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ALTERNATIVES F1 Game Setup APP is an online racing community where you can search, create and share a F1 car setup with other users. Search a F1 setup by race, weather, team. The App is currently focused on F1 The Game series by Codemasters. Supported Title: - F1 2016 - F1 2017 - F1 2018 This App is unofficial and is not associated in any way with the Formula One group of companies. F1, FORMULA ONE, FORMULA 1, FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, GRAND PRIX and related marks are trade marks of Formula One Licens ing B.V.. This website is not associated in any way with Codemasters. [READ MORE]

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Tags: Category: Sports Size: 15MB Developer: m3skalina [email protected] File: com.m3skalina.f1gamesetup

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StrobeLite Sports Training  

StrobeLite Sports Training Alternatives Similar Apps StrobeLite Sports Training StrobeLite trains its users to react faster and more accurately to game situations. It can be used for basketball, soccer, football, hockey, tennis, volleyball, boxing, lacrosse, and much more! Most training methods today focus exclusively on physical development, and little to none on mental development. It's time to start thinking differently about sports. StrobeLite is the FIRST training app that emphasizes brain training, while also incorporating the same tried-and-true sports workout tec...
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Category: Sports Size: 8MB Developer: Christopher Ozgo [email protected] File: com.ide65jm05u2ahe.h2del83v4qog

Futbolista FC  

Futbolista FC Alternatives Similar Apps Futbolista FC O Futbolista FC foi idealizado e criado com o objetivo de integrar fanticos por futebol, unindo todos em uma competio amistosa de palpites. Aqui voc escolhe as ligas que quer participar, cria grupos pblicos e privados, e desafia seus amigos. Visualize o ranking global e por ligas que voc participa. Acerte os placares, aumente sua pontuao e suba no ranking. Junte-se a ns, desafie seus amigos e venha ser o maior Futbolista de todos os tempos!...
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Category: Sports Size: 22MB Developer: Paulo Henrique da Cruz [email protected] File:

Bicycle Gear Calculator  

Bicycle Gear Calculator  Alternatives Similar Apps Bicycle Gear Calculator Comprehensive gear calculator * Calculations options are: Roll Out in metres, Roll Out in inches, Skid Patches, Gear Inches, km/h, mph, Ratio and Gain Ratio * Adjustable cadence from 60 to 120 rpm for speed calculations * Bike specific categories with drop down lists of cranks, cassettes and tyres * Road category includes optional roll out limits for school racing * Manual entry option for fixies and unique bikes * BMX calculations includes nearest alternate chainring/sprocke...
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Category: Sports Size: 2MB Developer: Andrew Ayres [email protected] File: com.andrew.Gear_Calc


Footvlive Alternatives Similar Apps Footvlive Live Football television totalement gratuit Application pour les beginners de football qui ne veulent jamais manquer une activity, peu importe o ils sont. Ceci est une application effortless utiliser sur laquelle vous pouvez regarder tous les matches de football en coordinate. Le motion de coordinate de football en coordinate est en qualit HD Regardez vos sries de football prfres telles que l'UEFA Champions Group, l'UEFA Europa Alliance, la Head Association anglaise, la FA Container,...
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Category: Sports Size: 5MB Developer: HMgames [email protected] File: com.FooTVLive.yalla_kooora


RallyPacenotes  Alternatives Similar Apps RallyPacenotes (THERE IS ANOTHER VERSION OF THE AVAILABLE BY ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION) Mobile App "RallyPacenotes" ( is designed to be the best aid for rally drivers (section "Driver") and rally codrivers ("Co-driver" section). The application was created by Miguel E. Susunaga Valencia (, from the original idea of Ral Belategui and with the sports advice of David Nafra. Its effectiveness and usefulness have been contrasted in the pacenotes courses f...
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Category: Sports Size: 11MB Developer: migSVapps [email protected] File: com.migsvapps.rallypacenotes

One United USA  

One United USA Alternatives Similar Apps One United USA We are United in the States. From Sea to Shining Sea, Tulsa to Tampa, Madison to Middle Tennessee, this is the preeminent destination for Reds to share their passion with fellow Reds, no matter where they show their support. Match Day: Chat live during matches with other Reds supporters in an open group chat for supporters' only. Share Your Perspective: Go LIVE!, upload content; share unique stories, pictures and videos with the rest of the One United USA community. Your Local S...
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Category: Sports Size: 19MB Developer: Honeycommb [email protected] File: com.honeycommb.oneunitedusa


SPORTS TV  LIVE Alternatives Similar Apps SPORTS TV LIVE Sports Tv Live Cricket matches guide and live cricket tv news for Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa & Indian cricket teams. Enjoy live sports matches schedule and live cricket score alerts free on your mobile. Live Sports Tv app has cricket matches schedule of PAK vs NZ, PAK vs SA, IND vs AUS, IND vs NZ, ten sports live, ptv sports live, star sports live and other cricket team matches guide for t20, odi, and test cricket matches. LIVE SPORTS CHANNELS: - Star Sports 1 - Star Sports 2 ...
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Category: Sports Size: 7MB Developer: Cricmedia [email protected] File: com.robisportsltd.sportslive

Barcelona Keyboard  

Barcelona Keyboard Alternatives Similar Apps Barcelona Keyboard Barcelona Keyboard with Football Club Themes and Emoji, Dictionary and spell check, is the best android keyboard for writing english with full characters Supported Keyboard and App languages : English with Dictionary and Spell Check Spanish with Dictionary and Spell Check French with Dictionary and Spell Check Arabic with Dictionary and Spell Check To enable and how to use please watch this video ?v=ATrESNNodfc Review: Futbol Club Barcelona (Catalan pronunciation: [fubbl...
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Category: Sports Size: 14MB Developer: Allan Mohammed [email protected] File:

Teens Soccer League Registration  

Teens Soccer League Registration Alternatives Similar Apps Teens Soccer League Registration On behalf of Teens Soccer League, We are pleased and excited to announce the 1st edition of teens soccer league in Ajman after several successful events in Dubai. From the previous experience and the participants feedback of 'Teens Soccer tournaments' conducted in Dubai , we can assure the tournament will be an unique platform for your young football talents and will encourage them to develop their endowment. The tournament will be staged in 'Malaab Football Ground' Ajman, on 1st of February 201...
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Category: Sports Size: 6MB Developer: Mohamed Afsal PT [email protected] File: com.afsal.jfc

Live BPL 2019 TV & Live IND vs AUS Cricket  

Live BPL 2019 TV & Live IND vs AUS Cricket  Alternatives Similar Apps Live BPL 2019 TV & Live IND vs AUS Cricket Cricket is most populer sports in the world specially INDIA, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia . BPL T20, IPL T20, PSL T20 is popular t20 series in south Asia. This application is for those cricket lover who are enjoying live cricket update. Everybody can easily enjoy live cricket score, fixture, results, live update. Now anyone can watch BPL T20, BPL 2109 and India Australia ODI Cricket by this application. Live BPL 2019 TV & Live IND vs AUS Cricket for live score, fixture,result update.The...
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Category: Sports Size: 5MB Developer: BPL TV 2019 Live Cricket TV Live IND vs AUS ODI [email protected] File:

Dr İddaa Tahmin - Banko Tahminler  

Dr İddaa Tahmin - Banko Tahminler Alternatives Similar Apps Dr İddaa Tahmin - Banko Tahminler Gnn malarn Doktor ddaa Tahmine danmadan iddaa oynama , hemen bugn tahminini merak ettiin man kodunu bo alana yaz ve Doktor iddaa tahminin ma analizini nasl yaptn gr. Unutma Doktor iddaa tahmin kazandrr! Doktor iddaa tahmin nedir ? ne ie yarar ? Doktor iddaa tahmin'e soracan tm malarda , doktor iddaa tahmin stad , hakemi , zemini , sakat cezal oyuncular ve takm performanslarn analiz ederek sizlere o ma iin ilk yar tahmini ma sonucu tahmini alt st tahmin...
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Category: Sports Size: 6MB Developer: Ogge Teknoloji [email protected] File: com.driddaatahmin.mobileapp

FartLek Creator  

FartLek Creator  Alternatives Similar Apps FartLek Creator Conu partir d'observations des modalits d'entranement pour le Trekking, le Cross et les courses de longue dure ou/et forte intensit, FartLek Creator permet de crer des squences d'entranement trs personnelles et efficaces. Squences gres partir de votre smartphone. Une application facile d'utilisation en complment de vos outils....
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Category: Sports Size: 11MB Developer: [email protected] File: com.pdagogie.fartlek_creator

Ski Trace Pro - GPS tracker  

Ski Trace Pro - GPS tracker Alternatives Similar Apps Ski Trace Pro - GPS tracker This application tracks yourself while skiing or snowboarding using the GPS receiver on your device. Once tuned, the application automatically excludes lifting systems from the tracks calculations. It comes with a set of already tracked resorts that can be extended by the user. App shows in real time covered distance, maximum speed, spent time, burned calories and allows user to share these results on social networks. Statistics are available for each skiing day and both slopes and ski-lifts...
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Category: Sports Size: 3MB Developer: CLOOSE2U [email protected] File:

Gear Ratio Calculator  

Gear Ratio Calculator  Alternatives Similar Apps Gear Ratio Calculator This application calculates gear ratios for the road bike and the MTB. Combination of 22 types of chain wheel, 39 types of sprockets and 70 types of tires - Create a graph of the gear ratio and speed-cadence. By switch ON/OFF the display of each inner / center / outer gear, you can simulate the optimal gear ratio. This application helps you to choosing a satisfy replacement parts. -------------- This application allow the simulation of the gear ratio in the four charts. [km/h RPM] [m...
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Category: Sports Size: 994MB Developer: ABT [email protected] File: jp.abt.lopnur.gearratiocalc

243 Winchester Ballistics Data  

243 Winchester Ballistics Data Alternatives Similar Apps 243 Winchester Ballistics Data 243 Winchester Rifle Data Pack - Ballistic data packs provide reloading ballistics estimates to the xPlat Inc. application Reloading Ballistics. In combination, they allow the user to quickly create and manage complex reloading recipes with little data entry. A "lite" version of the app is available as a free trial. This data pack includes information for the following rounds: .243 Winchester...
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Category: Sports Size: 56MB Developer: xPlat Inc. [email protected] File: xplat.reloadballistics.data_pack_243_winchester

RunGPS Trainer Full  

RunGPS Trainer Full Alternatives Similar Apps RunGPS Trainer Full Run.GPS Trainer UV is the perfect tool to take along doing all sorts of outdoor sports like running, skiing, hiking, and many more. The only app that offers voice output of all important values and specialized route planning for runners and cyclists. Main features: - High-precision algorithm for recording training tracks, distances and speeds - Navigation for runners, hikers and cyclists! - Voice output (text-to-speech) for training data (speed, distance, pace, ...) and navigation (turn-by...
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Category: Sports Size: 0MB Developer: eSymetric GmbH [email protected]

Zorts Sports  

Zorts Sports Alternatives Similar Apps Zorts Sports Zorts Sports enables club managers and coaches to organize their team, schedule, and roster, connects fans with their teams, and keeps parents and players organized and up to date with all aspects of team management. Coaches and Managers -Save hours of time with the auto-generate game option for schedules with Round Robin and Single Elimination game modes -Automatic playoff seeding based on standings, with real time playoff brackets -Download roster from contacts from phone ...
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Category: Sports Size: 11MB Developer: [email protected] File: com.apporder.ZortsTournament

Evolve Basketball App  

Evolve Basketball App Alternatives Similar Apps Evolve Basketball App Evolve Basketball App is an all in one basketball training app. It is a complete tool that allows a player to become better in every aspect. As a basketball player, the goal is to be better than your competition on and off the court. With the drills available through our coin based model, you are able to take your game to the next level. Money is not needed to unlock videos. We also emphasise strength and conditioning and a nutritional plan to give you the complete tools you need to become a suc...
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Category: Sports Size: 70MB Developer: Evolve Sports LLC [email protected] File:

theScore esports  

theScore esports Alternatives Similar Apps theScore esports theScore esports is the ultimate mobile esports experience! theScore esports seamlessly combines mobile-first breaking news, live scores, stats, push alerts and links to video highlights and streams from across the world of competitive gaming. Weve got breaking news, brackets, and live scoring coverage of major games including: League of Legends (NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK, LPL, and many more!) Dota 2 Counter-Strike: GO (CS:GO) Heroes of the Storm Call of Duty (CoD) StarCraft I...
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Category: Sports Size: 14MB Developer: theScore, Inc. [email protected] File: com.thescore.esports

Club at Colony Creek  

Club at Colony Creek Alternatives Similar Apps Club at Colony Creek Download the Club at Colony Creek app to enhance your golf experience! This app includes: - Interactive Scorecard - Golf Games: Skins, Stableford, Par, Stroke Scoring - GPS - Measure your shot! - Golfer Profile with Automatic Stats Tracker - Hole Descriptions & Playing Tips - Live Tournaments & Leaderboards - Book Tee Times - Course Tour - Food & Beverage Menu - Facebook Sharing - And much more Come Play with Us and experience the BEST of the BEST! The Club at Colony Creek ...
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Category: Sports Size: 15MB Developer: Gallus Golf [email protected] File:


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