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ALTERNATIVES Simply just blackjack 21. Play now on any android device. - choose your amount by clicking on chips or click All in! - once you like the bet click on deal - choose between Double down/Hit/Split/Stand or Surrender - play until you get bored! That would be never! - for more coins you can either watch videos or pay with real money! Thank you for downloading this game!

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Tags: Category: Card Size: 25MB Developer: ThatOneByte File: com.thatonebyte.blackjack

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Magic Casino  

Magic Casino  Alternatives Similar Games Magic Casino Play Online Teen Patti, Rummy, Andar Bahar and Roulette games and get ready to have mega winnings everyday. Magic Casino is the most enjoyable professional gaming platform to show your playing skills with Indian Games. You can play online Teen Patti and other games with real & professional players of a strong playing skills. Download Magic Casino now can get free chips to play the games. Further you can have option to buy additional chips....
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Category: Card Size: 48MB Developer: Magic Casino [email protected] File:

Pmang Gostop with BAND  

Pmang Gostop with BAND Alternatives Similar Games Pmang Gostop with BAND with BAND! (Any time, any where, Pmang New Matgo) No1. with BAND ~ with BAND ~! with BAND 'BAND' . " " go~ - ' ' ~!! - , ~!! - ~ - & ! " " go~ - ! !! - ! - ~ !...
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Category: Card Size: 55MB Developer: NEOWIZ corp [email protected] #mobileGameView/1744 File:

Hazari Gold ( NO ADS! )  

Hazari Gold ( NO ADS! ) Alternatives Similar Games Hazari Gold ( NO ADS! ) ? () () : - ...
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Category: Card Size: 6MB Developer: Ulka Games [email protected] File: com.ulkagames.hazari

AR Flamingo  

AR Flamingo  Alternatives Similar Games AR Flamingo The Flamingo World: - Complete the floor puzzles in the AR Floor Puzzles Flamingo kit - Use the AR FLAMINGO app to scan the floor puzzles and coasters and bring the flamingos to life with AR technology - Interact with the beautiful flamingos, a cute pineapple and cacti - Save all videos and photos directly to the photo album on your device App Features: - ...
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Category: Card Size: 35MB Developer: Imagine Station Limited [email protected] File: com.toy.Flamgino

Tanto Cuore Randomizer  

Tanto Cuore Randomizer Alternatives Similar Games Tanto Cuore Randomizer Welcome to Table Monkey's Tanto Cuore Randomizer. This will help you quickly set-up games in the style and flavor that you like to play in. Please read the below for the details of some of the options. When choosing not to play with a feature, such as Buildings or Events, then all maids using those features will also be removed from the game. The exception to this is if you specifically include a Maid that would normally be exluded in this manner This was designed to maximize the randomiza...
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Category: Card Size: 27MB Developer: Table Monkey [email protected] File: net.tablemonkey.tantocuorerandomizer

신봉선맞고3 : 국민고스톱  

신봉선맞고3 : 국민고스톱  Alternatives Similar Games 신봉선맞고3 : 국민고스톱 ! 500 ! 1 ! ! , ! ! 1 ! 500 ! 2 ! ~ ! 2 ~ ~ 2 (: 22) ! ...
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Category: Card Size: 32MB Developer: LUNOSOFT INC. [email protected] File: com.lunosoft.sbsgostop2

Onet Fruit  

Onet Fruit  Alternatives Similar Games Onet Fruit Onet Fruit is a classic yet innovative Onet game. Easy to play and addictive matching card game for all age. Simply link fruit, and clear all fruits before timeout. If you like connect / matching game pet match, paopao, link link, then you will love to play this game. How to play Onet? 1. Tap the fruit to select it. 2. Connect 2 same fruits by using 3 or less than 3 lines to eliminate. 3. Clear all fruit pairs before timeout. Features of Onet: 3 Game Modes: 1. Classic Game Mode:...
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Category: Card Size: 11MB Developer: Fun Games Free [email protected] File:

Mahjong Offline Classic  

Mahjong Offline Classic Alternatives Similar Games Mahjong Offline Classic MahJong Offline Classic is a premium quality mahjong matching game with custom designed tiles! This relaxing game is based on the traditional Mahjongg game, your goal is to match and remove all tile pieces from the board. You can match with a beautiful mahjong card. Match all mahjong cards of the same figure and remove them all. Enjoy a simple, yet addictive game with a beautiful Mahjong card to bring you good luck. Features: 600 different maps 5 themes 6 beautiful cards Ga...
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Category: Card Size: 14MB Developer: Hallo Developer [email protected] File: com.mahjongpro.offline

Fighter Legend: universe  

Fighter Legend: universe Alternatives Similar Games Fighter Legend: universe In this RPG game, you can make a wish and summon the powerful warriors. Form and cultivate a strong team, competing with global players. Features: Relive the classic plot and get lots of resources. Randomly draw powerful warriors. Good luck! Each warrior has his own powerful and unique skill. The combination that attacks and defends makes you the strongest. Players from all over the world in the common exciting game. Variety of holiday dungeons, with multiple resources...
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Category: Card Size: 98MB Developer: FANLIU WANG. [email protected] File: com.xinchunge.bxxz

Collection Of Ninja Legends: Storm Battle  

Collection Of Ninja Legends: Storm Battle Alternatives Similar Games Collection Of Ninja Legends: Storm Battle The best ninja anime RPG has reborn - Collection of Ninja! Gather your team of fantasy ninjas, legends, and heroes to join millions of other players in a worldwide cross-server ninja world war x battle! A ninja storm is brewing! Unleash ultimate blazing skills with tactics to crush opponents and kyuubi tailed beast monsters! The power of sharingan ninjutsu is yours to control. Build your own ultimate ninja saga, and become a legend hokage slash in ninja storm battle! An Epic Ninja Sag...
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Category: Card Size: 84MB Developer: Fantasy Game Ninja [email protected] File: com.nh10295423.en

Antique Solitaire - Classic Klondike game  

Antique Solitaire - Classic Klondike game Alternatives Similar Games Antique Solitaire - Classic Klondike game Explore new territories to unlock beautiful collectible items with historical facts. Enjoy classic solitaire gameplay and collect ancient treasures. Antique Solitaire is a free card game in which you will collect items from various ancient territories. Start your journey to discover the secrets of ancient civilizations. Collect ancient items to learn about antiques of ancient civilizations. Discover interesting historical facts about antiques of ancient Egypt, Greece, Vikings and much more...
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Category: Card Size: 45MB Developer: APM2 Studio [email protected] File: com.apm2studio.antiquesolitaire

Video Poker 2D  

Video Poker 2D Alternatives Similar Games Video Poker 2D Experience the new face of Video Poker - Jacks or Better. Old play style and same feeling, now remastered with new graphics. Place your bets in a game of 5 cards draw. This poker favorite plays like a real casino game but in the privacy of your own home. Become a poker pro when you play poker games like Video Poker. The lowest winning hand is a pair of Jacks in this poker game. Requires Adobe AIR....
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Category: Card Size: 586MB Developer: 2D-Software [email protected] File:

GrassGames' Hearts  

GrassGames' Hearts  Alternatives Similar Games GrassGames' Hearts GrassGames' Hearts is now available for Android! Main Features: - Intelligent computer opponents - Full cross platform network play (*) - Supports 3 and 4 player games - "American", "Omnibus Hearts" and "Black Maria" variants included - Multiple customizable card decks and backgrounds * Note: Network play is currently possible against Android, Mac, Windows, iPhone & iPad players. Its easy to setup network games of Hearts either against online opponents or in your own home....
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Category: Card Size: 50MB Developer: GrassGames [email protected] File: com.grassgames.Hearts

True Fool Premium Durak  

True Fool Premium Durak  Alternatives Similar Games True Fool Premium Durak Finally, a slick and usable Durak game for Android! The last player with cards in the hand is the fool. Don't be the fool! True Fool's user interface supports your interaction with visual hints and texts so that you are never lost and feel in control. You can tap the cards and use the buttons to perform an action. You can often also simply fling a card for quicker interaction. Playing a few rounds of True Fool is as frictionless as possible. Features: * 36 or 52 cards * 1-3 opponents * ...
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Category: Card Size: 4MB Developer: JacksOfHearts [email protected] File: truefool.premium

Egyptian Basra  

Egyptian Basra  Alternatives Similar Games Egyptian Basra Egyptian Basra is a very popular cards game in egypt, some times called "Al Komi" or "Ash El Walad". The Game is very simple: 1- One of the two players will deal four cards for each, and in the beginning of the game he will include the ground with four ground two. 2- Each player will throw one card to the ground until he is out of cards, then the dealer will deal again four cards each but not for the ground. 3- Player goal is to take from the ground as many cards as he can. After the Dealer i...
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Category: Card Size: 4MB Developer: abyadtherock [email protected] File: com.abyadtherock.egyptianbasra

Drinking Game - Taboo  

Drinking Game - Taboo  Alternatives Similar Games Drinking Game - Taboo Taboo is a drinking game of guessing. You put a phone on your head and your teammates explain the words to you, tilt the phone up for next card, and tilt the phone down if you guessed the word correctly. Created for students, bachelorettes and all the other party people that want to drink to start their night. Taboo game can be played offline, without WiFi, and it consists of thousands of words you read to your friends. It's a perfect game against your sobriety. You can also play with dirty ...
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Category: Card Size: 9MB Developer: Game Night Games [email protected] File: com.gamenight.taboo.ah

Perspective Cards  

Perspective Cards Alternatives Similar Games Perspective Cards Many peoples worldviews are becoming increasingly eclectic, while the Christian worldview is becoming increasingly irrelevant and confusing. This can be huge barrier to understanding spiritual reality, and knowing God. How can we help those we care for? Imagine a deck of cards which can guide you through an enjoyable and deeply revealing spiritual conversation. Perspective Cards allows people to share what they believe, explore the gospel of Jesus Christ, and take the next step on their spir...
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Category: Card Size: 34MB Developer: Cru [email protected] File: org.cru.perspective

Solitaire Sunny Beach Theme  

Solitaire Sunny Beach Theme  Alternatives Similar Games Solitaire Sunny Beach Theme Want to get out of the daily life and relax for a moment? Come with us, Play solitaire and relax on a sunny beach. Main features: Classic Solitaire gameplay (also known as Klondike or Patience) Optimized for mobile phone play beautiful Themes Clean and user-friendly designs Big and easy to see cards Single tap or drag&drop to move cards Draw 1 card or 3 cards Auto-collect cards on completion Auto-save game in play Feature to Undo moves Feature to use Hint...
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Category: Card Size: 3MB Developer: HiCard [email protected] File: com.hipanda.solitaire.theme.sunnybeach

Domino QiuQiu · 99 : Online : NO.1-2019  

Domino QiuQiu · 99 : Online : NO.1-2019 Alternatives Similar Games Domino QiuQiu · 99 : Online : NO.1-2019 Game terpopuler yang paling diminati diseluruh Dunia. Merupakan perpaduan keahlian, perhitungan kartu, teknologi dengan keterampilan tinggi. Andalan Game: 1. Download dan daftar secara gratis, yang dapat langsung dimainkan! 2. Chip gratis setiap harinya dengan pengalaman bermain yang lengkap! 3. Beragam jenis permainan dan jenis kartu yang dapat anda mainkan sesuai selera! 4. Operasi bermain yang mudah dan simpel! 5. Hak VIP baru dengan banyak keunggulan dan keuntungan yang bisa didapat...
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Category: Card Size: 38MB Developer: Cynking Games [email protected] File: com.binggo.domino

Solitaire Poker Game  

Solitaire Poker Game Alternatives Similar Games Solitaire Poker Game We try to keep the original Solitaire solitaire game. Every day you get a reminder of your daily challenge, and if you complete the day's task, you'll get the trophy. You can choose your favorite game card class, we have prepared for you the daily challenge, live card, random card. Fresh skin pack, add color to your wallpaper, you can change the theme background, card background at any time. Difficulties, fear, use hints to guide you how to win. Standard Scoring Mode, Vegas Scoring Mode, Si...
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Category: Card Size: 24MB Developer: Dream Tech. Co., Ltd [email protected] File:


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