, bills, receipts, tax files, and personal documents. PRAISE: "Organize Electronic Bills (Almost) Instantly" - Realsimple.com, September 2015 "10 Apps to Use Now to Make Taxes Easier Next Year"- U.S. News Monday, July 2015 "Going completely paperless is easy thanks to FileThis, a cloud-based service with mobile apps."- CIO, June 2015 "50 Best Websites and S...
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Category: Finance Size: 20MB Developer: FileThis Inc. [email protected] File: com.filethis

TBS: Get Paid  

TBS: Get Paid  Alternatives Similar Apps TBS: Get Paid Fast Funding in 3 Easy Steps The TBS Factoring app will take the hassle out of authenticating, collecting, and tracking your freight bills. - Check the credit of new or existing brokers and shippers you want to work with. - Upload the paperwork for each invoice that you want to factor with TBS Factoring. - Track the status of each invoice and be notified when TBS Factoring has purchased your freight bill. Factor Like Never Before Factoring your freight bills is now easier than ever. Us...
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Category: Finance Size: 6MB Developer: TBS Factoring Service, LLC [email protected] File: com.tbsfactoring.factoringapp

WISO steuer:App 2019  

WISO steuer:App 2019 Alternatives Similar Apps WISO steuer:App 2019 Top-aktuell fr die Steuererklrung 2018 - komplett auf Deinem Android-Tablet! Seit Jahren eine der besten Apps fr die Steuererklrung (Computerbild 7/15, im Test steuer:App 2015). Egal ob zuhause, im Bro oder unterwegs so hast Du jederzeit Zugriff auf Deine Steuererklrung. Du kannst Daten eingeben, schnell mal was berprfen oder ergnzen. Mit In-App-Kauf fr die Abgabe von bis zu 5 Erklrungen. Auch ideal als Ergnzung zu Deiner WISO Steuer-Software. So einfach geht's! ----------...
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Category: Finance Size: 54MB Developer: Buhl Data Service GmbH [email protected] File: de.buhl.steuerapp2019

Expense Tracker - Your Money Manager  

Expense Tracker - Your Money Manager Alternatives Similar Apps Expense Tracker - Your Money Manager Expense Tracker is a user-friendly and efficient tool to manage your daily expenses with ease. This simple app helps you to save money by showing your expenditure with nice charts and filtered by date, weeks, months and year. That's why you can manage your money and take steps to keep you budget relevant. This apps includes many features and more to come. Feature: -------------- # Simple UI - to make sure users can add or view their expenses quickly. - not to make user overwhelmed by...
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Category: Finance Size: 6MB Developer: Remotearth Solutions [email protected] File: com.remotearthsolutions.expensetracker

First Florida Bank Mobile  

First Florida Bank Mobile Alternatives Similar Apps First Florida Bank Mobile Start banking wherever you are with First Florida Bank Mobile! Available to all First Florida Bank mobile banking end users. First Florida Bank Mobile allows you to check balances, make transfers, pay bills, make deposits, and find locations. Available features include: Accounts - Check your latest account balance and search recent transactions by date, amount, or check number. Transfers - Easily transfer cash between your accounts. Bill Pay - Make payments to existing paye...
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Category: Finance Size: 11MB Developer: First Florida Bank [email protected] File: com.mfoundry.mb.android.mb_063216187

Bucket Budget Income Splitter  

Bucket Budget Income Splitter Alternatives Similar Apps Bucket Budget Income Splitter Join millions of people in the Bucket Budget revolution - the proven way to get control over your money! Quickly and easily manage your finances by dividing income proportionally into designated accounts, or "buckets". Say goodbye to sitting down with your calculator. Use Bucket Budget to instantly: - distribute income between up to five budget accounts (eg. Everyday, Treats, Dreams, Emergency and Tax accounts. - calculate how much tax to put aside (for contractors, sole-traders and an...
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Category: Finance Size: 12MB Developer: IA Creative [email protected] File: com.iacreative.bucketbudget

Dompet Kaya  

Dompet Kaya  Alternatives Similar Apps Dompet Kaya Mudah, Cepat & Fleksibel Dompet Kaya Dompet Kaya yang kini hadir untuk Anda, dapat membantu kamu dalam mengatasi kesulitan dalam kebutuhan mendadak, Aplikasi tanpa agunan ini adalah aplikasi kredit online terbaik, aman dan cepat. Tidak perlu waktu lama dalam proses pengisian data, dan verifikasi. Disini sangat mudah, dan dapat dilakukan dimana dan kapan saja. Langkah-Langkah: Download Isi data diri (hanya 5 menit) Tunggu proses persetujuan Uang segera cair ke rekeningmu Syarat ...
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Category: Finance Size: 9MB Developer: Cream MAX U [email protected] File: com.dompet.kaya

Faucet Rubles - Get Rubles Now  

Faucet Rubles - Get Rubles Now Alternatives Similar Apps Faucet Rubles - Get Rubles Now Money Crane is the most useful, effective, and simply fascinating application that will help you not only to have a good time, but also to start making money online real money. Want to know how to do this? Download the app now! Earn money through the Internet every day surpasses itself. The farther than making money through the world wide web, more and more people want. In a special way, users mark making money without investing , moving along which takes only time. Most often, this in...
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Category: Finance Size: 14MB Developer: iqapps [email protected] File: ultimate.ruble.crane

Stock & Crypto Market Tracker  

Stock & Crypto Market Tracker Alternatives Similar Apps Stock & Crypto Market Tracker As investors, we constantly looking forward at the future value of our portfolio, but we are not so good at looking back; we forget to analyse the market data of the past. Did we make the right decisions getting out of Crypto? Did we act emotively when buying a Stock? Are there patterns to our actions? Are there some sectors we are better at selecting investments? What does Beta Fund do? Technically, the Beta is a measure of a stock's volatility in relation to the market. In essence, thi...
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Category: Finance Size: 10MB Developer: Beta.Fund [email protected] File: com.betafundapp

LoanChamp- Fast and Easy Online Loan  

LoanChamp- Fast and Easy Online Loan Alternatives Similar Apps LoanChamp- Fast and Easy Online Loan Apply for a loan and get cash in as little as 1 hour! LoanChamp is a mobile platform that offers fast and secured online short term loans. Our fast approval and easy process can help you get the cash you need anytime, anywhere. Just download our App and get your cash from our partner channels nationwide. Why LoanChamp? 1. Simple requirement: 1 government ID and 1 employment proof 2. Easy to apply: anytime, anywhere with your smart phone 3. Fast cash: get approved and cash out within a...
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Category: Finance Size: 16MB Developer: Y Finance Inc. [email protected] File: loanchamp.com.loanchamp

Cosmostation - wallet for cosmos  

Cosmostation - wallet for cosmos  Alternatives Similar Apps Cosmostation - wallet for cosmos Decentralized COSMOS Hub wallet! Cosmostation Wallet supports the following digital assets - Atom ( MAINNET ) Security and Privacy - Password and Private Key are owned and stored only by the end user. - The passphrase is always encrypted on the end users local phone by an advanced encryption algorithm using a secret password. - Cosmostation Wallet does not store any user data. Device support Android OS 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher Tablet not supported update history ...
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Category: Finance Size: 15MB Developer: wannabit [email protected] File: wannabit.io.cosmostaion

Winner Lotto Methods  

Winner Lotto Methods Alternatives Similar Apps Winner Lotto Methods If you are thinking how to win lottery then we have compiled some analizer system with which you can get help to pick numbers in a smarter way. Use the method in this app before buying your next ticket. If you choose the best game to play and follow our strategy to reduce the odds, you can probably make it easier to get the price! This can be the key to riches. Are you looking for a dominator formula or lotto crusher strategy? This wonderful app helps you maximize your chances using t...
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Category: Finance Size: 4MB Developer: WCU Win [email protected] File: co.wcu.winnerstrategylottoprobabilitymethods

Pago Móvil Bancaribe - SMS  

Pago Móvil Bancaribe - SMS  Alternatives Similar Apps Pago Móvil Bancaribe - SMS Gracias a la innovacin de Bancaribe puedes realizar tus pagos y transferencias al instante. Con un simple SMS entre los usuarios afiliados al Sistema Pago Mvil, ya sea del mismo Banco Caribe o de cualquier otra entidad bancaria. Lo mejor de todo es que no requiere conexin a internet. Slo con un simple SMS puedes transferir y pagar sin efectivo. Ya sea que quieras transferir a una cuenta del mismo Bancaribe u otro banco, dicha transferencia se hace efectiva al instante (previa afiliaci...
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Category: Finance Size: 4MB Developer: Coding Corporation CL [email protected] File: pagomovil.bancaribe.sms

Social Security Calculator: Maximize Benefits  

Social Security Calculator: Maximize Benefits Alternatives Similar Apps Social Security Calculator: Maximize Benefits This Social Security app will help advise you on the optimal time to begin collecting SS benefits. It is hands down the most accurate and easy to use tool for determining when the best age to collect retirement benefits begins for you. You will be able to compare how taking your MBA (monthly benefit amount) at different ages can affect your monthly and lifetime Soc Sec income projections. The app also features many tips that can help you make the most of this very important decision. The...
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Category: Finance Size: 55MB Developer: Paul Schorey [email protected] File: com.sluap.calculatorforsocialsecurity

Smart Financing  

Smart Financing Alternatives Similar Apps Smart Financing Get to work and get paid faster with Alabama Powers Smart Financing app, designed specifically for service providers who strive to accommodate their customers home energy needs. Features that make your job easier: No fees Easy application process with fast credit approval Competitive rates and financing options Digital process with helpful instruction Easy reporting of your customer orders Anyone can apply as long as the project address is in Alabama...
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Category: Finance Size: 16MB Developer: Alabama Power Company [email protected] File: com.alabamapower.smartfinancing

Online credit. 18+  

Online credit. 18+ Alternatives Similar Apps Online credit. 18+ RUN THE APPLICATION LEAVE YOUR REQUEST IN THE FIRST 4 THE CHANCE TO GET THE LOAN WILL BE 97% (EVEN WITH A BAD HISTORY) Online credit - an application that shows a list of the most reliable and profitable microorganizations for 2019 in your region. the List is formed from the most proven, profitable (at rates, approval percentage, terms of return). The application is very smart, it determines which region you are from and shows the best options in your region. You do not need to c...
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Category: Finance Size: 5MB Developer: microcredits-online [email protected] File: online.credity.na.karty


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