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ALTERNATIVES An inspirational insight into the spectacular art at the center of this annual celebration, Burning Man: Art on Fire follows the unpredictable journey of the artists who defy reason to bring their massive installations and sculptures to the punishing Nevada desert. Filmed just after Burning Mans legendary founder suddenly died, the community of artists is challenged by impossible timing and blinding dust storms. This richly cinematic, multi-character narrative unfolds over months as they imagine, build and ultimate ly burn the extraordinary main structures in this temporary city of dreamsa poignant and uplifting feel-good movie! [READ MORE]

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Tags: Duration: 96 Category: Documentary Released: null Language: English [CC]

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Elusive: Bigfoot Abroad  

Elusive: Bigfoot Abroad Alternatives Similar Movies Elusive: Bigfoot Abroad The Bigfoot creature is well known in North America but reports of 8 foot tall unknown primates abound in the forests of the UK and are reported weekly. This Euro Sasquatch is described by eyewitnesses as being between six and eight feet tall with a pronounced brow, a rounded crested head like a gorilla and often all black in color. There are over 500 sightings of creatures fitting these descriptions and many encounters border on the supernatural....
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Duration: 101 Category: Documentary Language: English [CC]

The Bray Road Beast  

The Bray Road Beast Alternatives Similar Movies The Bray Road Beast In 1989 a country road outside of the Wisconsin town of Elkhorn became the center of a media frenzy unlike anything the world had ever seen. People were seeing, what looked to them, like a werewolf said Linda Godfrey the newspaper reporter who brought the story to light in a local publication called The Week. In fact, many people -locals and out-of-towners alike- had sightings and encounters with the creature that came to be known as The Beast of Bray Road. Many of these sightings were larg...
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Duration: 66 Category: Documentary Language: English [CC]

Where in the Hell Is the Lavender House? The Longmont Potion Castle Story  

Where in the Hell Is the Lavender House? The Longmont Potion Castle Story Alternatives Similar Movies Where in the Hell Is the Lavender House? The Longmont Potion Castle Story An unpaid camera operator is left to finish the film a bumbling pair of filmmakers attempt to make about the greatest anonymous phone-work artist of all time -Longmont Potion Castle. The Banksy of phone-work, Longmont Potion Castles oeuvre is probably best described by executive producer Rainn Wilson as a sublime work of art: as if Salvador Dali moved to suburban Denver, got stoned and made prank phone calls. For over 30 years, Longmont Potion Castle has been releasing phone-art insanity to h...
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Duration: 105 Category: Documentary Language: English [CC]

Blessed Child  

Blessed Child Alternatives Similar Movies Blessed Child More than a decade after leaving the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church (the "Moonies"), filmmaker Cara Jones attempts to finally break free from the religious movement which dominated her childhood. Through a trove of never before seen footage from within the church and extraordinary home videos of her family's upbringing alongside Reverend Moon and his disciples, BLESSED CHILD is one daughter's attempt to unpack the legacy of the decisions her parents made while challenging assumptio...
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Duration: 76 Category: Documentary Language: English [CC]

Men Inside  

Men Inside Alternatives Similar Movies Men Inside Thirty thousand square meters and 2.000 inmates, half of them are under 30 years old. The Baumettes jail is about misery, violence and abandonments, hopes and regrets. This film, through screamings and silences, is taking us into an uncomfortable immersion at the edge of the world....
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Duration: 82 Category: Documentary Language: English

Well Groomed  

Well Groomed Alternatives Similar Movies Well Groomed Competitive creative dog grooming is the most colorful competition in America and WELL GROOMED captures the hearts, minds and imaginations of the artists involved....
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Duration: 87 Category: Documentary Language: English [Stereo]

Best Kids In Texas  

Best Kids In Texas Alternatives Similar Movies Best Kids In Texas When Texas emerges as a hotbed for recruiting young talent into the professional paintball scene in early 2000s, a group of teenagers find a mentor, pledge to stick together, and in the process change professional paintball in Texas forever....
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Duration: 92 Category: Documentary Language: English [CC]

Journey To Space  

Journey To Space Alternatives Similar Movies Journey To Space Strap in for the next giant leap. Next stop ... Mars! - In the past half century, humans have punched through the stratosphere, walked on the moon, and lived continuously in orbit. In the coming decades, our unquenchable curiosity will take our species beyond the cradle of Earth to touch the face of another world. Strap in for the next giant leap. Next stop ... Mars!...
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Duration: 41 Category: Documentary Language: English [CC]

Chuck Berry - Brown Eyed Handsome Man  

Chuck Berry - Brown Eyed Handsome Man Alternatives Similar Movies Chuck Berry - Brown Eyed Handsome Man Performances by rock icons performing their favorite songs with and by their self-proclaimed hero Chuck Berry - A collection of performances by rock icons performing their favorite songs with and by their self-proclaimed hero Chuck Berry. You'll see full performances from rock legends honoring the man they all agree started it all. The program is a historic record of the continuing impact of the father of Rock 'N Roll. Featuring the Beatles, Stones, Springsteen, Petty, Hendrix, Ronstadt and more...
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Duration: 54 Category: Documentary Language: English [CC]


Kelet Alternatives Similar Movies Kelet A journey to the glamour of the catwalk against all the odds. Kelet radiates like a star who was born to walk the runway. She is a young Somali trans woman who dreams of becoming a Vogue model. Leaving her family in Manchester to return to her childhood home in Finland, she draws on the support of her friends in the Vogue community to immerse herself in Helsinki's glamour. Watch this shy and courageous young woman build a new life for herself, face her fears and her past, and succeed in followin...
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Duration: 58 Category: Documentary Language: English [CC], French, German, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America)

The 600: The Soldiers' Story  

The 600: The Soldiers' Story Alternatives Similar Movies The 600: The Soldiers' Story In April of 1994, 600 men and women of the Rwandan Patriotic Army were stationed behind Government lines in Kigali, as a security force for politicians negotiating a coalition government. Instead, after extremists assassinated their own president, a full scale, pre-meditated slaughter began of moderate Hutus and all Tutsi civilians, and The 600 were their only hope. In Kigali, the Government forces numbered around 10,000, and were assisted by civilian militia of an even greater number. Neverthel...
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Duration: 114 Category: Documentary Language: English [CC]

Don't Be Nice  

Don't Be Nice Alternatives Similar Movies Don't Be Nice The upstart Bowery Slam Poetry Team from NYC, made up of five young African-American, Afro-Hispanic and queer poets, prepares for the National Poetry Slam Championship during the Summer of 2016. Mentored by a demanding coach who pushes them past their personal boundaries to write from a painfully honest place, the poets break down, break through, and ultimately write their masterpiece. Timely and difficult, their spoken word slaysbut will these soul-searching pieces about police violence and th...
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Duration: 96 Category: Documentary Language: English [5.1]

There's No Such Thing as Ghosts?  

There's No Such Thing as Ghosts? Alternatives Similar Movies There's No Such Thing as Ghosts? As a child, filmmaker, Aaron Daniel Annas's dad assured him, "There's no such thing as ghosts." However, when he would ask his mom about the supernatural, she would never give a definitive answer. He grew up fascinated by the concept of the supernatural and why people believe the way they do. This film is his journey to understanding why people believe what they believe when it comes to the supernatural. Do ghosts exist? The filmmaker travels to rumored haunted places interviewing psychics, scie...
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Duration: 60 Category: Documentary Language: English [CC]

Legends Of Flight  

Legends Of Flight Alternatives Similar Movies Legends Of Flight We will see how a century of aviation trial and error influenced the design of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. - Through the eyes of chief test pilot Mike Carriker, a legendary contemporary pilot who is flight rated in more than 100 airplanes, we will see how a century of aviation trial and error, and some of the seminal airplanes of the 20th century influenced the design of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner....
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Duration: 44 Category: Documentary Language: English [CC]

Accidental Climber  

Accidental Climber Alternatives Similar Movies Accidental Climber Summiting Mount Everest is a grueling and dangerous endeavor for even the most experienced climber. The world's highest mountain is known to torture the mind, body, and soul of those who dare to do what few have ever achieved. When a 68-year-old great grandfather attempts to become the oldest American to summit the peak, what ensued was the worst disaster in mountaineering history....
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Duration: 66 Category: Documentary Language: English [CC]


Campesino Alternatives Similar Movies Campesino An amateur photographer working as a skycap at Salt Lake City Airport documents the disappearing way of life of Cuba's Campesino farmers over the last 15 years, forging friendships and capturing dignity and sacrifice while introducing us to an unforgettable cast of characters....
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Duration: 88 Category: Documentary Language: English [CC]

Recording In Progress  

Recording In Progress Alternatives Similar Movies Recording In Progress Recording In Progress is a documentary about the creative spaces that bring about the music we know and love. This feature length film tackles the issues facing not only recording studios in the digital streaming age, but also the music business as a whole. Are recording studios still necessary to record professional sounding music? Where do musicians find themselves capturing their art? How does the financial situation of musicians in addition to the entire music business factor in to use of st...
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Duration: 61 Category: Documentary Language: English [CC]

On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Search  

On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Search Alternatives Similar Movies On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Search Small Town Monsters takes you on a journey into some of North America's most isolated forests in search of the legendary, Bigfoot. Documentarian, Seth Breedlove joins groups like The North American Wood Ape Conservancy, and The Ohio Night Stalkers as the seek evidence of the creature's existence. Along the way they manage to obtain some of the best audio and video evidence ever captured.Travel to the remote forests of Oklahoma where a group of Bigfoot hunters has been seeking to kill the creatur...
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Duration: 84 Category: Documentary Language: English [CC]

Hillary Clinton: Fighting for Us  

Hillary Clinton: Fighting for Us Alternatives Similar Movies Hillary Clinton: Fighting for Us Although perhaps perceived as a polarising figure in American society, it cannot be disputed that since 1992 Hillary Rodham Clinton has wielded a certain level of political power - from First Lady to Senator to Secretary of State to Democratic Presidential Candidate. Hillary has been committed to the true feminism of equality and human rights from her days as a school girl in Chicago to becoming an international speaker on the world stage....
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Duration: 61 Category: Documentary Language: English [CC]

Our Bodies Our Doctors  

Our Bodies Our Doctors Alternatives Similar Movies Our Bodies Our Doctors This powerful film shines a light on new, unexplored aspects of the timely issue of abortion rights in America. The film introduces the audience to a new generation of female doctors who are putting themselves in danger in order to offer women reproductive choice.In one enthralling scene, the filmmakers follow the doctors to a medical school, where they answer questions from students about the dangers of performing abortions in America. The filmmakers were able to capture the true vulnerability...
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Duration: 77 Category: Documentary Language: English [CC]


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