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ALTERNATIVES Welcome to Dragon Tamer - a turn-based strategy game that tests your skills in taming and mastering the art of dragonery. Are you ready to prove yourself as the ultimate Dragon Tamer? Then let's find out! This world is full to the brim with rare & powerful dragons. It's up to you to tame them all! Collect dragon eggs, raise & breed new dragons, and train them to form your own unstopable league. Show off your skills and fight against Tamers from around the world. Join us in the Dragon Tamer! Features: - Bu ild, expand, and decorate your Dragon Island paradise. - Side with your Dragon in new events and daily quests. - Over 100+ Dragons to Collect. - Breed new species, train your dragons, and unlock new abilities. - Lead your unique lineup of dragons to victory. - Challenge Dragon Tamers from around the world, participate in Alliance events, battle in the Arenas, and rise to the top of the leaderboards. Support: If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us: Like us on Facebook: @DragonTamerMobile In-game Support: tap Settings Support. Discord: [READ MORE]

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Tags: Category: Simulation Released: Jan 3, 2021 Size: 44MMB Developer: BEKKO GAMES

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Dreams Home Designer  

Dreams Home Designer Alternatives Similar Games Dreams Home Designer Play Dreams Home Designer today - a fun house flipping sims adventure game. Be the best designer by helping jojo to play this fun addictive word game and make your dream home FOR FREE! From a condo to a mansion or even a villa, you can design and decorate everything on your device by your fingertips! Dreams Home Designer is a relaxing, fun game that allows you to live the life of an interior decorator. Sharpen your decorating skills in daily Design Challenges and style visually stunning thre...
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Category: Simulation Size: 57MB Developer: NanoHead Games File: com.nanohead.design.dream.home

Animal Pets Traffic Highway Cross  

Animal Pets Traffic Highway Cross Alternatives Similar Games Animal Pets Traffic Highway Cross Welcome to this brand new pets animals free endless run and jump game for girls and boys of all ages. Enjoy and own the cutest pets. Rescue your favorite all pets animals from crossing the road in heavy traffic highway. Choose your virtual all pets and complete various animal games crossing the wide world. Adopt a chicken or puppy dog and jump through traffic highway to cross the roads. You have to cross the build bridges over deep valleys. Jump right into this road fresh traffic highway free cr...
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Category: Simulation Size: 33MB Developer: Pocketcell Games File: com.pocg.pets.animal.crossy.jump

Auto Theft Simulator  

Auto Theft Simulator  Alternatives Similar Games Auto Theft Simulator This a unique game brings you to the streets full citizens and cops. Become a car thief on the streets of in Grand City! Unlock all the weapons and find secrets hidden on the map. ***Game Features:*** It's Free! This excitingand dynamic action game is sure to bring you hours of fun. New amazing open world. Exciting car thief simulator. Third person gameplay. Rich 3D graphics. New map of the Vice Town. A lot of interesting criminal missions. Different weapons and auto vehicles...
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Category: Simulation Size: 16MB Developer: Oppana Games File: com.OppanaGames.AutoTheftCrimeSimulator

Airport Mania: First Flight XP  

Airport Mania: First Flight XP Alternatives Similar Games Airport Mania: First Flight XP Take an extended flight with Airport Mania: First Flight XP! The XP stands for eXtended Play and that is the focus of this new (phone only!) edition of everyone's favorite airplane game. Airport Mania XP edition has several features not found in the original Airport Mania phone game, including the 4 Star Challenge, 8 Additional levels (56 total!), Colorblind Options, and Endless Mode making the XP version of Airport Mania the definitive edition of the game! Be sure to book your trip to fun ...
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Category: Simulation Size: 15MB Developer: Lemon Team File: com.reflexive.airportmania

Construction Simulator 2 Lite  

Construction Simulator 2 Lite Alternatives Similar Games Construction Simulator 2 Lite Dive into the world of Westside Plains and try out a limited number of missions, all for free with Construction Simulator 2 Lite. Left wanting more? Then unlock the full version in the in-game shop! ----- In Construction Simulator 2 Lite, you build your own construction company and take the wheel of 40+ original, licensed construction vehicles from Caterpillar, Liebherr, Palfinger, Bell, STILL, ATLAS, Mack Trucks, Meiller Kipper, and Kenworth. Dig to your heart's content in the popular seq...
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Category: Simulation Size: 37MB Developer: astragon Entertainment GmbH File: com.astragon.constructionsim2uslt

Idle Space Clicker  

Idle Space Clicker Alternatives Similar Games Idle Space Clicker UPGRADE your spaceship, FIGHT thousands of enemies and EARN bounties on your journey through an ENDLESS universe! Idle Space Clicker is an action packed space bounty hunt where you fight against thousands of heavily armed enemies. Unlock weapons and upgrades and customize your starfighter with dozens of ship parts during your journey through the universe. Use your devastating special techs to destroy your opponents. Get stronger as you travel through dimensions and upgrade your ...
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Category: Simulation Size: 77MB Developer: ColdFire Games GmbH File: com.coldfiregames.spaceclicker

Funtastic Jets Endless Runner  

Funtastic Jets Endless Runner  Alternatives Similar Games Funtastic Jets Endless Runner Do you like to fly air planes? This top running game of 2018 named as Fantastic Jets Endless Runner, a flying adventure, would test your resilience to the cores but the question remains:Will you survive? This game is paradises for endless runners who want to behold in no limits and want to fly their way to the top. This endless Runner game has multiple features that would keep you at the edge of your seat. The endless runner has the ability to acquire special powers like speed up or make the ...
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Category: Simulation Size: 29MB Developer: VW Games Studio File: com.vwgstudio.funjetsrunner

My Dalmatian Dog Sim - Home Pet Life  

My Dalmatian Dog Sim - Home Pet Life Alternatives Similar Games My Dalmatian Dog Sim - Home Pet Life Pet world is so marvelous have you ever dreamed to feel like a little dog roaming through the large human house? Heres your chance! Become this spotty type of a dog a Dalmatian and search for your own place in the human world playing My Dalmatian Dog Sim - Home Pet Life game! LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS STUNNING BREED Did you know that Dalmatian puppies are born with plain white coats and their first spots usually appear within 3 to 4 weeks after birth? Its amazing! Start your adventu...
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Category: Simulation Size: 46MB Developer: Animals Wildlife Studio File: com.animalswildlifestudio.dalmatianhomeanimalsimulator

Bigfoot Monster Hunter  

Bigfoot Monster Hunter Alternatives Similar Games Bigfoot Monster Hunter Bigfoot Monster Hunter is FPS horror survival where you play as a brave hunter who looks for a mysterious monster beast deep in the northern forest! You have heard the rumors that a lot of people got lost in the forest and later found dead. A lot of people who went on finding bigfoot just dissapeared. Knowing that this adventure might be very dangerous you prepared for it. In your arsenal you got small spy cameras, bear traps, hunting rifle, flashlight and all the stuff that might be useful. The...
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Category: Simulation Size: 59MB Developer: OneTonGames File: com.onetongames.bigfootmh

Fantasy world PC bang (Idle & Clicker)  

Fantasy world PC bang (Idle & Clicker) Alternatives Similar Games Fantasy world PC bang (Idle & Clicker) Even in the fantasy world, running a PC Bang is hot!! You have 10 years of PC Bang work experience and one day you are transported to a fantasy world along with your PC Bang equipment!!! In order to survive in this fantasy land!! To save a declining guild!! Your dynamic story running a PC Bang in a fantasy world starts here. - Simple controls worthy of a clicker and idle game! - Original game play coming from running a PC Bang while upgrading the Tower of Dawn! - Unfolding secrets...
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Category: Simulation Size: 76MB Developer: Dejavu Studio File: com.dejavustudio.AnotherWorld

Crush DIY Slime Simulator  

Crush DIY Slime Simulator Alternatives Similar Games Crush DIY Slime Simulator Crush DIY Slime Simulator Crush the Lizun Simulator - check for strength of the popular toy - anti-stress! Slaym - a toy with unique properties, now in your phone! - In a joke, crush Lizun and get experience points! - Discover new, more vivid and unusual Slimes! - Collect the entire collection for an unforgettable entertainment! The game as much as possible repeats the physical properties of a real prototype! As a joke feel jelly-like mucus in the form of Slaim in your hands! - With the ...
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Category: Simulation Size: 65MB Developer: Gaming Apps 7 File: ru.gamingapps7.crushdiyslimesimulator

Tap Tap Cartoonist - Cartoon999  

Tap Tap Cartoonist - Cartoon999 Alternatives Similar Games Tap Tap Cartoonist - Cartoon999 Mr.Paper, who drew cartoons for only 50 years on a mountain One day, he came out to the world to show his cartoons, but he only received 10 cents for his work! Full of anger, Mr.Paper decided to take over the world using his cartoons Customize your office with cute characters! The game with the ultimate ending to in travel space after the global conquest! Collaborations with famous games such as Dunogeon999F, The Buff knight, Welcome to Dungeon, Big Bear as well as the characters o...
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Category: Simulation Size: 43MB Developer: Moontm File: com.moontm.cartoon999

Wild West Redemption  

Wild West Redemption  Alternatives Similar Games Wild West Redemption Wild West Redemption Game Features: Get on a horse in the wild west and catch those criminals! An epic 3D wild west world which almost gains realism! Unlimited amount of missions Please rate us if you like Wild West Redemption Cowboys in the wild west need you help! What do you do in Wild West Redemption ? Well you and you trusted steed are the best trackers in the wild west. Redemption is upon you when you are looking for the packages, treasures and more that t...
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Category: Simulation Size: 88MB Developer: MobileGames File: com.mg.wildwestredemption

Football Car Game 2019: Soccer Cars Fight  

Football Car Game 2019: Soccer Cars Fight Alternatives Similar Games Football Car Game 2019: Soccer Cars Fight Are you ready to play football car games where floating cars are racing to demolish each other to score soccer goal? If yes then Football Car Game 2019 game is for you where you drive rocket cars to shoot football and destroy fighting cars. The soccer car league championship is going on over the water surface inside the football stadium. The sports cars can float on the water surface to make the smashing hits and fire missiles to demolish soccer cars. So take control of the football cars and ...
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Category: Simulation Size: 46MB Developer: Tech 3D Games Studios File: com.t3gss.football.car.worldcup.championship.league

World Subway Simulator Premium  

World Subway Simulator Premium  Alternatives Similar Games World Subway Simulator Premium Enjoy the full game with no ads and other cool perks! Train driving simulator allows you to become a machinist and explore subway stations of the world. Become a good subway train machinist or get punished for poor driving in the simulator. Take passengers to their stations, drive a train - subway train stations of New York, London and more are open for a machinist! Features of World Subway Simulator: - Missions and free-ride mode - Train simulator tutorial - Subway train driving contro...
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Category: Simulation Size: 80MB Developer: Game Mavericks File: com.gamemavericks.subwayworld.full

Army Toys Town  

Army Toys Town Alternatives Similar Games Army Toys Town You are a warrior seasoned in battles and the whole world is at your disposal. Throw a challenge and set your own rules of war. Develop a strategy for how to come to power in the house. No one but you is capable of this because you commando - one man army! Fight all the dinosaurs, anime fraction, gnomes and military. Everyone who dare to stand in your way will suffer your anger. After all you are a green plastic soldier! The game is not on the phone?! Install faster because it is freely avail...
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Category: Simulation Size: 90MB Developer: Naxeex Studio File: com.naxeex.army.toys.town

Chopper Craft: Action Games & Moto City Racing 3D  

Chopper Craft: Action Games & Moto City Racing 3D Alternatives Similar Games Chopper Craft: Action Games & Moto City Racing 3D Hi, motor racer! Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Dont wait any longer and feel the taste of freedom playing the best action games for girls and boys! Play Chopper Craft for free and say goodbye to all your worries! Crafting & building mode Do you love blocky motors? Racing & action games give you an adventure but crafting & building games give you a space for your imagination! Perform epic stunt jumps over Moto City buildings, ride any car or blocky motor you want! Build a cit...
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Category: Simulation Size: 66MB Developer: Survival Crafting & Exploration Adventure Games File: com.survivalcrafting.crafting.motorcycle.games.racing.motor.bike.crafting.building.gta.simulator.exploration.lite.roblox.free

ReTown Tycoon Bussiness Simulation  

ReTown Tycoon Bussiness Simulation  Alternatives Similar Games ReTown Tycoon Bussiness Simulation You are fired from a company and decide to settle down to a ruined old town. At the beginning you are starting with valet service in a Car wash building, after a little work you can work in gas station and hotel parking too. Game starts boring and with hard working as real life, with patience your income will raise, collect materials, fix buildings, get your plans for new business types (like car paint shop, stadium management , gas Station management , Hotel management etc. ) and rule the town....
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Category: Simulation Size: 33MB Developer: irradiancemap File: com.Daima.Retown

Finding Home  

Finding Home Alternatives Similar Games Finding Home This is the story of Kathijah, a 16-year old Rohingya refugee forced to flee to Malaysia with her brother Ishak in order to find safety. She has no legal status, no support, no security. Just this phone. Now her fight for survival, is yours. "Making a very important story accessible to a whole new audience" Mashable "Smartphone app lets users walk a mile in a refugee's shoes" The New York Times "Raising public awareness and empathy about the worldwide struggle of refugees" Daily...
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Category: Simulation Size: 52MB Developer: UNHCR Malaysia File: org.unhcr.findinghome

Racing Dismount - Turbo racing crazy  

Racing Dismount - Turbo racing crazy  Alternatives Similar Games Racing Dismount - Turbo racing crazy You want to become super racer, want to join racing game great for fantastic terrain experience. You will be putting yourself in the feeling uphill racing. Now come with free racing game experience this great feeling. Lets go!!!! Game features: - Lots of different vehicles with unique upgrades (many different vehicles: monster truck, tank, jeep, crane truck, excavator, etc). - Choose & Upgrade 12+ Unique Tuning Parts! - Compete against the rankings, win the race and become the best raci...
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Category: Simulation Size: 7MB Developer: Dulee inc File: dismount.racing.mountain


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