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ALTERNATIVES The Holy Man, destroy all the creatures with holy light

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Tags: Category: Action Released: Mar 29, 2021 Size: 48MMB Developer: HI GAMES

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BEYBLADE BURST app Alternatives Similar Games BEYBLADE BURST app BEYBLADE BURST is taking the world by storm! Create, customize and battle your BEYBLADE BURST tops in the BEYBLADE BURST App. Compete to win matches and unlock virtual pieces! BEYBLADE BURST brings the excitement and energy of BEYBLADE to your own personal device! NEW MULTIPLAYER ONLINE PLAY & BEYMASTER FEATURES!* BATTLE FRIENDS: Battle head-to-head against friends online and challenge others worldwide! LEVEL UP TO BEYMASTER: Earn achievements to level up as a Blader from Rookie to an...
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Category: Action Size: 0MB Developer: Hasbro Inc.

Clone Armies  

Clone Armies Alternatives Similar Games Clone Armies Backup your every move and train your Armies with the excellent military fighting skills in a unique adventurous 2D shooting game Clone Armies. The game is built with amazing features and a unique feature to clone your army and embed them with the same moves. Clone! Fight! Shoot! Die! Repeat! Every additional clone will copy exact same moves you did, when you were playing as it. Enjoy an amazing new experience of playing Shooting Game with "Clone Armies". "Clone Armies" has lots of challengin...
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Category: Action Size: 68MB Developer: Elecube File: com.clonearmies.elecube

Mr . Bullet!  

Mr . Bullet!  Alternatives Similar Games Mr . Bullet! Here you to play Role of Mr Bullet and shoot all Rival How to Play Mr Bullet! Game Target and shoot more than100 Shooting Levels If love shooting games , you love this Shooting games , one Tap Game play...
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Category: Action Size: 18MB Developer: Play Fun Games 2019 - Happy Games [email protected] File: com.playfungamesgames.mrbulletshooter

Arr Point  

Arr Point  Alternatives Similar Games Arr Point Color mind challenge game. Tap on screen to match the pointer color. Can you pass 10 levels ? Enjoy....
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Category: Action Size: 0MB Developer: Jins Technologies [email protected]

Combo Rush  

Combo Rush Alternatives Similar Games Combo Rush Help save your city, hero!Chain up your own combos and go for 99 hits!...
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Category: Action Size: 13MB Developer: PotatoPlay [email protected] File: com.potatoplay.comborush

Rampage Road  

Rampage Road Alternatives Similar Games Rampage Road Internet connection recommended for cloud save An endless world of cars, tanks, terrain, airports, and race tracks are waiting! Drive, gain cash, swap vehicles mid game, and buy and upgrade new vehicles, ranging from common hatchbacks and muscle cars to LAVs and MBTs!...
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Category: Action Size: 29MB Developer: Line by Line Studios [email protected] File: com.linebyline.rampageroad

LastCraft Survival  

LastCraft Survival Alternatives Similar Games LastCraft Survival Last Craft a free post-apocalyptic mobile MMO game. Make yourself a weapon and destroy hordes of zombies and raiders with a single strike in stealth or openly start shooting them and kill everything you see. Do whatever you want to have fun! Depressing atmosphere of despair is going to follow you all around, making it even harder to stay alive. Every day might become your last day. Learn shooting, become the best and reach the top the pixel FPS. Game features: 3D Mobile embrac...
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Category: Action Size: 98MB Developer: Pixel Gun 3D File: last.craft.pixel.survival

Metal Squad: Shooting Game  

Metal Squad: Shooting Game Alternatives Similar Games Metal Squad: Shooting Game Metal Squad is a shooting action game. This game will take you through series of classic levels, various enemies and boss battles with amazing experience of side scrolling platformer games. Use various weapons filled with slug and power ups to fight your way through a multiple enemies, metal tanks, copters and put an end to the evil army leader's and his world of terror. Blow up all enemies in Metal Squad! Kill them all in this amazing shooter game.Please hold your arms up and face dangerous ch...
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Category: Action Size: 91MB Developer: ONESOFT File: com.sora.metal.squad

Hold The Button  

Hold The Button Alternatives Similar Games Hold The Button Hold The Button has captivated more than 250,000 players from around the world. Do you think you are patient? Do you think you have willpower? Do you think you have stamina? Put it to the ultimate test with Hold The Button. Compare yourself and compete with your friends and gamers from around the world. More graphics! More animations! More fun!...
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Category: Action Size: 5MB Developer: Auroralabs [email protected] File: com.auroralabs.holdthebutton

SCP-087 Russian Edition  

SCP-087 Russian Edition Alternatives Similar Games SCP-087 Russian Edition SCP-087 , ....
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Category: Action Size: 36MB Developer: Руфер [email protected] File: com.Rufer.SCP087RU

Mad GunZ - shooting games, online, pixel shooter  

Mad GunZ - shooting games, online, pixel shooter  Alternatives Similar Games Mad GunZ - shooting games, online, pixel shooter Are you looking for great pixel shooter or unusual shooting games with stunning graphics and the variety of game modes? Here is Mad Gunz - one of the best online shooter games! Imagine this: you wake up, feed your beloved kitty, and then all hell breaks loose! Where did Mr. Fluffy go and what is... is that an armored turkey? Does it have anything to do with these... unicorns? Uh, what's going here? Well youre gonna find out in this adventurous new entry in the pixel shooting games, FPS g...
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Category: Action Size: 99MB Developer: Mad Pixel LTD File: com.mad.gunz

Rope Hero: Vice Town  

Rope Hero: Vice Town Alternatives Similar Games Rope Hero: Vice Town You were not born as a hero, but now its time to become one. Action-packed 3D FPS with elements of RPG. Great selection of weaponry, vehicles and quests. Realistic 3D physics and visual effects. Tunable graphics quality, view distance and traffic density. In-game tutorial. Waking up in the hood, remembering nothing and locked in a super soldier suit. Who are you? What would you do? You will have to complete the main storyline to find out who you are. GAMEPLAY Explo...
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Category: Action Size: 99MB Developer: Naxeex LLC File: com.mgc.RopeHero.ViceTown

Feed Us  

Feed Us  Alternatives Similar Games Feed Us Well, yet again we bring you a hilarious game of skill and gore. In Feed Us you are a killer piranha ready to devour everyone that crosses your path. The more you eat and accumulate blood the more you can upgrade your piranha and your piranha army! Get sharper teeth, bigger fins and stronger scales to create even more havoc. It will be a bloody mess ... have fun....
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Category: Action Size: 43MB Developer: Pyrozen [email protected] File: com.gamesfree.feedus1

Zombie Catchers  

Zombie Catchers Alternatives Similar Games Zombie Catchers Let's go zombie hunting! Catch zombies for fun and profit! *** TOP 10 game in over 90 countries! *** *** TOP 5 action game in over 100 countries! *** Zombie Catchers is an action adventure game in a world riddled by a zombie invasion! Planet Earth is infested with the undead, but were in luck: A.J. and Bud, two intergalactic businessmen, have decided to set up shop on our homeworld! Together, they plan to catch all the zombies and make Earth safe once more - while also making a handsome ...
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Category: Action Size: 75MB Developer: Two Men and a Dog File: fi.twomenandadog.zombiecatchers

Happy Soccer Physics - 2017 Funny Soccer Games  

Happy Soccer Physics - 2017 Funny Soccer Games  Alternatives Similar Games Happy Soccer Physics - 2017 Funny Soccer Games The players on the pitch like tumbler shuffling back and forth ,a variety of wacky action. Tap to play soccer,an amazing and funny soccer physics game.It is very easy to play, only tap screen. This is very nice game you will play on mobile phone. You can share game to your friend with twitter and facebook. You can play it with you friends in one screen. In this soccer physics game,you can tap with your friend and can't stop laughing. This is a unique leisure and Funny football game, this...
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Category: Action Size: 49MB Developer: WinterGameStudio File: com.wintergame.happysoccerphysics

Stickman Rope Hero 2  

Stickman Rope Hero 2  Alternatives Similar Games Stickman Rope Hero 2 *New map. *Reworked battle system. *More weapons, more cars, more secrets. *New AI system. *Reworked skills tree. New adventures of stickman ropehero in the dangerous city. More evil clones. More different weapons. More cars. More of everything. Again your appear among of evil replicants. Destroy your enemies with all the explosive arsenal at your disposal. Get hot cars and run over other stickmans. Find friendly copies who will give you tasks and rewards. Participate in the stickman war...
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Category: Action Size: 100MB Developer: Naxeex LLC File: com.mgc.stickman.rope.hero.two

Real Steel Boxing Champions  

Real Steel Boxing Champions Alternatives Similar Games Real Steel Boxing Champions Build your Robot Fighting machine in this ultimate action and sports adventure. Unleash furious attacks in one-one combat using special moves, jabs, punches with legendary parts of your favorite heroes Atom, Zeus, Midas, NoisyBoy and new superstar Atom Prime. Battle in the boxing realms with 1000s of unique robots and dominate 10 inspiring arenas in this epic sequel. Defeat the Legends of the New Real Steel Era & an All New Mysterious Super Boss to Reign Supreme as The Undisputable Champion! ...
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Category: Action Size: 38MB Developer: Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited File: com.reliancegames.rschampions

Panda Rampage  

Panda Rampage Alternatives Similar Games Panda Rampage Oh no! Poor Mr. Panda needs your help! Evil teddy bears are attacking! Equip Mr. Panda with the weapon of your choice and kill them all, in this brutal happy fun panda shooter! Featuring multiple guns, a bloody mess, and exploding teddy bears! How long can you survive?...
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Category: Action Size: 31MB Developer: Evensoft [email protected] File: no.evensoft.pandarampage

Tiny Roller Loops  

Tiny Roller Loops Alternatives Similar Games Tiny Roller Loops Take your ride in a world of roller coaster rails, flip to make loops to reach your best score. Tiny Roller Loops features: - Funny Flip action - Simple Hold control - Tiny looping movements - Super addictive play - Satisfying flipping physics...
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Category: Action Size: 32MB Developer: Zitores Games [email protected] File: com.tiny.roller.loops

DRAGON BALL Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 of Tips  

DRAGON BALL Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 of Tips Alternatives Similar Games DRAGON BALL Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 of Tips Trick for play DRAGON BALL Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Tip untuk mendapatkan tactik untuk menyerang lawan dalam DRAGON BALL Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 SEMOGA SUKSES...
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Category: Action Size: 4MB Developer: Brenden mcmurray [email protected] File: alah.dragonballzbudokaitenkaichi3trik


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