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ALTERNATIVES Ready to cook?! Open restaurants in the best cities of the world and cooking the most delicious food of all time. - Build restaurants - Cooking - Deliver tons of food - Use power-ups to multiply your profit - Become the Cooking King! Will you unlock all 100+ unique buildings and ingredients?

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Tags: Category: Simulation Released: Sep 9, 2020 Size: 69MMB Developer: Zig Zag games

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Digital Hair Simulator  

Digital Hair Simulator Alternatives Similar Apps Digital Hair Simulator Digital Hair Simulator is a revolutionary software for professional cutting, shaping, modeling and stylizing hair. It is a game changing 21st century tool for hairdressers both acclaimed veterans and trainees. It is a Mannequin Training Head Doll which can be used an infinite number of times and has numerous additional perks and traits, which only a digital simulator can offer....
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Category: Simulation Size: Varies with deviceMB Developer: AZYMUS & ACTIV8

Build Roads  

Build Roads Alternatives Similar Apps Build Roads The town is in huge trouble! Roads are terrible and traffic is unbearable. The mayor has contracted you to build and fix all the roads in the city! Use this opportunity to upgrade your company HQ and make big bucks! The simplest road building simulator is here! Features include: - Pour rocks, spread them and crush them into asphalt. Put a finishing touch with a new coat of paint. - Pour concrete and level it, then place the bricks and push those into place. - Clean the d...
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Category: Simulation Size: 105MMB Developer: Rollic Games

Prank Master 3D  

Prank Master 3D Alternatives Similar Apps Prank Master 3D Arrange little pranks for your buddy in the game. Pick the right option to make him go mad over your pranking geniousness!...
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Category: Simulation Size: 149MMB Developer: Lion Studios

I Can Paint  

I Can Paint Alternatives Similar Apps I Can Paint I can paint,doodle and create art! If you like painting and drawing as much as we do, just draw it and create some art masterpieces. Just swipe the paint bucket and let the motion do its work. If you want to draw it like a pro, I can Paint is the right game for you! Just draw whatever you want, you create your own art here! Unleash your creativity by swinging the bucket again! And again! You will become doodle master with the I can paint app. To opt out of CrazyLabs sales of personal ...
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Category: Simulation Size: 44MMB Developer: Crazy Labs by TabTale

Bait Car  

Bait Car Alternatives Similar Apps Bait Car This game is grand! Assemble your crew and go out and take what is yours. Everything is up for the taking. Someone left their brand new convertible out on the street. Play through a series of minigames to take what's yours: Pick the lock, hotwire the car, and drive away. Just be quick because the police will try to catch you as you race away. One car at a time fill your garage up with the best looking cars, convertibles, and trucks. Do you have what it takes you have the best whips in town? ...
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Category: Simulation Size: 120MMB Developer: Lion Studios

Pawn Shop Master  

Pawn Shop Master Alternatives Similar Apps Pawn Shop Master Manage your own Pawn Shop to become a Master at this game! - Review pawn items carefully - Accept profitable offers - Polish items to increase value - Watch out for stolen items and "Wanted" burglars - Make great choices to get instant profit...
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Category: Simulation Size: 90MMB Developer: Alpha Potato LLC


Chocolaterie! Alternatives Similar Apps Chocolaterie! Open your very own chocolate shop! Hand-craft the chocolates yourself: Melt the cocoa tablets, pour into the molds, place the toppings and much more! Can you make the world's most delicious chocolate?...
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Category: Simulation Size: 46MMB Developer: Geisha Tokyo, Inc.

Hunting Clash: Hunter Games - Shooting Simulator  

Hunting Clash: Hunter Games - Shooting Simulator Alternatives Similar Apps Hunting Clash: Hunter Games - Shooting Simulator The 2020 hunting season has started! Dust off your gun, travel to hunting locations on your mobile and observe wild animals in their natural habitat. Ready to hunt? Lets play Hunting Clash - a next-generation shooting game! Breathtaking shooting areas Visit the most impressive hunting locations in mobile games! Hunt in the woods of Montana, in the freezing cold forest of Kamchatka, embark on a hunting safari in Africa (Namibia) and many more! Stunning views, realistic wild animals and scary...
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Category: Simulation Size: 151MMB Developer: Ten Square Games

Save the Date  

Save the Date Alternatives Similar Apps Save the Date One of the most challenging and relaxing puzzle games. Use your IQ to choose the best outcome in this dating simulator game. Solve challenges in different scenarios to proceed to the next level. If it goes wrong, your date will not be saved! Save the date is one of the most satisfying datum sim game out there. Use your brains to solve puzzles and have fun with the different outcomes. You might learn something to apply in real life dating! Features: * Dating sim game! * Unique outcomes f...
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Category: Simulation Size: 94MMB Developer: Lucky Kat Studios

RubberBand Cutting - ASMR  

RubberBand Cutting - ASMR Alternatives Similar Apps RubberBand Cutting - ASMR The ultimate satisfaction that comes from slicing and cutting rubberband is unlike anything else. Cut the rubberband which is taped on many objects and experience the ASMR which relax your mind....
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Category: Simulation Size: 69MMB Developer: Weloadin Studio

Newsroom Simulator  

Newsroom Simulator Alternatives Similar Apps Newsroom Simulator Take control of a bustling news network as you prepare weather reports, announce the news, operate the cameras and more!...
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Category: Simulation Size: 27MMB Developer: Jordan Phang

Police Officer  

Police Officer Alternatives Similar Apps Police Officer Multi task based police simulator game. Unique and addictive gameplay. Feel yourself like a police....
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Category: Simulation Size: 112MMB Developer: Rooster Games

Hide and See It!  

Hide and See It! Alternatives Similar Apps Hide and See It! Look close! The answer is hidden on the pic. Try to find it. Easy controls...
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Category: Simulation Size: 21MMB Developer: Cecilia Roy

Mega Play 3D  

Mega Play 3D Alternatives Similar Apps Mega Play 3D Easy controls to win the game! Try to be the fastest, don't miss the goal!...
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Category: Simulation Size: 20MMB Developer: Sammy Mullen

Idle Galaxy Creator  

Idle Galaxy Creator Alternatives Similar Apps Idle Galaxy Creator Do you want to create your own galaxy and universe Idle Galaxy Creator can realize your dream of the creator of the universe NOW Start with the BIG BANG and tap to create your own universe. In Idle Galaxy Creator, you will create Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and so on, you will have the entire solar system and even the entire universe. In Idle Galaxy Creator you will get a lot of knowledge about solar system and the universe. Think about how the universe works and underst...
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Category: Simulation Size: 125MMB Developer: ROADVIEW


FFBE WAR OF THE VISIONS Alternatives Similar Apps FFBE WAR OF THE VISIONS In the latest work of the FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS series, experience a battle that has remained unknown in the world of FFBE...until now. Characters from past FINAL FANTASY titles will be included! Twin princes and the beautiful steel maiden The War of the Visions begins! ---------------------------------------- Gameplay ---------------------------------------- Experience the stories of each kingdom and its warriors on the continent of Ardra by exploring St...
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Category: Simulation Size: 99MMB Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.

Omniverse Simulator  

Omniverse Simulator Alternatives Similar Apps Omniverse Simulator Try the new simulator. Test the power of 70 aliens and become a hero! This is not an official fan app. The application did not aim to steal the authors creation. All images are drawn by fans and made freely available. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners....
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Category: Simulation Size: 5.6MMB Developer: Starlen

Earwax Clinic  

Earwax Clinic Alternatives Similar Apps Earwax Clinic Clean all the earwax! Dive inside and make it spotty clean. But ear canals are delicate, so make sure not to hurt them....
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Category: Simulation Size: 57MMB Developer: Geisha Tokyo, Inc.

Stairway to Heaven !  

Stairway to Heaven ! Alternatives Similar Apps Stairway to Heaven ! Everyone wants to reach Heaven one day , but its our life decisions which decide whether we go to Heaven or ....... ! Start as a child and keep taking good decisions to grow and reach heaven ! Do you have it in you to take the correct life decisions ?...
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Category: Simulation Size: 134MMB Developer: Lion Studios

Bud Farm: Idle Tycoon - Build Your Weed Farm  

Bud Farm: Idle Tycoon - Build Your Weed Farm Alternatives Similar Apps Bud Farm: Idle Tycoon - Build Your Weed Farm Wanna stick it to the man, build up a Budding Island Empire? Put down the bizz-ong (just for a minute) and download the free Bud Farm: Idle Tycoon, a light hearted farming simulation! How big can you grow your idle weed farm empire? On a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest, a lovable group of stoners are taking their family firm worldwide! Shorty, Dave, and Uncle Floyd grow the best weed, hands down... But they need YOUR help to save their home from a greedy billionaire. Tap and cli...
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Category: Simulation Size: 59MMB Developer: LDRLY Games


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