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ALTERNATIVES Hearing Aid acts as a functioning hearing aid intended for those who cannot afford an expensive traditional hearing aid. The user just needs to plug in head phones and they are ready to go. Hearing Aid plays back live sound to the user as long as earbuds / headphones are connected. User can amplify sound via handset volume buttons and control delay/decay via sliders.

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Tags: Category: Medical Size: 2MB Developer: Mitch T [email protected] undefined File: com.mj.thornton.hearingaid

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Teladoc  Alternatives Similar Apps Teladoc A DOCTORS CARE. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE. Teladoc connects you with a board-certified doctor 24/7/365 through the convenience of phone or video consults. Within minutes, a doctor will contact you ready to listen and resolve your issue. If medically necessary a prescription will be sent to your pharmacy of choice. * Its healthcare when and wherever you want it! Teladoc doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment and prescribe medication, if medically necessary, for many medical issues, includin...
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Category: Medical Size: 23MB Developer: Teladoc, Inc. File: com.teladoc.members

BioLife Plasma Services  

BioLife Plasma Services Alternatives Similar Apps BioLife Plasma Services BioLife Plasma Services is part of Shire (SHPG: NASDAQ), the leading global biotechnology company focused on serving people affected by rare diseases and highly specialized conditions. These diseases are often misunderstood, undiagnosed and life-threatening. Key Features: Scheduling Scheduling appointments is even easier now with one click scheduling on-the-go Check Reward Payments Reward payment balance is easily accessible on the home screen Quick reference to payment his...
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Category: Medical Size: 23MB Developer: Shire Pharmaceuticals File: com.shire.biolife

myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed  

myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed Alternatives Similar Apps myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed myAir is a support program that enables you to track your sleep therapy with your ResMed AirSense 10 or AirCurve 10 machine (Air10). Whether you're new to CPAP or a long time user, myAir allows you to easily follow your progress. After each therapy session, your Air10 machine automatically uploads data to myAir. You can then sign in and view important information about your therapy at your convenience. In addition to personalized data, myAir also provides you with helpful tips and ed...
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Category: Medical Size: 18MB Developer: ResMed File: com.resmed.myair

Health Partner Weight Loss Surgery  

Health Partner Weight Loss Surgery  Alternatives Similar Apps Health Partner Weight Loss Surgery Johnson & Johnsons Health Partner for Weight Loss Surgery Supporting you before and after bariatric surgery Congratulations on taking the next steps to a healthier you! The Health Partner app connects you to science-based information and resources to help you both prepare for and recover from bariatric surgery. We are here to help set you on your path to success. Key Features: -Motivational feedback to help you stay focused on your journey. -Customizable action plan to stay on track w...
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Category: Medical Size: 11MB Developer: Johnson & Johnson Health & Wellness Solutions Inc. File: com.jnj.hws.bariatrics

CMC Health  

CMC Health Alternatives Similar Apps CMC Health This app provides quick and easy access to your medical record as well as important resources available for you as the patient or family member. Urgent Medical Matters This app is not to be used in emergencies or for messages that require immediate attention - for medical emergencies call 911....
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Category: Medical Size: 0MB Developer: CMC Community Medical Centers [email protected]

Quil Health  

Quil Health  Alternatives Similar Apps Quil Health Quil serves as a guide to better health for patients and their families. Quil strives to convert the chaos of today's fragmented healthcare landscape into a clear healthcare journey, giving patients and their families a path to better outcomes....
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Category: Medical Size: 4MB Developer: Quil [email protected] File: com.quilhealth.quil.prod

Ovia Fertility: Ovulation & Cycle Tracker  

Ovia Fertility: Ovulation & Cycle Tracker Alternatives Similar Apps Ovia Fertility: Ovulation & Cycle Tracker Want to track your period and ovulation? Trying to get pregnant? Download Ovia Fertility to learn more about your cycle, get period and ovulation predictions, and track your health! Ovia Fertility is the #1 most accurate ovulation calculator and period tracker. Trying to conceive? Women who use Ovia get pregnant up to 3x faster than the national average! OUR MOST-LOVED FEATURES: -Accurate period and ovulation predictions -Support for irregular menstrual cycles -Calendar for symptom, mo...
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Category: Medical Size: 13MB Developer: Ovia Health File: com.ovuline.fertility

1800 Contacts - Lens Store  

1800 Contacts - Lens Store  Alternatives Similar Apps 1800 Contacts - Lens Store The 1-800 CONTACTS app is the fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable way to order contact lenses. Where else can you reorder your contacts in 3 taps? SIMPLE ORDERING Ordering for the first time? Its slightly more than 3 taps, but its still simple and quick and well walk you through the whole process. YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? WE HAVE ANSWERS If you ever have any questions you can call, email, or text us right from the app, and youll receive a prompt reply from a real, live person. LENS...
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Category: Medical Size: 27MB Developer: 1-800 CONTACTS File: com.contacts1800.ecomapp

OsiLife Connect  

OsiLife Connect  Alternatives Similar Apps OsiLife Connect This application is used by patient members only....
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Category: Medical Size: 22MB Developer: Hifinite [email protected] File: com.hifinite.osilife

Tropical Diseases  

Tropical Diseases  Alternatives Similar Apps Tropical Diseases Tropical diseases are diseases that are prevalent in or unique to tropical and subtropical regions. The diseases are less prevalent in temperate climates, due in part to the occurrence of a cold season, which controls the insect population by forcing hibernation....
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Category: Medical Size: 5MB Developer: Docapps [email protected] File: com.andromo.dev701260.app879759


SIGG  Alternatives Similar Apps SIGG SIGG linnovativa applicazione che permette di vivere in tempo reale il congresso annuale, fruirne i contenuti e seguire le attivit della Societ...
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Category: Medical Size: 8MB Developer: Tecnoconference srl - TC Group [email protected] File: it.tecnoconference.SIGG

My Calendar - Period Tracker  

My Calendar - Period Tracker Alternatives Similar Apps My Calendar - Period Tracker Period Calendar - Menstrual Tracker Period Calendar is an extremely elegant and easy-to-use application that helps women keep track of periods, cycle, ovulation, and fertile days. Whether you are concerned about conceiving, birth control, contraception, or regularity of period cycles, Period Calendar can help. Our tracker is easy to use and offers everything you need: Track irregular periods, weight, temperature, moods, blood flow, symptoms and more. Discreet reminders keep you info...
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Category: Medical Size: 15MB Developer: SimpleInnovation File: com.lbrc.PeriodCalendar

Anthem Anywhere  

Anthem Anywhere Alternatives Similar Apps Anthem Anywhere Anthem Anywhere. Were here to help you make healthy happen wherever you go. We completely redesigned the look and feel. It's cleaner, simpler, and more intuitive. Always have your member ID card with you. Estimate costs so you can plan ahead. Find a doctor or urgent care and get directions. View ratings and reviews. Check copays, deductibles and more. Keep an eye on claims (not all plans). Securely send and receive messages about your plan....
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Category: Medical Size: 24MB Developer: Anthem & Affiliates File: com.wellpoint.consumer.ABCBS

PulsePoint Respond  

PulsePoint Respond Alternatives Similar Apps PulsePoint Respond PulsePoint Respond empowers individuals, within connected communities, with the ability to provide life-saving assistance to victims of cardiac arrest. Users who have indicated they are trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are notified if someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency and may require CPR. The application uses location-based services to alert trained individuals in the immediate vicinity of the need for CPR. The application also directs these off-duty and lay rescuers to ...
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Category: Medical Size: 18MB Developer: PulsePoint Foundation File: mobi.firedepartment

Greenbook Social Directory  

Greenbook Social Directory Alternatives Similar Apps Greenbook Social Directory Finding Local Cannabis Businesses is easy with Greenbook. Search our Social Directory to instantly connect with Local Cannabis Businesses in your area. For Local Cannabis Businesses, Greenbook works as a powerful tool for attracting more clients. A Cannabis Social Directory For The 420 Friendly Community!...
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Category: Medical Size: 18MB Developer: Greenbook, Inc [email protected] File: com.app.greenbooknetwork


Weena  Alternatives Similar Apps Weena Weena means blood and blood means life! Every single life is precious. Weena.af is a public service website developed by NETLINKS Ltd to help those in need of blood to find blood donors when in need. Weena.af connects blood donors with those who need blood....
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Category: Medical Size: 10MB Developer: NETLINKS LTD [email protected] File: com.weena.netlinks

EHR Care Stream  

EHR Care Stream  Alternatives Similar Apps EHR Care Stream Designed to work in conjunction with Yardi EHR, Yardi EHR Mobile allows users to perform complete point of care charting and related administrative tasks through a mobile app platform....
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Category: Medical Size: 88MB Developer: Yardi Systems [email protected] File: yardi.Droid.EHRMobile


Aby  Alternatives Similar Apps Aby Meet Aby, the app to support your MS journey. This app was designed for people living with MS and the people who support them. With Aby, you will have: * Access to a Nurse Educator to answer questions you may have about life with Multiple Sclerosis * Tailored content to find tips, inspiration and news related to multiple sclerosis * A personal journal to keep track of your health, visualize your data and share reports with your healthcare team * Wellness programs designed by healthcare...
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Category: Medical Size: 16MB Developer: Biogen File: com.biogen.cleo.us

Facility Locator  

Facility Locator Alternatives Similar Apps Facility Locator Locate Florida Medical Facilities Regulated by the Agency for Health Care Administration...
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Category: Medical Size: 8MB Developer: Agency for Health Care Administration [email protected] File: com.ahca.facilitylocator

Skin Health Product Selector  

Skin Health Product Selector Alternatives Similar Apps Skin Health Product Selector Medlines Skin Health Product Selector Mobile App offers a customizable dressing selection tool and includes clinical and educational resources such as application videos, a pressure injury staging guide, and access to our Educare Hotline....
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Category: Medical Size: 5MB Developer: Medline Industries, Inc. [email protected] File: app.medline.com.medline


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