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ALTERNATIVES Bragging Rights 3 delivers non-stop action from the greatest Off-Road races 2013 had to offer. From the Parker 425, and the Mint 400, to the legendary Baja 1000, this film is a must have for any motorsports fan.

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Tags: Duration: 64 Category: Sports Released: null Language: English [CC]

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Most Wanted  

Most Wanted Alternatives Similar Movies Most Wanted The most wanted big mountain lines in Jackson Hole are in Storm Show's 2012 ski/ride/A+dream-a-line film, "Most Wanted". New to the line-up this year, veteran Storm Show producer Darrell Miller has teamed up with Full Room Productions' Ryan Halverson, bringing you more hard-hitting, action-packed, gnar-shredding from the Jackson Hole backcountry. The usual suspects are joined by some new bloods, showing us why they're among the best riders in the West, and proving that there's never a bad snow...
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Duration: 41 Category: Sports Language: English (Stereo)

One California Day  

One California Day Alternatives Similar Movies One California Day Follow the lives of eight California surfers in One California Day. Produced by Build Worldwide, and Co-Directed by Mark Jeremias (maker of Drive) and Jason Baffa (maker of Singlefin: Yellow), The Californian surfing experience continues to inspire millions of people around the World. It's spirit reaches across all areas of pop culture, influencing fashion, graphic design, illustration, and music, as well as attitudes about both the environment and freedom. One California Day captures the unique...
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Duration: 96 Category: Sports Language: English [CC]

The Accord  

The Accord Alternatives Similar Movies The Accord The reality of growing up a surfer in Iceland is different from anywhere else in the world. Its a harsh place. There are no surf shops, guidebooks or webcams. Icelandic surfers are seriously on their own both in and out of the water. But being so far removed from the hustle and bustle of the known surf world hardens Icelands surfers to confront the issue they all must face: the North Atlantic wind. This wind is like a drunkard 10 minutes before closing time; you never know what the bastards u...
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Duration: 19 Category: Sports Language: English [CC]

Le Mans 2014  

Le Mans 2014 Alternatives Similar Movies Le Mans 2014 2014 saw the eagerly anticipated return of Porsche to the Le Mans fray. The 919 hybrid looked to add to the legend forged by cars like the 917, 956 and 911. Le Mans in 2014 is a very different proposition to that faced by the Munich company's designers and engineers in 1998 when they last won the historic race outright. Audi, Porsche's stablemate certainly weren't going to hand their hard won LMP1 crown to Porsche without a fight and (relatively) new kids on the block Toyota had their sights fir...
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Duration: 225 Category: Sports Language: English (Stereo)

Breathe Breana  

Breathe Breana Alternatives Similar Movies Breathe Breana Breana Schroeder suffers from the life-threatening disease cystic fibrosis. In spite of the daunting daily challenges the disease presents, Breana summons the will to become a champion tandem surfer. This is her story....
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Duration: 77 Category: Sports Language: English [CC]


Greater Alternatives Similar Movies Greater A true story of Arkansas Razorbacks walk-on offensive lineman Brandon Burlsworth (Christopher Severino). Devoutly Christian and ridiculed for his portly appearance, Burlsworth defies the odds to make the Razorbacks' squad in 1994, and ultimately develops into an All-American player and top NFL prospect....
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Duration: 130 Category: Sports Language: English (5.1)

The Last American Hero  

The Last American Hero Alternatives Similar Movies The Last American Hero Based on a series of articles by acclaimed author Tom Wolfe, this engrossing and authentic drama follows the saga of stock-car racing legend Junior Jackson, a young North Carolinian farmer drawn to the world of auto racing. The Last American Hero is a compelling drama that follows one man's dream, as well as his struggle to come to terms with his past, present and future. The film was directed by Lamont Johnson and stars Jeff Bridges and Valerie Perrine....
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Duration: 94 Category: Sports Language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible.


Cheers Alternatives Similar Movies Cheers A creative dozen of snowboarding's most dynamic riders come together for Cheers, the new film by People Creative. The same crew who brought you last year's Nice Try team up with legends like JP Walker and Jeremy Jones alongside young wizards like Joe Sexton and Zac Marben. Cheers bridges the gap between pedigree and potentialwith a variety of talent, terrain, and locations to make this the best People movie yet. Filmed in crispy HD digital video with a wicked soundtrack, Cheers takes viewers up...
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Duration: 50 Category: Sports Language: English [CC]

Return to Earth  

Return to Earth Alternatives Similar Movies Return to Earth Time is either spent wisely, or it is just spent. Second after second; minute after minute; moment after moment... theyre all there for the taking. All you need is a simple machine that that defies boundaries and knows no limits. This is Return to Earth, the ninth feature from award-winning adventure filmmakers Anthill Films. A cinematic journey that will immediately transport you into that feeling of total immersion you get on a bike ride. Fly through the lush coastal jungles of Oahu. Feel the...
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Duration: 47 Category: Sports Language: English (5.1)

Heavy Water  

Heavy Water Alternatives Similar Movies Heavy Water Heavy Water follows big wave surfer Nathan Fletcher through the evolution of surfing and his relationship with big waves. Tracing his lineage back to his grandfather, one of the pioneers of Oahu's North Shore, Fletcher and other fellow surf and skateboard legends share their personal views on some of the iconic moments of the sport that shaped surfing as we know it today. Heavy Water delves deep into the surfing culture and its roots. The deep ties between surfing and skateboarding show once aga...
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Duration: 84 Category: Sports Language: English [CC]

Here & Now  

Here & Now Alternatives Similar Movies Here & Now This film was shot in one day. More than 25 filmmakers and surfers worked in unison to document the world of surfing in a single 24-hour period: May 2, 2012. From world champs like Kelly Slater and Stephanie Gilmore to free spirits like Dave Rastovich, Ozzy Wright and Alex Knost, this project brings together shapers, photographers, legends, beginners, third world, first world and surf world. Some scored big. Others couldnt find a ripple. Its all part of the surfing experience. From contests to...
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Duration: 70 Category: Sports Language: English (Stereo)

Chasing Mavericks  

Chasing Mavericks Alternatives Similar Movies Chasing Mavericks Gerard Butler, Elisabeth Shue and Hollywood newcomer Jonny Weston star in this inspiring true story of courage and friendship the whole family will love. When 15-year-old Jay Moriarty (Weston) discovers that the mythical Mavericks surf break is real, he reaches out to local surfing legend Frosty Hesson (Butler) to train him to ride it. What begins as a mentorship turns into an extraordinary bond that transforms both their lives, as Jay and Frosty learn valuable lessons about conquering fear in p...
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Duration: 116 Category: Sports Language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible.

Some Thing Else  

Some Thing Else Alternatives Similar Movies Some Thing Else For our tenth film we wanted to do something special. So all we did was capture our deepest powder ever, expeditions to the most remote mountain ranges, and the steepest spines on the planet. Combined with the most interesting characters on snow, and our usual low brow humor, and we have a ski movie worthy of our ten years filming the backcountry experience. Part ski porn, part documentary, this is a full on propaganda piece promoting the joys and wonder of exploring winter on skis and split-...
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Duration: 63 Category: Sports Language: English [CC]


Vision Alternatives Similar Movies Vision adidas and Five Ten presents VISION, a female led Freeride Mountain Bike film. VISION is a film about inclusivity, standing alongside your heroes and redefining the status quo. VISION blends the creative worlds of Veronique Sandler in a coming together of art, design and sport. Veronique Sandler, a former World Cup racer, has paved her own way in the mountain bike industry away from competition. This is a film about her VISION for the future of a sport. Taking inspiration from the streets, dirt ...
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Duration: 36 Category: Sports Language: Available

St. Louis Blues: 2019 Stanley Cup Champions  

St. Louis Blues: 2019 Stanley Cup Champions Alternatives Similar Movies St. Louis Blues: 2019 Stanley Cup Champions For the first time in franchise history the St. Louis Blues are Stanley Cup Champions. NHL Original Productions provides an all-access pass behind the glass, on the bench and into the locker room as the Blues embark on an unforgettable journey through the regular season and Stanley Cup Playoffs. Led by Captain Alex Pietrangelo, Conn Smythe Trophy winner Ryan OReilly, dynamic winger Vladimir Tarasenko and rookie phenom goaltender Jordan Binnington, St. Louis rose from last place during the reg...
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Duration: 62 Category: Sports Language: English [CC]

One at a Time  

One at a Time Alternatives Similar Movies One at a Time Nothing less than first place is satisfactory for Canadian slopestyle mountain biker Brett Rheeder. With 5 Crankworx slopestyle wins already under his belt, Rheeder enters the 2018 season with the possibility of adding 4 more. First things first, recovering from a long-term knee injury and getting back to not only the level he was at on the bike, but one step further like all his fellow competitors would be doing. After starting off the season with a strong performance, Brett struggles to find h...
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Duration: 58 Category: Sports Language: English (Stereo)

Loopers: The Caddie's Long Walk  

Loopers: The Caddie's Long Walk Alternatives Similar Movies Loopers: The Caddie's Long Walk Centuries old and enjoyed by millions worldwide, golf is seen by many as more than a sport. Yet what do we know about the person behind the player carrying the bag? In a documentary unlike any other,Loopers:The Caddie's Long Walkexplores the incredible personal bond between golfer and caddie. It is often said that a good caddie does 3 things: show up, keep up and shut up, but these stories will make you rethink the role of great caddies. The film unveils the working dynamic between famous partne...
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Duration: 80 Category: Sports Language: English (5.1)

Self Discovery for Social Survival  

Self Discovery for Social Survival Alternatives Similar Movies Self Discovery for Social Survival Self Discovery for Social Survival is a collaborative film from record label Mexican Summer and surf and outdoor brand Pilgrim Surf + Supply. Filmed in Mexico, the Maldives, and Iceland in three separate vignettes, it follows musicians and pro-surfers as they embark on sound and surf journeys that conjure a surreal and serene symbiosis of music, the environment, and local culture. The film is poetically narrated by the legendary avant-garde filmmaker Jonas Mekas, one of his last recorded testame...
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Duration: 50 Category: Sports Language: English [CC]


McConkey Alternatives Similar Movies McConkey "McConkey" is a heartfelt examination of the legacy one athlete left to the progression of his sports, and the path he paved to conquer his dreams. Shane McConkey is revered as a pioneer of freeskiing and ski-BASE jumping, and through his talent and ability to use his trademark irreverent humor, he inspired countless lives. Featuring incredible action footage and Shanes own home videos, "McConkey" offers a rare look at his most intense risks as well as an intimate portrait of his personal life....
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Duration: 109 Category: Sports Language: English (5.1)

The Golf Doctor: First Aid for Your Game  

The Golf Doctor: First Aid for Your Game Alternatives Similar Movies The Golf Doctor: First Aid for Your Game The Golf Doctor- a one-stop first aid clinic for the most common and debilitating afflictions to attack your game. You'll find instant fixes and long-term cures all on this easily navigated a simple, stage by stage format, you can move from tee to fairway to green finding the specific area that you are struggling with and discovering a cure- usually with an easy thought, simple technical adjustment or fun practice drill. All of the advice is designed to easily apply to the course, there i...
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Duration: 47 Category: Sports Language: English [CC]


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