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ALTERNATIVES A bomb falls out to a random person. Your task is to transfer it to another and escape before the end of the timer.

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Tags: Category: Arcade Released: Oct 23, 2020 Size: 31MMB Developer: GO!CHA

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Cookie Cruncher  

Cookie Cruncher  Alternatives Similar Games Cookie Cruncher Cookie Cruncher is an epic cookie-destruction game. Become the head of the Anti-Cookie Activists and lead them down your own chosen path to victory! Complete gameplay challenges to earn in-game money and prove your value. Spend your hard-earned game cash on upgrades that unlock more efficient, explosive, and creative cookie destruction. And dont forget to take advantage of money-giving, cookie-eating special events! Can you get rid of every single cookie threatening our world? Can you do it bef...
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Category: Arcade Size: 100MB Developer: Fatal Studios [email protected] File: com.FatalStudios.CookieCruncher

Smart Snake  

Smart Snake Alternatives Similar Games Smart Snake You are a smart snake now, Eat the bricks with your finger swipe. Eat to the balls and bricks will help you to get larger! High scores can be achieved but very hard! Features : - Easy swipe control - 30 Snake Types - HD Graphics - Extra Point Bonus - Slow Bonus that makes your snake slower - Cut Bonus that cuts your snake a little Hope you have fun time with the Endless joyful The Smart Snake!...
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Category: Arcade Size: 38MB Developer: FreexKitty [email protected] File:

Blackmoor - Duberry's Quest  

Blackmoor - Duberry's Quest Alternatives Similar Games Blackmoor - Duberry's Quest Blackmoor 2 will be available in December Blackmoor features fast paced arpg platformer action with combos, special moves and tons of boss fights. A game of ghosts, goblins and streetfighting from the old school. Co-operative multiplayer included! Long ago the minions of the Dark Lord Blackmoor forged a Talisman that would, when the time was right, return him to human for. It was kept in the depths of hell until a valiant band of crusaders stole it. Your mission is to destroy the talisman...
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Category: Arcade Size: 86MB Developer: Mooff Games [email protected] File: com.mooffgames.blackmoor

Bunny Pancake Kitty Milkshake Game  

Bunny Pancake Kitty Milkshake Game Alternatives Similar Games Bunny Pancake Kitty Milkshake Game Hello everyone! And welcome to Bunny Pancake Caf, the furry animals favorite place in the world!! Bunny Pancake Caf is a very simple kawaii yet challenging game where you can play with cute kawaii furry animals and make them all nice and chubby! Weve created six furry kawaii friends, so you can play the game with multiple animals to make chubby, that are: Bunny, Bear, Lion, Kitty, Horse (check out this chubby one haha) and Pig. There are also many kinds of different desserts, so you must b...
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Category: Arcade Size: 0MB Developer: Noxfall Studios [email protected]

Freezing Shot  

Freezing Shot Alternatives Similar Games Freezing Shot Shoot all freezing enemies...
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Category: Arcade Size: 12MB Developer: RLBL Games [email protected] File: com.freezingshot

Grass Cut  

Grass Cut  Alternatives Similar Games Grass Cut Grass Cut - fun ultracasual game. Just cut the grass on different maps and enjoy! Mow the lawn with simple one touch control. Control lawn mower grass cutter with one finger. Cut weed and have fun. Cut the grass it`s simple, addicitve and fun. You will like cutting grass....
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Category: Arcade Size: 45MB Developer: BallGames [email protected] File: com.BallGames.GrassCut

Bullet Hell Monday  

Bullet Hell Monday  Alternatives Similar Games Bullet Hell Monday A bullet hell shooter - Enjoy an authentic bullet hell shmup on your smartphone! - Recommended Chapter mode for danmaku beginners. - Recommended Challenge mode for danmaku expert. - Huge content: over 50 stages! Upgrade your ship - Use the points you earn after playing a stage to level up your ship! - Take your new and upgraded ship to the challenge mode! Aim for a high score! Chapters - Best suited to the introduction of bullet hell! - Starts from an easy stage, so you can gradual...
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Category: Arcade Size: 91MB Developer: MASAYUKI ITO [email protected] _decluster File: com.msykit.Stg1u

cliff crossing  

cliff crossing  Alternatives Similar Games cliff crossing Ever feel like youre just a little stickman caught up in the dark side of life? No? Well, now you will. All you gotta do is be a good little stickman - just run around the obstacles and jump, and make a loop sounds easy, huh? Think again, stickman! Time your jumps perfectly as you run around so you dont get squashed. How long can you stick it out, stickman, before you die? cliff crossing GAME FEATURES:- *FREE GAME to play. *One Tap Gameplay *Oriental themed graphics *...
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Category: Arcade Size: 16MB Developer: olssone jenny [email protected] File: com.crossingbuild.cliffgame

Kim Will Dodge  

Kim Will Dodge  Alternatives Similar Games Kim Will Dodge The Supreme Leader's tests were going well, fully operational nuclear missiles were so, so close! But wait, what was that? Another one of His Divine Perfection's missiles has flown off course? That's way off course, in fact if you look at it the right way it kind of looks like it''s coming closer, move, Supreme Leader, it's getting closer! Supreme Leader! Dodge, Dodge, DODGE! Kim Will Dodge is Psychedelic Psychonaut's first game, and he is just pleased as punch to fin...
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Category: Arcade Size: 23MB Developer: PsychedelicPsychonaut [email protected] File: com.BlueEyedDev.KimWillDodge


Deadnite  Alternatives Similar Games Deadnite Deadnite is a puzzle based android game with the focus of getting your player pass obstacles and reach the portal with each level getting more challenging How to play? You need to deliver your player to finish. You can twist the platform around its axis while throwing the player. You can freeze the player in one place by pressing the Fix button....
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Category: Arcade Size: 24MB Developer: Creative Pixel Stu [email protected] ?modal=admin_todo_tour File: com.CreativePixels.Fuzz

Color Target  

Color Target Alternatives Similar Games Color Target Beautiful vibrant colors to focus on and have fun...
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Category: Arcade Size: 3MB Developer: RLBL Games [email protected] File: com.colortarget

Bump Race  

Bump Race Alternatives Similar Games Bump Race Are you ready to be the new champion of the Bump Race? Let's show your ability....
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Category: Arcade Size: 24MB Developer: Cumba Games [email protected] File: com.cmb.gms195

Scream Monster Go With Voice  

Scream Monster Go With Voice Alternatives Similar Games Scream Monster Go With Voice Control the game with YOUR VOICE ! The best scream arcade on the Android Store!. Use soft sounds to walk and loud sounds to jump. - Unlimited gameplay mode - Avoid obstacles - Beat the records worldwide - Try to reach as far as you can...
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Category: Arcade Size: 23MB Developer: VICAPPS [email protected] File: com.vicapps.screammonster

Galaxy Warrior Classic  

Galaxy Warrior Classic Alternatives Similar Games Galaxy Warrior Classic Release Sale! (2/11 ~ 8/11) The Classic version does not include ads. Galaxy Warrior is a modern space shooter game with spectacular 3D graphics and effects. Guide your ship through the vastness of space destroying menacing aliens and powerful bosses. Feast your eyes with incredible slow motion effects, explosions, lighting and other dynamic elements. * It would seem that there is nothing to discover in the Solar System. But in the most remote corners of the Universe mankind has c...
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Category: Arcade Size: 20MB Developer: SHMUP HOLIC [email protected] File: com.shmup.galaxywarrior.paid

The Photon  

The Photon Alternatives Similar Games The Photon The Photon is a fantastic arcade game where you play as a Photon. Avoid circles, collect stars and unlock new skins!...
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Category: Arcade Size: 30MB Developer: Jakub Klementewicz [email protected] File: com.jakubklementewicz.thephoton

Colorful Helix  

Colorful Helix  Alternatives Similar Games Colorful Helix Easy-to-learn swipe control Hit the blocks matching your color! A real challenge! What level can you reach?...
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Category: Arcade Size: 34MB Developer: Acorn Games [email protected] File: com.acorngames.colorfulhelix


Speeder Alternatives Similar Games Speeder Run at extreme speed on the roller coaster rail. Easy to learn tap control. Simple ball rolling dash game. Addictive and challenging levels. Thrilling experience is waiting!...
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Category: Arcade Size: 22MB Developer: Easyroad [email protected] File: com.easyroad.speeder

Soulja Game slide thru the opps  

Soulja Game slide thru the opps  Alternatives Similar Games Soulja Game slide thru the opps Your boy Soulja Boy aka Big Draco .Help him slide thru Tyga for biggest comeback ,and give him his spot as biggest rapper ever .Father of Drake...
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Category: Arcade Size: 21MB Developer: Olto Gang Studios [email protected] File: com.wSouljaGame_8478061

Hide and Seek  

Hide and Seek Alternatives Similar Games Hide and Seek The new version of Hide and Seek has two modes: chasing mode and hiding mode. Finder and hider in different modes have different skills. The hinder uses the skills to avoid finder, and the finder needs to search and find all the hiders....
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Category: Arcade Size: 95MB Developer: Blockman Go Studio [email protected] File: com.sandboxol.indiegame.hideandseek

Air Attack 3D  

Air Attack 3D Alternatives Similar Games Air Attack 3D Find a suitable flight route to avoid enemy shells at all times. Use your skills and agility to fly through the deadly enemy territory, fight against a wave of enemies, touch screen to move and kill all enemies. Finally to face and defeat the boss. Soldiers, complete your mission and proceed to the next mission. Start your airline adventure now!...
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Category: Arcade Size: 7MB Developer: MLS Club [email protected] File:


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